Hotel air conditioner that let me sleep soundly

When I checked into a local hotel, 1 of the first things I asked the clerk was if the air conditioner was working double-time in our hotel room, plus she assured me that it was.

Last summer was a very warm season, and I had to attend a funeral for a dear acquaintance of mine. I moved away from our hometown many years ago, plus decided to stay with a fond acquaintance of mine over the weekend while I attended the funeral plus memorial service. The maintenance was quite elegant, an extra-special celebration of our friend’s life, however when I went to sit down in our old friend’s guest room for the night, I couldn’t sleep. I got up plus tried to turn the climate control machine down, however it was to no avail, plus I felt no relief plus could not bring myself to fall asleep in a strange situation while the air conditioner was blowing so warm. The following afternoon, I decided to get a hotel. I didn’t want to offend our friends, but I just couldn’t fall asleep in a room where the air conditioner wasn’t that powerful. When I checked into a local hotel, 1 of the first things I asked the clerk was if the air conditioner was working double-time in our hotel room, plus she assured me that it was. Much to our relief, this hotel room had the single best air conditioner I have ever experienced. I couldn’t guess how soothing the cool air felt to me, especially after staying at our friend’s apartment with such an inefficient air conditioner. I fell asleep 2 minutes of laying down, plus the air was deliciously circulated throughout the room all night long. I woke up feeling rested plus was able to be present at the memorial with our friends plus family, as I had not been awake all night the night before.

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A broken air conditioner almost ruined our anniversary afternoon

When our future husband plus I planned for our huge wedding afternoon, all of us were positive that all of us had thought of every possibility. The decorations, the food, the lighting, all of us had it all typed out into nice documents that all of us would follow to a T, to make sure that everything happened exactly the way all of us wanted it to, not just for ourselves, however also for our valued guests as well. One of the things all of us never anticipated was the Air conditioning in the site having problems. When I got with our bridesmaids to start setting up I right away realized that the site felt so sizzling plus damp and muggy. I started to panic, I told our future husband plus he agreed, so all of us told the site coordinator right away. She told us that there was a concern with the air conditioner, plus that the Heating plus A/C expert was being sent out right away. With only a few hours until the anniversary, I was on the verge of freaking out, when our maid of honor convinced me to keep getting ready, plus to not worry. What I didn’t learn until later was that the air conditioner filters were plugged, plus the Heating plus A/C machines in the site had been unable to officially circulate plus cool the air in the site. I didn’t think anything had been done about fixing it either until I was walking down the aisle, plus I right away noticed how much cooler and more pleasant the air was inside the site! Luckily, the Heating plus A/C worker had changed the air filters at the site just in time for the ceremony to start, plus everything was perfect for our huge afternoon.

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Ductless mini-chop helps with converting our shed into a man cave

When our wifey May plus I were searching for a new house, it was 1 of the most stressful points in our marriage.

We wanted to have more room for the baby, however we also had to stay within our very modest budget.

One thing I, in particular, wanted in a new apartment was to build a “man cave” of sorts, a place where our friends plus I could watch films, smoke cigars, to hang out without bothering our wifey, or our future baby. We found the perfect house, in the perfect location, however it was missing enough of an area for a proper man cave. It did, but, have a more than nine by twelve foot shed in the backyard that could be perfect for the area I wanted. In order to convert it to a liveable area it of course had to have an air conditioner plus a heating unit. Rather than go through the hassle of installing ductwork, or using an ugly, high-priced window AC unit, I decided to use a ductless mini-chop for our mancave Heating plus A/C system. A ductless mini-chop is a more affordable, self-explanatory to install appliance that can be used to heat plus cool down a room, without the need for Heating plus A/C ducts, plus since there are no ducts, I only had to drill a little hole for all of the necessary components attaching the inside machine to the outside. My ductless mini-chop has been a truly wonderful addition to our space, plus it has ensured our comfort plus the comfort level of our guests no matter the temperature outside, the temperature inside has always been comfy. Since the ductless mini-chop is so much more efficient than a window unit, I have saved a ton of money every week, especially since it’s a room that I spend so much time inside of.


