It’s amazing what you can do with HVAC solutions

I just came to find out there is a lot more to owning a property than I had previously imagined.

After over a decade of renting, I thought owning a property would just be the next natural step.

Only that the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C would be so much better in our own property. And I would be creating equity in something instead of simply paying rent. Those several ideas were absolutely the case. It’s just all the other stuff that I am trying to figure out. The only way I could get into a property was to buy a starter place that was a bit of a project. That’s basically what I got. My wife plus I were entirely committed from the start to doing much of the work on our property together. While there were things like the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C plus the counter tops that both of us had to get done in a professional manner, both of us did a lot of the other stuff. Namely, both of us did all our own demo, painting plus the stuff that both of us could do. It has been quite a project plus one that was far more intense than I thought it would be. However, both of us just managed to get over a big hurdle not too long ago. The people I was with and I were faced with a pretty serious problem when it came to the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C. The aged central air equipment wasn’t any good. But both of us didn’t want to have to replace the ducts. So our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company suggested both of us go a different way plus go with a ductless Heating, Ventilation plus A/C. This was absolutely the finest solution for our situation plus the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C is the best both of us have ever experienced in our lives.



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Stick with seasonal HVAC maintenance

Wow, I started doing my taxes for 2020 and just pulling things together, it’s shocking the reduction in income. I mean I knew that without the bonus structure I was accustomed to and the fact that I was working from the HVAC comfort of home, it was going to be lean. I just didn’t realize just how lean it was. Then, I started really looking and I am stunned that I made over 20 percent less last year. I guess it’s a good thing that I was so vigilant with the cost cutting. As soon as the company changed our compensation package and I was no longer in the perfectly HVAC controlled office, I started cutting costs. That meant reigning in our spending in a very big way. There really wasn’t anything that was off limits. My wife and I attacked our budget and really got it down to just the essentials. Good thing we did because our saving nearly offset the reduced income. One big saving was the HVAC cooling over the summer. We live in a region where the heat is a big deal for 8 months out of the year. But summer months can kill a bank account. We ended up saving hundreds of dollars on HVAC alone. That helps now as I can put some of those savings back into the HVAC. Even though we are dealing with a reduced income, we are still sticking with preventive HVAC maintenance. It’s just too essential to our HVAC and its ability to operate at peak efficiency.


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Finding the right HVAC at the right price

However, after looking at the costs involved, it was clearly the way to go

I think we all want to get the most out of all our our household appliances. But that hasn’t always been the case for me. Yet after renovating our, my perspective toward our vital appliances certainly changed. We completely redid the kitchen The appliance we added were all new and about the best you could buy. I did my homework in order to ensure that I got the best value for my money. Having been through the kitchen ordeal first, I was much more prepared for taking on the HVAC situation. I started by doing a lot of research on my own. There was just so much out there that I was having a really tough time figuring out which HVAC method was best. It just hadn’t occurred to me that there were other methods than the central air HVAC that I was so familiar with. So I brought in an HVAC contractor. This was the best thing I could have done. The HVAC contractor was able to inspect our home first. And then he really listened to my wife and I with regard to our HVAC wants and needs. He agreed that the old HVAC was in need of being replaced. But, there was also the issue of the ductwork. It was poorly designed and really wouldn’t work with the HVAC replacement. So he suggested that we consider going with a series of ductless HVAC throughout the house. This was not really on our radar. However, after looking at the costs involved, it was clearly the way to go. Turns out, we like the ductless HVAC much better than the central air unit we used to have.

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I Have a Fight on my Hands

My handsome better half Steve has a lot of beautiful qualities, his worst is how cheap he is.

The guy refuses to spend a dime even if it is necessary.

I tried pushing early on in the relationship to divvy up the costs as well as get him to pitch in when necessary. It is such a pain in the neck, though. Steve also gets aggravated if he goes outside of his easily small budget that he wants to maintain. I mainly buy everything that is needed in the home. It makes for a happier life. I do all the grocery shopping, buy current appliances as well as technology for the home. I also have to pay for car oil changes, tire rotations as well as I even get our blacktop redone periodically. Recently our Heating as well as A/C plan has been making noises and I think it is going to the A/C graveyard. I have looked around online for possible replacement options. I think it would be wise to get a ductless Heating as well as A/C device as well as have zone control in the house. I want every zone to have its own indoor air handler as well as temperature control. It is said to be the most efficient heating and cooling. I can have AC in the study room as well as it won’t affect Steve’s heating elsewhere in the house. I also can adjust to heating and a/c at night. I need him to pay part of it. I guess my wifey will go nuts over splitting it in half. He will want to just keep the old dilapidated unreliable a/c or buy a crappy, small Heating as well as A/C device instead. I have a fight on my hands.

