I’m glad I decided to invest in a quality air purification system

I have had my fair share of air quality issues over the years.

Sometimes it would be because I didn’t change my air filters on time, and there even was a time when it was mostly because I was using the cheapest air filters that I could find.

People have told me about HEPA air filters but I really feel like they are too expensive. I have used high quality pleated air filters for a long while now and the air quality is okay, but I still feel like it is lacking. I want my air quality to be so nice that people can’t help but say something about how amazing it is. Eventually, I decided to go for a UV air purification system when somebody was telling me about that. The UV air purification system I ended up getting actually uses a HEPA air filter and I finally was able to get a feel for what HEPA air filter air purification really does for a place. I was honestly blown away with the improvement. Suddenly, I really was getting compliments. I enjoyed using that air purification system so much that I decided to start using HEPA air filters for my central HVAC unit. I feel like double the HEPA, double the improved air quality. I swear that my air quality is so good now, you can’t find a speck of dust anywhere. You can go looking, believe me I have tried. It feels really nice to have such amazing air quality and I’m so happy I decided to try that UV air purification system. It even eliminates germs!


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Our daughter sleeps well ever since we upgraded our HVAC system

It’s almost like the monster inside the HVAC system is dead to her

Our daughter used to have a real hard time getting to sleep during the peak seasons. This is because the central HVAC system would always click on and it woke her up every single time. She used to think that the HVAC system was home to some kind of monster because it sounded like breathing to her. Even when I showed her how the HVAC system worked, she still was skeptical. She eventually accepted the fact that it was safe, but it still kept her awake at night. Eventually I decided to upgrade to a ductless mini split. The beautiful thing about this type of HVAC system is the fact that it is whisper quiet. Also you are able to have customized temperature control settings with each unit that is in your home. It’s kind of like having a bunch of highly energy efficient window A/C units except they have heating & cooling and they are hooked up to the wall. The tubing connects to each one you have and it really is a nice ductless HVAC system. It also is an added plus that these systems have built-in air purification. Ever since we had this new HVAC system, our daughter has been sleeping easy every single night. It’s almost like the monster inside the HVAC system is dead to her. I do kind of wonder if that’s what it is, the anxiety of that memory thinking the HVAC holds a monster inside. It was like the sound of the HVAC regularly triggered that anxiety and she could never sleep because of it.

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Thankful for the new comfort in our lives

Another beautiful thing is that we know we are going to save huge on the energy bills because radiant heated floors are extremely energy efficient

Before the winter started, I was really concerned after I tested the heating system. The heating system wasn’t working well at all. I was considering how old the gas furnace was and then I thought about how my wife talked about upgrading the heating system. She was hoping to have radiant heated floors installed, and I was okay with that idea. We had been saving up money for a little while and we were actually very close to being able to afford radiant heated floors based on the estimated costs of the job. So I decided to work a lot of overtime hours until I felt that we had just enough money to make this heating system upgrade happen. Boy I tell you it was right on time when we had the new radiant heated floors installed. This is because it was only a week later when the first major snowstorm hit, and it really hit hard. We were out there blowing snow like crazy and the wind was out of this world. The beautiful thing is that we had our radiant heated floors to keep us nice and toasty during this winter weather. Another beautiful thing is that we know we are going to save huge on the energy bills because radiant heated floors are extremely energy efficient. I really love how the heating that comes from the floors rises nice and slowly so that everything is heated up evenly. There are no longer any drafts in the house and I’m truly thankful for this new comfort in our lives.

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Things can easily change in an instant

Eventually I was happy when I was feeling better and was able to get out of that hospital that abused the A/C system too much

It’s amazing how things can entirely change for you in just a moment. When you really think about it, when people have terrible accidents, they typically happen in a matter of seconds. Well, that’s what happened to me when I was out playing with my children in the backyard. We were all playing catch with the football and I went deep for a long pass. When I was about to catch the football, I took a bad tumble and slammed my head onto a rock. Now, of course I survived this injury as I am still alive to write about it. Unfortunately, I had a concussion and I had to be in the hospital for a long period of time. I was in and out and there were only so many things I could remember from the experience. The one thing I remember was how frosty it was in the hospital. I kept yelling at the nurses to adjust the temperature control settings. I vaguely remember seeing my family in there but I was not in a good mood because my head felt like it was breaking in half. They always had to put me back to sleep when the pain was too severe. Eventually I was happy when I was feeling better and was able to get out of that hospital that abused the A/C system too much. At home I was able to keep the temperature control settings at whatever I wished. Still with my injury, things will never be the same as I have acute memory loss and it’s difficult to manage day to day.
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Want to call the HVAC company to see about their ductless mini splits

After my wife and I sold our old home, we made a pretty good amount of money from the proceeds of the sale.

Something that I was thinking about right away was upgrading the HVAC system.

The thing is, the house didn’t have both a heating and a cooling system, it just had a boiler system. Our former house actually had an HVAC system with a nice A/C system and gas furnace. Of course, our former house was a lot smaller and it was easier to have low energy bills. With the new house, we were already facing higher gas bills, but it’s because of the sheer size of the place. We have done everything to keep the energy bills low by putting plastic on the windows and sealing up all the doors. We have considered upgrading the boiler to a more efficient boiler system, but the boiler does work well, so we will probably hold off on that for a little while. Something that would really work well for us though is a ductless mini split HVAC with multiple zones. These systems can go up to 8 zones which allows for ultimate comfort in a house with both heating and cooling capability. I have been thinking about the ductless mini split mainly for the summer because we only have window A/C units in the house. But honestly, the heating part of the ductless mini split might lower our energy bills significantly. That would be nice. I think I will be calling the HVAC company soon to see the costs of their ductless mini split systems.
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I have been getting in pretty good shape with my home gym

I made a promise to myself that I was going to get into great shape.