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My favorite restaurant is now our go-to spot for meeting with buyers

My task needs me to travel out of the office plus meet with buyers, but sometimes all of us will meet at a public supplier space, but I find that it’s more personable to bring buyers to a bar or restaurant.

I appreciate our buyers and would like them to be comfortable when making decisions with me, so I appreciate making sure that they always have a bite to eat, plus maybe a beverage or two if they’re so inclined.

My boss had a certain restaurant in mind for 1 unique client, a diner, so when I met the client there, I was surprised with how sizzling it was inside. The food was alright, plus the drinks were decent, but I couldn’t get past how muggy plus steamy the air felt. I asked the director if he could turn the air conditioner colder, plus they told me that it was as low as it could go. The client was visibly hot, as all of us were both becoming sizzling when it was time for us to talk business, frustrated, so I asked him if he wanted to try the tavern next door, plus he agreed. Immediately upon walking through the door, I was refreshed by the power of the officially undoubtedly working air conditioner. The rest of the evening went very well so I now have a strong supplier relationship with the client. I will never bring new buyers to the steak place again, not until they update their entire Heating plus A/C system plus are able to have it at a nicer temperature. I joked with the bartender about the air conditioner at the steak place plus he told me that when the owners bought the building, 1 of the first things they did was overhaul the massive Heating plus A/C system, since the existing air conditioner plus oil furnace were over forty years old, plus that the steakapartment likely was using inefficient, aged Heating plus A/C equipment. The tavern became our company’s new go-to spot for meeting with buyers.


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Upgrading the old Heating plus A/C system to increase equity in our home

My wifey Sarah plus myself have lived in our cabin for the last numerousyears, it has served us so well, plus while we’re not ready to transport out of here just yet.

Sarah and I have been thinking about the future for us, plus getting ready to sell our house, but many of the decisions we’ve made are all with the final goal of enhancing the value of our apartment before all of us put it on the market; We have upgraded the kitchen appliances, installed LED lighting throughout the house, overhauled all of the landscapes, plus most recently, all of us have decided to upgrade our Heating plus A/C system, and our worn and aged furnace was incredibly ancient, plus while it had been officially tested, it was taking up much of the area in a room that all of us wanted to convert to a livable space, plus since all of us lived in a genuinely mild climate, we didn’t need to use the furnace, however a heat pump can be placed outside, plus uses a condenser plus an evaporator to heat your cabin in the Wintertime, plus cool it in the warm season! The replacement service was genuinely quick, especially since our existing ductwork was in wonderful condition from the respectfully busy maintenance from our local Heating plus A/C dealer.

Our new heat pump was such a wonderful investment to our home, it is much more energy efficient than our traditional gas furnace, and greatly lowered our energy bills each week. Our main concern when it came to the heat pump replacement was our air quality, however our Heating plus A/C provider ensures us that the air quality would be exactly the same, if not better than before, as long as all of us respectfully change the air filter, however installing a heat pump was a wonderful way to add value of our home, in perfect time for us to bring it to market.



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Tough times at a poor college, and HVAC

I was so nervous during that time so I picked up extra bartending shifts as I didn’t want to put the cost of the repair on my credit card

When they say the times are tough in college they aren’t kidding. My parents used to tell me all the time but I need to be super careful with my money in college because they were going to be providing me with any extra spending cash. I’m very lucky that my parents decided they would pay for my college but they would not be giving me any extra money. I guess that’s a good thing because I learn how to save, but looking back times are very tough. I remember a point in my college career when my HVAC system at my house stopped working. Normally when your HVAC system stops working the landlord will handle it, but that was not the case for me. Landlord that if he lowered my rent I would handle the HVAC repair cost. I kind of banged on the fact that I would not have to pay for any HVAC repairs during the year lease, but now that my HVAC system has stopped working I’m going to have to come up with the cash. I was so nervous during that time so I picked up extra bartending shifts as I didn’t want to put the cost of the repair on my credit card. Thankfully I was able to pay for the HVAC repair with the money for my extra shifts, for me it was tough having to work all those hours during that time. I was going to school and working and it was really



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A freezing climate and an old oil furnace