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GEtaway Weekend Ended up Being too Cold

The owner upped the cooling function throughout the whole house.

I recently went on a getaway as well as it was awesome as well as terrible at the same time. It was awesome because I went to a sweet house. His house is huge with a massive inground swimming pool, outdoor grill and table as well as lounge area. There is a separate workout room with assorted equipment. The best is the state of the art study room with all stainless appliances, marble countertops as well as heated floors. The terrible part is that the house also had modern technology! Everything he owns is a smart product. He has his indoor as well as outdoor lights done by computer. He has his pool furnace as well as cleaning on a timer as well. Also, controlled from the same smart pad is security cameras, door locks as well as window curtains and blinds and stuff. A recent add on was a smart Heating as well as A/C system. The owner of the vacation spot now has heating, cooling as well as air quality adjustments to make on his smart pad. There is a complicated daily program of what Heating as well as A/C setting is going on in the rooms. When I condo sat for him, I think my brother wanted myself and others to be the perfect temperature and humidity level. The owner upped the cooling function throughout the whole house. It was like Alaska in there as well as I didn’t have the slightest clue how to change it. The last thing I wanted to do was possibly turn off security cameras or stop his pool filter. So I just froze the entire time or hung outside his house. I felt too stupid to figure out the heatign and cooling system on my vacay!

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Spoiled Fur Baby Gets New A/C

I recently decided to get a new Heating as well as A/C plan as well as I blame my cat.

My sweet kitty is a bit nervous, but certain noises just freak him out. I can’t spray cleaning products or cooking spray or anything aerosol because the sound scares him. If I tear aluminum foil he runs away from me. The worst was the Heating as well as A/C clicking on as well as off. When the Heating as well as A/C would engage, it was super loud as well as the air would blow out easily violently. It kind of scared myself and others the first few times it did it. I thought my little fur baby would get used to the noise however didn’t. He started hiding anytime the Heating as well as A/C was on as well as I knew I couldn’t continue to make the cat so scared. I called up a local Heating as well as A/C supplier to see if they could help. I figured a little cleaning would be all that was needed for the a/c to work right again. Turns out my Heating as well as A/C was about to buy the farm. The Heating as well as A/C company said he could just clean it as well as let myself and others use it until it buys the farm. I would only get about another year of life out of it. I felt bad for my animal as well as decided to replace it with a larger, better as well as more new system. I had to spend a fortune. I got a geothermal heat pump plan that had a huge price tag. I got a current smart temperature control tacked onto the bill as well. I just about died when I got ahold of the invoice. Now that I own the current system, it is easily awesome that it is whisper silent as well as energy efficient. My animal slumbers right through it turning on as well as off now.

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Ductless Mini-Split in the Mother-in-law Cottage

I have a mother in law cottage that serves as my workout facility.

I do a gymnastic based workout everyday. I used to have PE when I was in middle school as well as even during my fall semesters, now I have to workout by myself. I am not training for anything serious, just for fun. Yoga is a great all over body workout as well as I have to have fitness goals as well as finally working towards them. With yoga though, the temperature in my mother in law cottage is easily pressing. In the Summer we regularly see thermostat readings in the 90s. That is just way too tepid to be doing any exercise. If I get that hot, I begin to sweat as well as my hands as well as feet get slick. I can’t get into poses because when I launch as well as attempt to land on a single foot, I slide all over the floor. Being too cold is almost worse though. If I am cold, I have trouble stretching correctly as well as getting my muscles warm. I can’t do anything the right way. Frequently I will damage myself on cold nights because I just keep going even though I shouldn’t. The smartest thing I ever did was get a ductless mini split for my mother in law cottage. I have both heating as well as cooling power as well as can set and change the temperature control right from my ipad. I now don’t experience sweltering or cold temperatures. I make sure to either preheat or pre-cool my when necessary. Most of the time, a quick temperature control adjustment is all I need to get in my workout without pain.

