My dog loves air vents

I admit I was a little concerned when I asked my dad to watch our lazy basset hound for us when my wife and I went on vacation.

The dog doesn’t take much work, but dad was never the child-rearing type. He was a truck driver when I was growing up; mom raised us by herself, but she has died. Dad likes Bailey, so I decided to try it; see how he would do. I was already concerned when my husband and I got to the airport. I texted dad and he responded with pictures of our dog on the air vent. At our house, the vents are in the wall, but dad has floor vents. Apparently, Bailey loved sitting on the vent because for that week, he sent nothing but pictures of Bailey sitting on vents – in the kitchen, dining room, in the hall. Dad took good care of our pooch. She had a good time chilling out on the air vents. My hubby and I are planning another trip, this winter. I’m going to leave Bailey with dad again. I wonder if he’ll like the heat vent as much as the air!


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The dog on the vents!

I have to admit, I was a little worried when I asked my father to watch our lazy basset hound when we went on vacation.

Our dog isn’t that much work.

I worried because my father wasn’t the child-rearing type. He was a trucker when I was a kid, spending his days on the road; mom raised us by herself, but she has passed on. Dad loves Bailey, so I decided to try it to see how he’d do. I was already worried when my husband and I got to the airport. I started texting dad. He responded with pictures of Bailey just on the air vent; our vents are on the wall, but dad’s are on the floor, and apparently Bailey enjoyed laying on the vent because for the whole week our dad watched her, we received nothing but pictures of Bailey laying on weird vents in his house. There were pictures of Bailey on the vents in the kitchen, the living room and hallway. Dad took great care of Bailey. She had a great time on the vents! My wife and I are planning another trip in the winter. I’m going to leave Bailey with dad again. I wonder if she will appreciate the heat as much as the air conditioning!


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Dog likes my dad’s A/C vents

I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous when I asked my father to watch the dog for us when we went on vacation.

My dog is a lazy basset hound and she’s really not that much work.

I worried because my father was never the child-rearing type. He spent all of his days out on the road as a trucker when I was a kid and Mom raised us pretty much single-handedly. But mom has passed on, and dad really does love Bailey. So, I decided to see how he would do. I was already worried by the time my husband and I got to the airport. I started texting my dad and he started responding with pictures of Bailey just relaxing over his air conditioner vent. The air conditioner vents at our house or up on the wall. But at my dad’s house, the vents are on the floor. Apparently Bailey really liked laying on the vent because for the whole week my dad watched her, he sent me nothing but pictures of Bailey laying on different vets throughout the house. There were pictures of her on the vents in the kitchen, pictures with her on the vents in the bedroom, then others with her on the vents in the hallway. Needless to say, my dad took good care of Bailey and I think she had a good time just chilling out on top of his air conditioner vents. My husband and I are already planning another trip in the winter. When that happens, I’m going to leave Bailey with my dad again. I wonder if she’ll like the heater vent just as much as the air conditioner vents.


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My friend and I get different things out of our gym membership

My friend CIndy and I signed up for gym memberships together.

  • The gym is a twenty-five minute drive from our homes.

We decided that it would be beneficial to carpool. Cindy and I figured that by holding each other accountable, we’d be less likely to procrastinate. After one visit to the gym, I realized that Cindy and I have very different approaches to our gym membership. Cindy is only interested in tanning beds and taking advantage of a massage. Despite the wide inventory of machines available, she strictly uses the treadmill. She reads on her iPad and walks at a slow pace. Cindy never gets sweaty enough to require a shower. She only wants to devote about 30 minutes at the gym. I want to workout for an hour or more. There’s no doubt I need a shower afterward. I get drenched in sweat. If I run on the treadmill, I sprint and often challenge myself with an incline. I vary between the stationary bikes, rowing machines and ellipticals. After completing aerobic exercise, I utilize the strength training machines where I focus on my biceps, triceps, abdominal muscles, shoulders, back and outer and inner thighs. I workout with resistance bands and battle ropes, lift free weights and kettlebells and workout on the speed bag. Since Cindy is only interested in visiting the gym once per week, I’ve started going on my own three or four days. I want to get the most out of my membership fees. Cindy has told me that she doesn’t plan to renew her membership at the end of the year. She doesn’t think it’s worthwhile. I enjoy working out at the gym and have seen the benefits. I will renew my membership.

