The Radiant Heated Floors They’d Always Dreamed Of

When my parents decided to sell their old home, I was devastated.

I grew up in that house and it was a special place of refuge and nostalgia for me. My parents loved the house just as much, but as they got older, the house was too much to keep up with. The land was impossible to maintain and the inside was too empty without all the kids there. Although it was hard to hear, I understood why my parents decided to sell the house. When they told me that they were constructing a brand new house from the ground up, I was excited for them. They would have the chance to design everything just the way they like and it would be really comfortable for them. One of my mom’s biggest wishes for the house was radiant heated floors. She didn’t just want them in the bathroom, she wanted them in the kitchen and living room too! Her reasoning for this was that my dad and herself were always cold. No matter how many pairs of socks they wore or how high they set the temperature on the thermostat, their bodies were always too cold. Radiant heated floors were a great way for them to add a touch of warmth to their house from the ground up. They didn’t have radiant heated floors in their last house, but they’d always dreamed of luxury. HVAC professionals always told them that it was easier to install radiant heated floors when you were constructing something new because the heated coils had to go underneath the flooring. It wasn’t impossible to install radiant heated floors to an existing house, but it was more time consuming and messy. Now that they were building a new house, they could have the radiant heated floors they’d always dreamed of.

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It Was Time to Replace My AC Unit

Before the cooler weather hit the city where I live, I made a point to call the local HVAC company so I could hire an HVAC technician to service both the AC unit and the furnace.

I didn’t like transitioning between my AC unit and furnace without having an HVAC professional looking at everything because I worried that there were hidden issues that I was unaware of.

This year, I was especially worried about my AC unit. While it provided AC for my home during the entire summer, it was terribly inefficient and it was old in age. I didn’t know whether or not I should replace it before the following summer and I was seeking the opinion of a certified HVAC professional. When the HVAC professional arrived to service my HVAC system, I asked him to look at my AC unit in particular and judge whether or not it needed to be replaced. He agreed to take a look and get back to me. After he was done servicing everything, he gave me his honest opinion. The HVAC professional said that due to the age of my AC unit and how inefficient it was running, I should replace it before the summer. According to his professional judgment, it was going to cost me more in repairs and energy to run my AC unit if I kept it. Thankfully, the fall season was a good time to purchase and install a new AC unit because nobody else was doing the same. I would have an abundant AC unit selection to choose from and the installation process would be quick and painless.

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The Right HVAC Company Is Needed For Optimal HVAC Efficiency

Owning a home can come with a lot of different responsibilities and challenges.

In the beginning, I found it difficult to find the right people to take care of my home and the various appliances.

At one point, I stopped searching for the best price and simply started seeking professionals who were highly rated. This was one of the best decisions I ever made, especially in regards to my HVAC system. As someone who had an HVAC technician in the family, I grew up understanding the importance of furnace and air conditioner maintenance. I relied on my HVAC system 24/7, so the equipment needed to be properly cared for. I didn’t have the time or expertise to service my HVAC system on my own, so hiring an HVAC professional was essential. When I was looking for the best HVAC company for my home, I created a list of all the things I valued. For starters, I needed someone who was on time and efficient with their time. I was a very busy person and couldn’t wait around forever for someone to show up and get the job done. I also needed an HVAC professional who would be courteous of my space. I didn’t want to clean up a huge mess after someone. Lastly, I wanted an HVAC professional who went above and beyond to repair and replace things that needed attention. I didn’t want an HVAC system that ran “well enough.” I wanted an HVAC system that would last a long time and run efficiently. Hiring the right HVAC company was essential for this.
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There Were Pollutants In Our Air

My husband and I like to have our HVAC system survive at least twice per year.

  • We typically call the HVAC company right before the spring and right before the fall because these are the two times where we are transitioning between our AC system and our furnace.