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Marathon is for the Birds

When my old college roommate wanted to run a marathon together I right away said yup as well as got myself into training.

Thank goodness I didn’t respectfully sign up or boast to my roommate about how simple the run would be.

I certainly thought it would be a cake walk. Well I run just about every evening at my local gym on the treadmill. I have my special running outfit, a full water bottle as well as access to a beautiful changing facility, shower as well as AC plan the whole time. One day I decided to try some outdoor running since marathons are not done on treadmills. I abruptly came to the burst bubble that said running on a smooth track with no hills is completely unlike running outside. Outside running is awful. First, I can’t carry water with myself and others unless I want to carry it on my back, however second, the terrain slopes, slants as well as roots growing up through the sidewalk. I also worry about dogs chasing me, horrifying men on my side of the street or suffering a hit and run by a car. I couldn’t mentally get in the zone as well as physically it was so darn hard. The lack of cooling easily killed myself and others too. I normally just use the treadmill closest to the door at the gym. I realized that I am running right next to the air vent leading to the air conditioner. For my entire run I have AC just dumping on my head. The a/c keeps myself and others from getting too covered in sweat, and feeling okay! Being outside in the heat meant I was getting side stitches, had sweat pouring into my eyes as well as crotch sweat. I had to make up an excuse to my old college roommate about why I wasn’t going to show up at 6:00 a.m. on the marathon day.



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Trying to Get Service is Ridiculous

I have been trying to find a single supplier that will just come out and make the repair appointment as well as I found a location that does virtual consultations

Due to COVID, tons of companies are shut down or no longer operating through in-person customer service. What odors is that I was social distancing as well as not calling for services because I thought it would be not too long to get back to normal. Now that everything is shut down, I am really overdue for a few things. I easily need to get my haircut as well as no salon is cutting hair yet. I want to get a plug added to my home office as well as a light switch removed however my electrician is not working. The worst is that my Heating as well as A/C plan easily needs a repair. For a few weeks it had made a low humming noise that has slowly just gotten louder and louder since then. Now my Heating as well as A/C plan decides when it feels adored. We now wake up cold because my plan no longer feels adored. I have cleaned the a/c unit, changed the air filter as well as made promises that heating repair is soon. My plan is pretty soon not going to work at all. Most Heating as well as A/C dealers are not doing actual real-life appointments. That means I could buy a current plan or have accessories shipped to where I live. I don’t need that at all. I have been trying to find a single supplier that will just come out and make the repair appointment as well as I found a location that does virtual consultations. I can use Zoom on my iPad with a Heating as well as A/C professional as well as talk to him about the troubles. He can tell myself and others what’s wrong as well as what the repair will be. The HVAC service tech won’t come to make the repair though, so why do the virtual thing?

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Don’t be too Lazy to go to the Store

I adore online shopping over shopping in person.

I adore that I can wear pjs, have my hair in a knot as well as not get dressed; Nobody can see myself and others as well as I can spend a whole bunch of time researching as well as hemming as well as hawing over a purchase.

I don’t usually make a purchase that I am bummed about. When I am in person, I think I am obligated to get something. If a salesperson puts in the effort, I think I have to reward them. That is how I end up with blouses that are too low cut, shoes that look adored by ancient women as well as a chair in my den that doesn’t match anything else. There are certain things that are not all that easy to get right when you buy online. I am officially pretty careful when the size of the object makes a big difference. I have lucked out getting correctly sized rugs, pots as well as even food items, however recently I have been messing up buying air filters for my Heating as well as A/C system. For some reason I just can’t seem to do it right. For my first attempt, I didn’t even remember to check the size. I looked up my Heating as well as A/C model as well as what type of air filter I should get. I t. Well I obtained a baby sized air filter that I just picked out the least expensive air filter that fit in my system. Next time I got the perfect measurements as well as then realized I didn’t choose the best type. The third time I accidentally obtained a washable filter but don’t want to have to wash the air filter. Finally I have purchased the perfect and ideal air filter, however it took way longer as well as more money when I could have gotten it right the first time if I hadn’t been too lazy to go to the hardware store.



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