I live in an extremely cold part of the country and we get very cold weather almost all year round. I actually think I might hate the cold weather, but I’ve lived here my whole life so it’s really the only thing I’ve ever known. I used to ask my parents when I was younger if we could move to a place that doesn’t have such cold weather but they never liked that idea. My brothers and sisters and I would beg and plead with him, but they said we couldn’t move that far away from our entire family. So I spent my whole life living here and I agree with him now that I’m older that I don’t want to live away from my family. However, I think it’s time that I get a new furnace for my house because my old oil furnace Has gotten really old and is quite outdated. I wish that I was able to keep my old oil furnace for a little while longer but I think with the impending winter weather that’s not a good idea. My dad told me that if I wait any longer to have my furnace fixed that I’m going to run into issues and have to pay more money as the winter season approaches. I know he is right and I’m going to call the local HVAC company tomorrow and get a quote to have my oil furnace fixed.


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A smart thermostat just makes life better and easier

I’ve been traveling a lot for work lately and I can’t seem to keep up with things around my house. When I come back from a long work trip I notice I have piles of laundry, tons of dishes and my house is always warm. I know there is nothing wrong with having a warm house, but when I come home from a long trip I want to be nice and crisp so that I feel clean once I get out of the shower. I don’t know a good way to keep my house cooler while I’m out of town because I don’t want to waste money or energy. So I decided I would call a local heating cooling company and see if they could give me suggestions on what I could do about this issue. The HVAC tech that I spoke with told me that a smart thermostat might be just what I am looking for. I could use a smart thermostat to control the temperature of my home from my smartphone. That means I would be able to change the temperature of my house while I’m on a flight and by the time I got home it would be nice and cool. I love the feeling of getting home from a long trip, getting in the shower and having my house nice and cool. Thankfully it didn’t take long for the heating and cooling technician to install the smart thermostat in my home. I can’t wait to use my net smart I was at the next time I go on a long trip for work

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Thermostat solving relationship problems

My partner and I have been fighting a lot more than I used to.

  • I guess that happens once you’ve been married for a while, we never used to fight like this.

Now we have seven kids and I know that seems like a lot, because it is. However, we just can’t seem to stop fighting. It’s the little things that we keep fighting about. Last week we got into an argument about our heating and cooling system. I asked my partner if he could go change the air filter in our heating and cooling system and he got so upset with me and told me that I knew how to change the filter. I told my partner I had never changed the filter in our heating and cooling system before So I wasn’t comfortable doing it. The last thing I want to do is mess up our heating and cooling system because I didn’t install a filter properly. Could you imagine the fight that would have caused? So I asked my partner to please change the filter and Thankfully he finally agreed. I’m sick and tired of arguing about things and I definitely don’t want to be arguing about the filter in our heating and cooling system. I think we might actually need to go to couples counseling because it’s starting to get absolutely ridiculous. I am hoping that once we talk about our issues with the counselor that we will be able to work through them and stop fighting about silly things like the heating and cooling system.

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Scuba Diving in Mexico: How to Beat the Humidity

I’ve been a cave diver for over twenty years, and my favorite caves to explore are in Mexico.

Summer is an ideal time to explore Mexican cave systems, since the water levels are most favorable during the rainy season. But, between the constantly hot climate and the eternal dampness of being a cave diver, the humidity can overtake divers quickly! Humidity makes it twice as hard to do the prep work associated with diving. Sure, you can get dressed in all of your diving gear in an air conditioned hotel room, but what about the mile-long hike to the cave entry point? You’re going to wish you had A/C when you’re halfway to the dive site walking with your flippers on dry ground. Battery-powered personal fans have been a life-saver for my diving team; since we don’t have the luxury of a cooling system in the great outdoors, we use fans to cool ourselves off, to dispel the humidity clouding our bodies, and to keep us comfortable when we don’t have the luxury of modern air conditioning technology. And, when dives are over, we spend as much time in our hotel rooms as we can. We crank our thermostats as low as they can go, and we let the vents blast our faces with cool air while we reminisce on the day’s dives. While people have been diving in Mexico’s caves for decades, there haven’t always been well-appointed hotels close to the dive site; I have no idea how the divers of the past survived without A/C! After a hot, sweaty, and humid day in the great outdoors, divers deserve the blessing of a high-quality air conditioner. While we dive because we love it, the perk of air conditioning access makes the drawbacks of the sport much more manageable!

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