Neither of us know anything about HVAC equipment, so hiring an HVAC professional is essential to good HVAC health. We love the HVAC company that we use because they are fantastic about changing out the air filters, cleaning the ductwork, and checking the outside condenser unit. This year, our family became really busy right before the fall season and we accidently neglected our HVAC system. My husband and I had forgotten to call the HVAC company to schedule an HVAC technician to tune our furnace for the fall. I should have known to call the HVAC company as I was switching from the AC system to the furnace, but I didn’t and I still regret it. We didn’t notice any issues with our HVAC system until our daughter began coughing all the time. Her coughing was aggressive and we took her to the doctor. The doctor prescribed cough medicine, but also recommended that we check our air filter. Sure enough, our air filter was packed with dust and debri. There was no room for the clean air to pass through, causing all those irritants to enter the air of our home. We swapped out the air filter for a clean one right away and noticed a significant improvement in our daughter’s coughing shortly after.

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The Air Quality Was Horrible

Once she created her dream office within her house, she very rarely ever left.

I try to meet up with her at the local coffee shop every now and then in order to get her out and about, but she claims that she has a lot of work to get done.

Her career is demanding, but I think she enjoys her house and she likes being comfortable within her four walls. Last week, I agreed to bring her coffee so that we could get together without her needing to leave for an extended time. As I let myself in through her front door, I was greeted by a lot of sunshine pouring in through the windows. The sunlight was shining brightly and within the rays I could see dust floating around in the air. The air also smelled musty and it felt cloudy. When my sister realized I was there, she immediately came out of her office to greet me. Before she could get a word out, she coughed aggressively. As someone who got out of the house often, I knew that my sister’s living environment was not suitable. I tried to explain to her that the dust and coughing wasn’t normal. In order to prove it to her, I found her air filter and took it out. As expected, it was covered in dust and debri. I insisted that she get me a new air filter to replace the old one. Then, I opened up all the doors and windows and let the fresh air flow through her house. By the time I left, the air had drastically cleaned up. Hopefully, the new air filter will keep purifying the air for her and she won’t let it get so bad this time.

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The Wood Stove Kept Our Family Warm

Growing up, a lot of my friends would vacation with their families during the summertime.

My family however, always took a week long vacation during the winter months.

We traveled a few hours north to our favorite lake and we’d stay in a cabin that we owned. As a kid, I always thought this was mundane and boring because we couldn’t actually enjoy the lake during the winter. The adults in the family always loved going to the cabin during the cooler months because they loved the snow, burning fire in the fireplace, and eventually the hottub. As I got older, I too enjoyed going to the cabin during the cooler months. There was a woodstove in the living room of the cabin that my dad always tended to during our vacation. He loved putting the wood into the stove and watching it burn. There was an incredible amount of heat that came from that wood stove and it did an excellent job at keeping the entire cabin warm. I admired my dad for taking care of the woodstove so that everyone else could relax, and I was determined to be just like him. One day, he finally agreed to teach me all about starting the fire in the wood stove and the safety measures that he took in order to keep everyone warm and safe. He taught me everything he knew and I learned a lot about heat and air that I didn’t know before. This year, he finally passed the torch (literally) to me and he allowed me to keep our cabin warm during the entire week for our family. It was an honor.

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I’m Waiting For the Holiday Sales For My Ductless Mini Split Unit

Nobody likes to make big purchases because it typically means a lot of money.

I am no exception to this. I tend to save my big purchases for the end of the year when all the stores are offering major sales. If I can’t wait until the end of the year, I try and hold off until a major holiday because sales are also rampant around those times. This year, I know exactly what I want to purchase. I really need a ductless mini split system that can cool my bedroom. My bedroom is always warmer than the rest of my house because it is on the second floor in it’s own separate loft. Countless HVAC technicians have told me that heat naturally rises, which is why my bedroom is always warmer. Unless I were to add another HVAC zone to my house, there would be no way to cool it without drastically affecting the rest of my HVAC settings. I did hear the words ductless mini split system thrown around loosely during several of my HVAC tune ups, so I decided to finally look into it. I was pleased to see that a ductless mini split unit was exactly what I needed for my bedroom and at a relatively affordable price. Once I purchased it, I could hire an HVAC professional to come install it for me. Since I didn’t technically need the cooler air in my bedroom, I decided to hold off on purchasing the ductless mini split unit until the holiday season. I wanted to be certain that I was getting the lowest price possible!
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An Air Purifier For Picky Parents

My parents are extremely difficult to shop for, which makes the holiday season challenging.

