The weather turned freezing really fast

I had no system I would be stuck in this cottage for as long as it lasted.

If I had known, I never would have come.

It was 1 of the hardest periods of our life. Now that it is over, I am grateful it happened, because it made myself and others stronger in ways I could not have anticipated, however long story short, I came to the cottage to work on our writing and get some isolation for a few weeks while I finished our novel… COVID struck around that time, so I was forced to stay longer, and by then Wintertide set in and I was trapped. The locale didn’t have a/c, bujt this section was so temperate and mild that it was rarely needed. The only gas furnace it had was a wood burning gas furnace in the middle of the central room, which I had been using to rest our drinks on up until this point. It had never occurred to myself and others that I would entirely need to use it for heating the cottage, until that first snowstorm hit. At that point I was truly ecstatic for the huge woodpile stacked out back, so I could feed the gas furnace and keep myself warm. Since I had never used a wood burning gas furnace before I had no system how suddenly they devoured wood, and that huge pile dwindled truly suddenly. For the first time in our life I had to grab an axe and chop wood, because otherwise I could not keep heating the cottage, which was a death sentence in weather enjoy that.

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A concern with our air quality

My concern isn’t that I smoke too much weed, it’s that our home smells too much enjoy weed.

I think there is no such thing as too much weed, if I have the wherewithal to keep smoking then both of us will! The next morning though, I wake up and the locale reeks of stale smoke, ash, and dirty bongwater.

I have to open up all the windows and crank up the fans to air it out. The concern is that after doing that so several times, it isn’t helping. The ugly smell sort of clings to the locale now, and it’s a concern for me. I need better air quality, and at this point it is a multiplefold problem, because I need to raise the new air quality, and keep it fresh in the future. I bought an air cleaner, and for several full nights I ran it with all the windows wide open, and all the fans on. Then I closed up the house, turned the A/C back on, and left the air cleaner going on full blast, my plan was to leave the air cleaner on permanently, and just never shut it off. Once the A/C was on, our home started smelling stale again, much to our chagrin. I finally had the thought to check the air filter, and in doing so realized I had not done this in over a year, but part of our air quality concern was a blocked air filter, however at this point the concern had sprawled out into all of the ductwork. .


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Grandpa made a fortune in A/C

Secretly, both of us all know that Grandma is the 1 that kept the family together, and made all the smart decisions through the years.

My Grandpa gets all the credit for the success of the family, but I know most people does that to humor him. Secretly, both of us all know that Grandma is the 1 that kept the family together, and made all the smart decisions through the years. Without her insistence that he do it, Grandpa never would have invested in the factory, and he would never risk the family money on a business venture, however Grandma saw the huge potential for profit, and prodded him into doing it. If he had not invested in the Heating and Air Conditioning factory all those years ago, who knows what our family would look enjoy this week? At the time, you have to understand that air conditioners were not something widely in use. In fact our Grandpa’s reticence to invest was mostly because he saw cooling systems as something only for huge town rich folk; Grandpa didn’t cotton to that, however Grandma got in his ear and explained that with his help, the typical country folks could also have access to affordable a/c! Didn’t their friends and neighbors deserve a/c just enjoy the town folks did? Grandma was some kind of genius, I tell you that, because they invested in that Heating and Air Conditioning manufacturing center; Not only did they bring a lot of jobs to the area, however they became 1 of the greatest gas furnace and cooling developers in the state! A charming irony in all of this is that Grandpa never got an air conditioner installed in his house, even though he had enough money to build a home out of air conditioners.


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Commercials are annoying

I don’t think about you, however commercials these afternoons just bother the hell out of me! Every single time I listen to radio, or even watch TV, it seems that commercials are on more than the actual programming itself… On this 1 radio station I am getting sick & tired of hearing assorted commercials over & over for this heating & A/C provider! Did they buy the radio station out or something? It is just so annoying! Their jingle is horrible, the voice announcer is horrible, & I could care less about sales they have going with smart control units, portable space heaters, portable air conditioning units & about their half off sale on heat & air conditioning component tune ups & check ups.

  • It has got to the point where I decided I am not going to even listen to that radio station anymore as long as they keep playing these commercial sets for this local heating & A/C supplier.

If you heard it all the time, I guess you would recognize the same way. I almost recognize love calling up this heating & A/C supplier & telling them how annoying I recognize they are & to get their stupid commercial off our radio station. There is such thing as overkill, & that is exactly what has been happening with the radio station & these commercials for the local heating & A/C supplier with all of their deranged products & sales pitches! Enough is enough already! Wish they would go away,.

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Running for charity

I recently participated in a charity event in which both of us ran for charity.

Whoever got the furthest first raised the most cash. Since I am fully in shape & work out every single week, this was a breeze for me, however there was somewhat of a catch. After the long run I needed nothing more than to be in quality air conditioning. I was able to go into the club house at the location this took location in & take in their quality air conditioning to cool off & rest up from all that energy. The fact that their quality air conditioning was so powerful with the best possible air quality helped it be even more refreshing. Even after I work out every single week of the year, I always need some kind of quality air conditioning after words. It does not matter what time of the year it is; Could be winter, Springtime, Summer or fall, no matter what, I still need a little bit of quality air conditioning after a long hard work out love that. I can not imagine what it would be love for me if I did not have quality air conditioning available to me after the long run or the hard work outs I do every single week of the year. Air conditioning is of the most importance to me all together. Without it, I could not be the active & fit person I am. No question about it what so ever. Air conditioning is what rejuvenates me all the time!