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Running is an advantageous workout

One of my favorite types of workouts is running. Although it can be difficult to get motivated, I always feel wonderful after a long run. It’s an easy way to burn off a great deal of calories in a relatively short amount of time. I don’t require any extra gear or equipment. As long as I have a decent pair of sneakers with good arch support, I’m all set. I have purchased specialized clothing that is designed to combat all variations of weather. I own shorts and shirts that pull moisture away from my skin when I’m sweating because of high heat and humidity. I own long-sleeved shirts and pants that are made of thin and lightweight material yet keep me warm when it’s cold outside. I have moisture resistant clothing that allows me to run in the rain. I make certain to take the opportunity to sufficiently warm up prior to a run. I thoroughly stretch my muscles, rotate my joints and loosen up my joints. I start out running at a slow pace and gradually increase my speed. I try to vary my route so I can enjoy different sights and challenges. Some of my paths are entirely flat and easy while others incorporate some inclines! Running is the perfect way to work my muscles, elevate endurance and tone muscles. It gets my lungs working and my heart beating faster. Because it’s a mindless type of activity, it’s wonderful for lessening stress and clearing my head. I wear headphones and let my mind wander. At the end of the run, I make sure to use a deep stretch and cool down period. I also drink lots of water.

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Jump rope app is motivational

The app also monitors my progress and I can earn special badges for consecutive workouts.

Three years ago, I upgraded from a leather jump rope that had weighted handles to a modern rope system. I invested quite a bit of money to buy the Crossrope system. The set provides one pair of handles that link to ropes of various weights. I have four different ropes to choose from. There is a quarter-pound, half-pound, one-pound and two-pound size. I also bought a specialized mat to minimize the impact on my knees. I have shoes designed to also reduce the stress on my feet and ankles. These ropes won’t knot, tangle or fray and swing very smoothly. Once I bought the better system, I improved my jump rope skills. I can now do criss-crosses, double jumps, single foot jumps and all sorts of tricks. One of my favorite things about the jump rope system is that it came with a free app for my phone. The app includes a selection of guided workouts that encompass beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Some of the workouts are strictly centered around jump rope skills. Some incorporate lunges, push-ups, abdominal crunches, burpees, frog jumps and more. I like following instructions and adhering to timed sessions of exercise and rest. Some of these programs are super strenuous. When I finish, the app provides the number of calories I’ve burned. The app also monitors my progress and I can earn special badges for consecutive workouts. I recently achieved a badge for fifteen weeks in a row. The app motivates me and doesn’t let me be lazy. Because of the app, I’ve burned a great deal of calories, built endurance and increased strength.


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Hoping to drink more water during workouts

I am aware of the need for good hydration habits.

Drinking sufficient water is vital to silky hair and clear skin.

It is helpful to build muscle, reduce fat and combat injury. I have trouble drinking enough water. I never got into the habit when I was a kid. My childhood home was equipped with a well on the property. The water was heavy with rust, tinted orange and smelled of rotten eggs. It tasted bad. Now that I’m an adult, I neglect to drink water. Even when I carry a water bottle with me all day, I rarely sip from it. I have figured out one way I make sure to drink a decent amount of water is to include it in my workout. I exercise for 60 minutes every day. I play music throughout the workout and typically switch up the type of exercise at the conclusion of every song. I alternate between jumping rope, abdominal crunches, mountain climbers, squats, lifting weights and more. I make myself take a drink of water in-between each song. I make it a mission to empty my entire water bottle by the conclusion of the workout. As I’ve gotten better about this habit, I sometimes refill my water bottle mid workout. Being better about my hydration habits has lessened the number of headaches I deal with. I have less concerns with muscle cramps in my legs. I have more energy in the morning. I recover from a hard workout session much quicker. I am hoping to increase the amount of water I drink during the rest of the day. While I would prefer to reach for a cup of tea, soda or juice, I realize that water is healthier for me. Plus, there’s no calories or sugar in it.


