After being traumatized, I got my kids some smart window AC units

My children were traumatized when the AC system blew up at our house.

We were outside having a BBQ and some people were going in the house.

I remember the kids went inside the house to enjoy their food in the air conditioning and the next thing I knew, there was a huge explosion and the ground even rumbled. I ran into the house and made sure to get everybody out of there. I didn’t know if there was a fire or what but the whole house was filled up with smoke. I called out to make sure nobody else was in there and I could already hear the fire dept approaching as I heard the sirens. Thankfully everybody was accounted for and were okay but my children were crying. They had a hard time talking about what happened and how they felt about it, but we got them counseling. I was just going to replace the HVAC system, but my children said they didn’t want a regular HVAC, they wanted window AC units. I thought that was ridiculous because that would cause expensive energy bills. They begged to differ though, they said modern window AC units are actually quite energy efficient, they even have smart models with built-in smart thermostats that you can connect your phone to making temperature control adjustment easy. I ended up getting them a couple of smart window AC units, but I also had a ductless multi-split system installed. I explained it was a much safer HVAC and there was no way there would be an explosion with this system. They have actually grown to like it, but they still appreciate their smart window AC units the most.

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Our HVAC has served us well and lasted longer than we expected

I’ve been completely satisfied with our HVAC over the years.

I remember when I first acquired that marvelous piece of machinery.

We had just purchased the place, but it was equipped with an oil furnace and they used window AC units in the house. Fortunately, the ductwork was in great shape and it was easy for the professionals to connect the new HVAC unit to the ductwork with both heating and cooling functions. Of course, they had to install an AC condenser unit but they found a great spot and did excellent work with the foundation for the equipment. This new HVAC unit was totally advanced and energy efficient for its time. They explained back then that with regular service, this HVAC equipment would last me over 20 years. While I did find it hard to believe back then, I enrolled in an HVAC service plan and this equipment lasted 23 years! Now, I’m working with the HVAC professionals to get a modern system installed. While it was highly recommended that we go for a geothermal HVAC system, I wasn’t sure if I could put out the money for such a system. I certainly understand the appeal too with super low energy bills and low cost maintenance. They told me a geothermal HVAC could last as long as 50 years if well taken care of. Now that’s something that is impressive for certain. But I am honestly leaning towards one of these ductless HVAC systems. I love how the ductless multi-split system has numerous zones for customized temperature control settings in different areas of the home. I think it would be nice especially since we have a lot of children always fighting over the temperature control settings.


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It was hard to understand the HVAC expert at first

When we had an HVAC expert over at our home, I felt like the man was talking about rocket science.

Everything he was saying was going over my head and I was certain that my wife felt the same way. He kept talking about heat and AC products with fantastic SEER ratings. I could only assume that was a good thing because he seemed to be very proud of that fact. There were so many homeowner solutions available, it was dizzying to me. When he asked what we might be interested in, I had no clue. But I did ask him to tell me what in the world were SEER ratings. He smiled and said SEER is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio which basically measures how efficient a cooling system is. When he explained that the better the rating, the more money I would save, I right away became interested. I told the guy that I wasn’t sure about any of these advanced and modern HVAC systems, I just wanted something that wouldn’t break the bank and would save me cash on the monthly energy bills. He said he wanted to tell me about their geothermal heat pumps, but he admitted those were fairly pricey. He ended up telling me that I would probably want to have a ductless multi-split system. He explained there were special indoor units that could be installed on the ceiling or the walls and they would provide the perfect cooling or heating depending on the season. Also with customized temperature control settings in the different zones, this sounded quite appealing, so I went for it!

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Getting an HVAC job in a rural location was the best move I made

I used to be an HVAC professional living in the city.

For starters, I never could stand all the traffic and the crazy pedestrians running out into a busy street.