The amusement park incident

I was hanging out at an amusement park with a superb buddy of mine the other weekend when something really odd happened.

The central HVAC program inside one of the dark rides broke down! All of us happened to have just got off the ride when it happened.

It was a little warm outside, so having the central air conditioning working in there was pressing. They were about to close the ride for the day plus call a HVAC specialist to repair the broken down central HVAC program of the dark ride, when I perked up plus told them that I was a certified heat plus cooling system specialist, plus if they paid me just half of what they would pay the local heating plus cooling supplier, that I would go in plus repair it for them right then plus there. They looked at me kind of odd then said, if I could really plus actually repair their broken down central heating plus cooling system, that they would actually pay me full rate in the form of freezing strenuous cash! I took that challenge plus went in there to have a look at it. It turned out what happened was the motor of the central Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C component was burned out plus they needed a current one. I just so happened to have drivin our Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C truck to the amusement park that day, so I had a motor available! I had it up within an second. Who would have thought I could make 600 bucks on a day off?

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A absolutely long office day

I had a absolutely long day at the office today.

But it is not for your respected overworked reason that may have terrible office afternoons.

The reason I had a terrible office day today was because their central HVAC program component went out! The central HVAC program went completely dead around lunch time. And rather than send us all home, they proposed all of us put on floor fans that they had plus finish out the day. It was absolutely rough as the temperature outside was close to one hundred degrees, plus the floor fans did not keep what cool air was in there around for absolutely long! They called the local HVAC supplier to have them send one of their certified HVAC specialists out to repair the central Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C program that had broken down. However, they could not send someone till the next day because they did not have someone on hand who was experienced in fixing commercial central heating plus cooling systems. They had commercial heat plus cooling system in the office because it is a immense building that typical central HVAC would not be able to handle in terms of heating or cooling. I actually hope that when I go into the office tomorrow that the certified heat plus cooling system specialists from the local HVAC supplier are there fixing the commercial Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C component plus that all of us have fully working air conditioning within a short time after I arrive.

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Updating our licence

The other month I had to go to the DMV to get our driver’s licence substituted plus get a current picture taken.

I have to do this process at least once every decade plus the time had come up to do so again.

It is a really long wait. Which is why I normally dread doing this. However this time it was actually not bad, because they had really superb central air conditioning in there! Usually, the air conditioning or the heating (depending on the time of the year it is when I go in here) is not up to par plus it is absolutely uncomfortable being either too tepid or too freezing from the lack of heating or air conditioning, and now things have changed! They actually got their act together plus have quality HVAC in the DMV. Also on top of that, their indoor air pollen levels was a lot better than usual, and usually, it feels appreciate a bowling alley in there. But not anymore. The air quality that came with the quality central HVAC program in the DMV was totally amazing. I am wondering if several they used HEPA air filters for their central HVAC program unit! Finally the time came where it was our turn to get our photo taken so I could get our licence renewal plus just get out of there plus be on our way home. But I could have stayed a little longer plus just taken in the tip quality air conditioning that they happened to now have going on there. It was a real unexpected treat!



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It’s another month

I have been working in the HVAC supplier as a certified heat plus cooling system specialist for almost 20 years now, plus let me tell you I am seriously burnt out plus just plain ancient bored with both our task plus job! I guess there are several HVAC specialists that have been in the supplier a lot longer than me plus adore it, however but as for me, I believe I chose the wrong job, and when I was a teenager I had the desire to want to be in the HVAC supplier plus repair heat plus cooling system units for a living, then i just enjoyed the challenge all together, and however, after about the first 16 years I began having a change of heart, and now at almost 20 in the heat plus cooling system business, I am ready to really wanna call it quits, then day in plus day out it is the same thing plus I am so bored of it all; There is only so much delight you can get fixing central heating plus cooling systems over the years, plus now it has reached its splitting point.

I am ready for something else.

I believe I am going to quit the HVAC supplier absolutely soon plus maybe go take night courses anywhere to get a current job for the next 20 years till I can work up enough work time to be able to retire plus collect a pension of some kind. But all I guess is this HVAC stuff really needs to just go all together.


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Unhappy with the result

I had recently bought a brand new central heating plus air conditioner, plus this thing was not all that it was cracked up to be.

Within a month of having this thing, it broke down on me.

Thankfully, because I had both a warranty plus an HVAC protection program I was able to swap it out plus get another central heating plus air conditioner program to upgrade it. That included the HVAC upgrade plus everything. I did not have to spend our money a cent. The only pain in the rear was the fact that I had to deal with a full day of uninstalling plus removing the broken down central heating plus air conditioner program plus then them installing the brand new plus up-to-date upgradement central heating plus air conditioner program unit. This was an all day affair. But when all was said plus done I have to say that the upgradement central heating plus air conditioner program worked out just good plus was much better. I must have got a bad factory build or something with the other central heating plus air conditioner program unit. That is the only logical explanation. Because when you buy a brand new plus up-to-date central heating plus air conditioner, it never should turn out where it breaks down within a month of having the thing. That is not quality HVAC equipment! But what I have now is quality heating plus air conditioner device plus I am blissful it all works good.

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