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The Office Was Hotter Than Other Areas of The House

My home office was feeling warmer than other parts of my house, which was unusual.

  • It was on the ground floor, so I wasn’t sure why the heat was so strong in that particular room.

I tried tinkering around with the thermostat settings, but none of the changes I made affected the temperature of my office. I didn’t know how to fix the issue on my own, so I contacted an HVAC company to come take a look at things. When I told them that the office space wasn’t normally warmer than the rest of the house, they agreed that something was triggering it, so they began looking at the HVAC equipment to find the problem. They searched for 30 minutes before they found what the issue was. Unbeknownst to me, my daughter had closed the air vents in her bedroom, which happened to be next to my office. The HVAC professionals began explaining how it was negatively affecting the temperature of my office.The heat our furnace was producing wasn’t able to release itself into my daughter’s room, so it was pushing itself into mine, which was causing the extra warmth. The HVAC professionals confirmed that my daughter had shut the air vents for an extended period of time based on how much heat was coming into my office. I had to have a long discussion with my daughter when she got home from school that afternoon and she wasn’t very happy about it. She wasn’t looking forward to the heat being evenly distributed into her room.


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The Radiant Heated Floors They’d Always Dreamed Of

When my parents decided to sell their old home, I was devastated.

I grew up in that house and it was a special place of refuge and nostalgia for me. My parents loved the house just as much, but as they got older, the house was too much to keep up with. The land was impossible to maintain and the inside was too empty without all the kids there. Although it was hard to hear, I understood why my parents decided to sell the house. When they told me that they were constructing a brand new house from the ground up, I was excited for them. They would have the chance to design everything just the way they like and it would be really comfortable for them. One of my mom’s biggest wishes for the house was radiant heated floors. She didn’t just want them in the bathroom, she wanted them in the kitchen and living room too! Her reasoning for this was that my dad and herself were always cold. No matter how many pairs of socks they wore or how high they set the temperature on the thermostat, their bodies were always too cold. Radiant heated floors were a great way for them to add a touch of warmth to their house from the ground up. They didn’t have radiant heated floors in their last house, but they’d always dreamed of luxury. HVAC professionals always told them that it was easier to install radiant heated floors when you were constructing something new because the heated coils had to go underneath the flooring. It wasn’t impossible to install radiant heated floors to an existing house, but it was more time consuming and messy. Now that they were building a new house, they could have the radiant heated floors they’d always dreamed of.

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It Was Time to Replace My AC Unit

Before the cooler weather hit the city where I live, I made a point to call the local HVAC company so I could hire an HVAC technician to service both the AC unit and the furnace.

I didn’t like transitioning between my AC unit and furnace without having an HVAC professional looking at everything because I worried that there were hidden issues that I was unaware of.

This year, I was especially worried about my AC unit. While it provided AC for my home during the entire summer, it was terribly inefficient and it was old in age. I didn’t know whether or not I should replace it before the following summer and I was seeking the opinion of a certified HVAC professional. When the HVAC professional arrived to service my HVAC system, I asked him to look at my AC unit in particular and judge whether or not it needed to be replaced. He agreed to take a look and get back to me. After he was done servicing everything, he gave me his honest opinion. The HVAC professional said that due to the age of my AC unit and how inefficient it was running, I should replace it before the summer. According to his professional judgment, it was going to cost me more in repairs and energy to run my AC unit if I kept it. Thankfully, the fall season was a good time to purchase and install a new AC unit because nobody else was doing the same. I would have an abundant AC unit selection to choose from and the installation process would be quick and painless.

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