In order to do this, I decided to put together my own home gym.

I was able to get all of the equipment I needed, but I also needed to hook up some type of special HVAC system. I wanted it to be perfectly comfortable while I was getting my workouts. I also wanted to be able to adjust the temperature control settings either remotely or with voice commands. That’s when I called the HVAC company and told them what I was interested in doing. The HVAC people were really great over the phone and the HVAC professional who came over knew exactly what would work best for me. He installed a ductless mini split in my basement along with a smart thermostat. The smart thermostat controls both the ductless mini split and the regular HVAC in the house. The ductless mini split is great because it was easy to have installed and it’s extremely energy efficient. I think that eventually I will want to upgrade my whole HVAC system to a ductless mini split with numerous zones. I love that I can workout regularly and say aloud what I want the temperature control settings to be. I have been getting a lot of good workouts and I am in really great shape so far. It’s all about healthy eating and making sure not to skip out on any of my workouts. Given, I didn’t think I was going to be stuck at home for most of the time, but it actually helped me to stay more focused on working out at home.

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She Wanted a Ductless Mini System For Her New Office

This was a simple requirement and I liked the idea of saving money, so we happily had a ductless mini system installed into her new office

I’ve watched my wife build her business from the ground up and it’s been an incredible process to watch. What started as a hobby has turned into a full-time job that brings in more cash than my job which I attended college for. It started out small and then snowballed into something massive. When she was starting, she would sit at the dining room table and do what she loved. She’d get up early in the morning and work before she headed to her actual job. As things grew she eventually moved her office into the spare bedroom. Several years later, we decided that it was time to create a proper office space off the back of our house for her. The construction was going to take 6 weeks and my wife was ecstatic. Of all the design features to pick out, my wife was the most excited about how she’d heat and cool the space. After doing some research, she told me that she didn’t want to connect our central HVAC system to the addition. Instead, she wanted to install a ductless mini split system that would only heat or cool her office. She told me that she wanted to have full control over the temperature of her new office without affecting the temperature and efficiency of the rest of the house. This was a simple requirement and I liked the idea of saving money, so we happily had a ductless mini system installed into her new office. My wife really deserved this for all her hard work.


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My Wife Works Best In The Cold

I’ve always had an office downtown with all my other employees.

For the past 20 years, I’ve gone to work in that office every Monday through Friday.

My desk is there, my computer is there, and all my work related belongings. My wife has her own office that’s only for her and two of her closest friends. They all work remotely, so they’ve been renting an office space for several years now. When the pandemic hit, I wasn’t allowed to work from my office downtown anymore. There were too many employees working from the building and we ran the risk of contracting the virus. When this happened, I was forced to work from home, but I didn’t like it. The space wasn’t set up for professional work and I struggled to get things done. I couldn’t focus during normal working hours, and I had a hard time separating my home from work. Because of this, I started working from my wife’s office with her. On my first day though, I realized something about my wife that I never knew before. She worked best in a cold office because according to her, it increased productivity. Her office space was freezing when I walked inside and it felt like there was no temperature difference from the outside. I took one glance at her thermostat and saw the number 63 degrees. That was really low for the furnace! I’ve been working from her cold office for several months now and I can honestly say I’ve only heard the furnace kick on a handful of times. I can’t say anything about the temperature though because it isn’t my space.

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There’s A Lot of Design Flaws In This House

They are also accessible to my young children who like to shove things into them.

Whoever built the house we live in didn’t think things through. There’s several things that really bother me and lead me to believe that the builder didn’t sit down and think about the design. For starters, there was no thermostat on the second level of the house. Everybody knows that heat rises, so it’s always going to be warmer on the second level. It’s also irritating that if I want to change the temperature, I have to walk all the way downstairs to do it. The second thing I don’t like about this house is the kitchen design. The dishwasher is at the end of the counter, but the sink is on the other end. This means that I have to walk the dirty dishes from the sink to the dishwasher, which creates a mess on the floor. I also don’t like the location of the refrigerator because the door doesn’t open the right way. The final thing that bothers me about this house is the air vents. All of the air vents are placed on the bottom of the wall. At first, this doesn’t sound like such a big issue, but it is. I can’t place any furniture in front of the air vents because it will block the flow. They are also accessible to my young children who like to shove things into them. I can’t do anything about the thermostat or the kitchen design, but I can try something with the air vents. I purchased air vent covers that push the air up. I’m hoping this will keep my kids from putting things into them and also help the flow of air.

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We Got Ourselves a Ductless Mini System After Our Son

When we noticed the positive difference in our son’s attitude and overall happiness throughout the day after we installed a ductless mini system into his room, we started thinking about getting one for our home office.

  • The ductless mini system was the perfect solution for our son who was an extra warm sleeper at night.

As soon as we installed the ductless system, we noticed an improvement in his mood right away. He was sleeping better and he had more energy throughout the day. Even his teacher commented on his attitude! She sent home a letter saying that he was less irritable and he didn’t slug throughout the afternoon. My husband and I watched our son transform before our eyes, all because of a ductless mini system that kept his room at a more comfortable temperature. My husband and I were sleeping fine, but we knew it could be better. Our room was on the bottom floor, while our kids slept upstairs. Heat rises, which means the kid’s rooms were warmer than ours. We hated to set the thermostat any higher, because we knew it would roast them. Our poor son was already roasting before he got the ductless mini system. In an attempt to keep our room warmer without affecting our children’s rooms, we got ourselves a ductless mini system and it’s been wonderful! I think my husband and I are just as happy as our son is! The ductless mini system has changed our lives for the better.


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