People seemed to have no regard for their lives or personal safety. I thought people would also be grateful when you’re there to help them with their HVAC troubles, but a lot of people would always find something to complain about. Honestly, I’ve had people complain about me being late when I arrived just a few minutes late with terrible traffic and no places to park. I mean, it really is ridiculous and what people expect in conditions like that. Everybody seems to be in a rush and most people seem to have an aura of self-importance. After awhile, I felt like I just had to get away from the city life and figured I might enjoy the excellent air quality in some rural area. I talked to my wife about it and she said she didn’t mind because she worked remotely anyway, meeting with all her clients via online video conference calls. She also agreed that it would be nice to live in a place with nicer air quality which would be beneficial for us in the long term. We ended up finding a very nice house on a couple of acres of land and I got a nice HVAC job in the country. The people are very nice around these parts, more relaxed, and so much more polite. I actually enjoy helping people with their HVAC systems when they are thankful and don’t treat you like garbage.

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My wife was focused on better lighting while I was thinking about the HVAC equipment

When we first bought our new home, one of the first things my wife said we needed was better lighting. She wanted a nice chandelier in the dining room. There was already a pretty nice table that the previous owners left behind. I was actually surprised when my wife said we should scrap it or use it for firewood for the fireplace. I was okay with buying a new table, but I decided to use that nice table down in the basement. I figured I would set up my train tracks on it or something because it was a huge table. I even considered using it for my electric car sets because I have a few of those as well and I hadn’t used them in a long while. Of course with our 3 year old bundle of terror, she likes to break things like that. Whatever she gets her hands on, she basically destroys. I’m hoping she’s going to get out of the habit of being so destructive soon enough, I guess we’ll see. One of my priorities was to do something about the HVAC system. The house was equipped with a boiler system and that’s something I really liked. I loved how all the piping was good quality copper pipes because those would last forever. Everything seemed to be in good enough condition, but I could tell the boiler unit was pretty old. I figured I would just have it replaced soon enough in a few years time. As far as the rest of the house, I have been thinking about either going for a geothermal HVAC system or a nice ductless multi-split system which would give us zones in the house with customized temperature control settings.

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I could hardly stand it when I was visiting my brother and his air quality was terrible

I thought I was going to die a little while ago when I went to visit my brother at his place.

The air quality in his home slowly grew worse and worse. I thought he wasn’t changing the air filters, but he insisted that he was. Then I eventually noticed his ductwork system was entirely filthy. You could actually see an alarming amount of dust whenever the heating or cooling system was working. When I asked him if he was going to have the ductwork system cleaned, he said there was no need for it. I didn’t know why in the world he wouldn’t go for air duct cleaning when he needed it so badly. I learned the next time I went to visit why he never bothered to have the old ductwork system cleaned. He actually reached out to the HVAC company but not for repair work or cleaning, but for a new HVAC install. He had a ductless multi-split system installed. Now he has a smart HVAC system with built-in air purification. Of course, he has to wash his air filters regularly each month, but he never had an issue with replacing his air filters before, so I thought he would be able to keep up with regular air filter cleaning. It was amazing the improvement in air quality when I went to talk to him. He smiled and told me that he was saving up for a nicer HVAC system and he didn’t want to waste any money by working on the old HVAC system that was ready to die anyway. He also said he suspected there was a leak in his ductwork system because his energy bills were spiking, but now his energy bills are super low.
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My mother’s home-cooked meals were a little taste of Heaven

Something that I miss a great deal is enjoying the home cooked dinners my mother used to make when we were youngsters.

She made all kinds of fantastic dinners like lasagne, enchiladas, chicken stir fry, tacos with indian fry bread, and pizza! We would commonly have pizza Fridays and it wasn’t usually any crappy pizza from some franchise pizza joint.

No, she made her own dough, sauce, and she would use different toppings like onions, olives, hamburger, and pepperoni. I honestly don’t even know how she made such delicious pizza but I felt like I was in heaven when I would smell pizza upon getting back to the house. I would typically play basketball with my buddies for most of the day. Of course on those days when it was extremely overheated, I would have to either hang out at a friends’ house where they had the AC system cranked up, or I would go home where I actually had a window AC unit in my room. I remember I had to beg my parents to get me a window AC unit. My biggest argument was that I needed to be comfortable while working on my homework and studying for tests. While I really just wanted to have greater comfort in my room while adjusting the temperature control settings myself, it turned out to be true that the window AC unit helped me get better grades. I had more focus and I did well especially after eating a delicious home-cooked meal provided by my mother. Even my wife now cooks some of the meals my mother used to make because she got some of the recipes from her!