My parents don’t like to fill their home with knick knacks or random things and they especially don’t like clutter.

They have expensive taste and would much rather enjoy an experience together, but they’ve been everywhere and travel arrangements can be expensive as a gift. My brother and I are always scrounging for gift ideas when the holidays roll around. Sometimes, we have to go in on a gift together because one more expensive gift is better than two cheaper gifts that they won’t like. This year, I discovered the perfect gift for them and I was thrilled to get my brother on board. During an evening of online holiday shopping, I saw a picture of an at home air purifier. It was state of the art and it claimed to be one of the best air purifiers on the market. The price was high, but there were thousands of reviews, all of them glowing. My parents were older and they were constantly complaining about the air quality in their home. They hired an HVAC technician twice per year to service their HVAC system, but it was never enough. Even though the HVAC system ran efficiently, my parents still weren’t happy with the air quality. An at home air purifier would be really beneficial for them because it would remove extra pollutants from the air and along with airborne illnesses. When I told my brother about the air purifier, he agreed to split the price with me because he thought my parents would enjoy it as well.

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The Smart Thermostat Alarmed Me About Something Wrong

I’m really thankful that I purchased and installed a smart thermostat.

I knew about all the benefits like the WIFI capability, control features, and efficient programmability before I purchased it, but I was the most excited about the smart thermostat running itself for me.

I hated controlling the temperature all day long in order to run my HVAC system efficiently, which is why I started researching smart thermostats in the first place. The smart thermostat has been installed in my home for almost 6 months now, and I can honestly say that it’s everything I thought it would be and more. My energy consumption has decreased and my monthly utility bills are lower than they’ve ever been. Last week, I received a notification on my cell phone from my smart thermostat, telling me that something was wrong. According to the app, my furnace was running constantly but my house wasn’t getting warmer. I was stuck at work until 5, so I called an HVAC company and told them about the issue. They agreed to meet me at my house at 5:30 to check out my furnace. Thankfully, they were able to find the problem right away and my furnace was running normally again by the time I ate dinner. If I wouldn’t have had a smart thermostat, then I wouldn’t have noticed an issue until I got home and then I probably wouldn’t have been able to hire an HVAC professional until the next day. During this time, I was able to prevent further damage from happening.


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HVAC unit has a high SEER rating

I never thought that I would be living in a home that I helped to design.

It’s easily quite remarkable.

I just totally like how the apartment turned out. The heating and cooling is recognizably just amazing. The combination of heating and air conditioning technology and ease of use is absolutely an enormous update from any other residential heating and air conditioning I’ve had. To that end, we had a big help from bringing on a superb HVAC supplier early in the process of building. We found plus engaged with this HVAC supplier prior to even breaking ground on our home. HVAC was a crucial component of our home and we wanted HVAC professional insight and perspective during the design process. This approach absolutely ended up being an easily nice thing. I firmly think this is the reason we are so thoroughly pleased with the heating plus air conditioning equipment and overall heating and cooling elements of our home. The heating and air conditioning equipment has just about the highest SEER rating you can find in residential heating and air conditioning equipment. So not only is the heating and cooling comfort attractive in our house, operating the heating and air conditioning equipment is sustainable. That also means that it’s a lot more infancy when it comes to the heating and cooling utility costs. We also appreciate having the smart thermostat idea with this house. I like not having to be a hawk about the thermostat setting so the two of us don’t get to overheating or over cooling the house. I also like the fact that I have a smart thermostat on my cell phone. And none of this happens without the services of a superb HVAC supplier.


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