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I became more like my father when I grew up

I’ll never forget how strict our father was when it came to using the HVAC equipment. He was always traveling for work throughout the years but he would become furious when he would see the energy bills. When he was gone, we felt like we could crank the AC system as much as we wanted in the summer months. Of course, he ended up calling up the house and yelling at us from wherever he was in the country. He even started traveling to other countries and in those trips, he would be gone even longer. I typically preferred it when my father was away on trips because that meant he wasn’t yelling at us all the time. We got yelled at for anything and everything. I mean honestly, I would be yelled at for not finishing my vegetables and then I wouldn’t get any dessert after dinner. Sometimes I would be spanked or grounded too. If I didn’t clean up my room on time, I would be in big trouble. Of course when my father was gone, I never got in trouble and those were times when I felt I could peacefully live my life as a youngster. I never resented my father though, he was just strict like many parents are. When I became a father myself though, I learned what it was like dealing with misbehaving kids. I saw what it was like when the youngsters were cranking the HVAC and causing spikes in the energy bills. I felt like I had to apologize to my own father for being such a hassle over the years, but he says to think nothing of it, it’s just a part of life that we all feel.


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Taking down the tree in our front yard

Something we have been working on this spring is taking down the huge tree in our front yard.

The thing about the tree is that it’s dangerous to our house.

The bottom of the tree has a raccoon or something living in there and they are burrowing out the tree and we are concerned that the weight of the tree will cause it to collapse on our house. That would be a nightmare. I mean, I think insurance would cover something like that, but at the same time we didn’t want to find out what would happen if the tree fell. It could easily kill us while we’re relaxing in the house, and that’s something that we had to avoid at all costs. So we purchased some rope chain saws. These are nifty tools, basically just rope hooked to 2 sides of a chain saw chain. These rope saws are designed to cut on both sides though so no matter how you get the chain onto the branches in the tree, you are able to cut rather easily by pulling the rope back and forth. It’s cool because you can do it yourself or with the assistance of another person. My wife and I took down most of the branches, but we kept having to go inside the house for some AC breaks. We have dealt with some rather overheated days and we have been using that air conditioning alright. But it’s strange because we have had some very chilly nights as well and we had to use the heating system still. I’m actually glad we didn’t take the plastic off the windows, because we might have seen a spike in the energy bills by having to crank the heater still at night.


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Our baby daughter stole her sister’s chocolate bunnies

This past Easter was a little bit crazy.

I mean, we had a great day and the dinner was incredible.

We actually had a new ductless multi split installed before Easter and we got a holiday discount which was fantastic. The ductless multi split has built in air purification and that’s something we have been enjoying a great deal. It was extra comfortable when the children did the Easter egg hunt in the house. We considered going outside for it, but it was actually very overheated outside. If it wasn’t for that perfect cooling from the ductless mini split and pleasant air quality, we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy ourselves. Still, the kids were up to their regular mischief. Even our baby daughter snuck into her older sister’s room and took her chocolate bunny! So our older daughter was chasing the baby around the house telling her to give her back her chocolate while our baby kept shouting, “It’s mine!” We ended up giving the spare chocolate bunny to our older daughter, but the baby stole that one too! I didn’t know what to say, she should have guarded her candy better or at least hid it someplace where the baby couldn’t find it. I didn’t want the baby to eat anymore candy after that either because she was way too hyper and because of that, she was misbehaving like crazy. She even gave us a hard time eating her dinner, but she ate it eventually. At least there was one thing the children weren’t fighting over and that was the temperature control settings. They all had customized temperature control in their rooms with the new HVAC and I think they appreciate that a lot.

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