When my wife mentioned getting a new van, I agreed it was a great idea

My wife one day said it would be nice for us to get a new van.

My eyes lit up because I thought about this from time to time and was thinking the same thing.

I thought the mileage was getting a little high on our old van and I was worried about dealing with expensive repair issues. We decided to go to the dealership to talk about trading in our van for something more modern. Our van was seating 7 people, and my wife asked if it were possible to get something that seated 8 or more. I didn’t want to drive a minibus or anything, I just wanted something comfortable with a good climate control system. The AC in the old van was hardly working either, but I figured it probably just needed some additional refrigerant added to the AC compressor. Anyway, we ended up finding a very nice fan with the works. This van had a nice sound system, a movie player that connected to our streaming media accounts, and there were quite a few plugs for convenience. You could easily charge all your devices and we totally fell in love with this fan. My wife was mostly happy about all the space and the fact that we could seat 8 people in the van with no problem. She joked and said it was because she wanted to have another baby. Of course, I think there is a little truth to this joke, she wants an additional family member and I can’t say that I’m against that, we have awesome kids.


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My dog ran away on me, but luckily I have him chipped with a tracking app

They actually said they were making ‘Found Dog’ posters to see if they could find his owner.

I’m really glad that I got my dog chipped because one time, he got away from me in a store parking lot. I was going to run into the store, but I had to open the windows a crack for him so he could get a cool breeze coming through the car. Unfortunately, I rolled the window down a little too far, enough for him to hop out of the car and run around the parking lot. I went chasing after him but he dove into some bushes and I couldn’t see where he went after that. I looked around for him for a long time before I finally gave up. I remembered that I got him chipped though, so I adjusted the temperature control settings in my car to get the AC cranked up and I pulled out my phone to look at the dog tracking app I have. I followed the map and I ended up at a house where I went to knock on the door. The people asked if they could help me and I told them that I lost my dog and showed them pictures. They said they had the dog there at the house because he jumped in on them while they were grilling outdoors. It seemed he was hungry and he smelled the food. They said he was nice though and they gave him some dog food and had him inside. They actually said they were making ‘Found Dog’ posters to see if they could find his owner. They invited me for some grilled food and I decided why not. Their temperature control settings were perfect, the AC felt so nice after searching for my dog. The AC in my car isn’t nearly as impressive as their central AC system. The food was great though and I thanked those people for finding my dog.

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The guy at the hardware store told me to check out his online store

I was kind of surprised when the guy helping me with air filters at the hardware store told me to check his social media site for better deals on air filters.

He told me about all the best air filters they had in the store. When I told him that the HEPA filters were too expensive, he said I could get them for a reasonable cost on his online store. I didn’t know if this guy had his own HVAC supplier or what, but it was suspicious since he was working at the local hardware store. I ended up checking the site which was interesting, but it gave me the idea to check out other HVAC suppliers. I ended up finding a place with even cheaper air filters and I ended up ordering a box of quality air filters. I was happy when they arrived at my house on time and they were not damaged at all. It was even better when I started using the new air filters. They had a much higher MERV rating than my old air filters, and I paid significantly less money for these. I was delighted when the air quality in my home improved a great deal in a matter of a few days. It was like a total transformation and I was enjoying the benefits of cleaner air. I realized that I was going to buy my air filters from this cheap online HVAC supplier. I owe that guy at the hardware store a thanks, but I don’t want to tell him that I didn’t purchase from his online store.



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This shipping crisis is becoming a serious problem

You know, this shipping crisis we are facing is a total nightmare.

It was at the end of the spring when I ordered some chlorine tablets.

On top of them being outrageously overpriced, it took two months to have them delivered! It’s a good thing we still had a little bit of chlorine tablets leftover from before. We used the last of the chlorine tablets and that’s when the replacements finally arrived. More recently, I ordered some special insecticide that works well on getting rid of pests around the house. Unfortunately, I am still waiting on that and I can’t even get an ETA. Also, I ordered some air filters online and I’m still waiting on those also. Fortunately, I have one air filter left and I’m about to swap that out with the old one. But if those air filters are going to be super late, I might be forced to buy the more expensive air filters at the local hardware store which I really don’t want to do. I don’t know why we are having this shipping crisis nightmare where you can’t receive packages on time, but I’m hoping this problem gets sorted out so we don’t experience any more issues like this in the future. I’m starting to be concerned about ordering anything online and I might just have to go back to the old way of doing everything and just go to the local stores. It’s just hard for me to do because items like air filters cost me a small fortune when I buy from the local stores. And as far as the insecticide goes, I can’t find the stuff that works at any local stores, so I have to buy that online.

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Ended up getting our son his very own smart window AC unit

This year when I asked our son what he wanted for his birthday, I couldn’t believe it when he told me he wanted a window AC unit.

I was surprised because we had the central AC working and as far as I knew, he had plenty of cooling in his room.

He said it was true that it worked, yet he wanted his room to be slightly cooler at night so he could rest better. He said it would be great if he had one of those AC units that had a sleep timer and then the cooling unit would easily shut off when he was already asleep. I thought it wasn’t such a terrible idea, so I looked into some modern window AC units. I was happy when I saw they had window AC units with built-in smart thermostats. I decided to get one of these smart window AC units. I loved it because I read how energy efficient these cooling systems are, so I was hoping I wouldn’t see a large energy spike when our son was cranking his new cooling unit all of the time. He was happier than ever with the new window AC unit when we revealed the gift on his birthday. He was delighted when he learned he could adjust the temperature control settings with his own phone! He said he could also make those adjustments wherever he happened to be, but he promised he wouldn’t crank the AC while it wasn’t being used. So far, I haven’t noticed much of a change in the energy bill, so that means his new window AC unit is definitely energy efficient.

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My brother didn’t believe me when I told him I installed the ductless mini split

It was great when my brother came to visit recently.

He had never been to our new property since we bought the place a few years back.

He said he had been meaning to visit but he has just been so busy. I was just happy to see him though. He drives a truck going all around the country and he tends to visit a lot of our relatives. Unfortunately, I live out of the way from most of his familiar driving routes. I remember asking him about his AC system in the truck and he explained that it was reliable and he always kept the temperature control settings at about 74 degrees because that was comfortable for him. He said the AC only gave him an issue one time and that was when he was riding through the desert. He told me how miserable it was when the AC system was no longer working and he set his GPS to find the nearest truck repair service to take care of that issue. He said with the temperatures in the high triple digits, it actually becomes life threatening. Considering the temperatures he was talking about, I couldn’t even imagine. It’s dry heat out there in the desert, but still, those temperatures would make it hard to breathe. When I showed my brother my home, he liked the place. He said it was very cozy and he especially appreciated the HVAC system with the HVAC zone control. He asked who took care of the installation and he didn’t even believe me when I told him I installed the ductless mini split on my own.


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That was one way to annoy all the neighbors

When we got a babysitter to take care of the kids, my wife and I went out for a romantic dinner.

We don’t get to do this sort of thing all the time, so it was a real treat.

We were seated in a booth near the fireplace which was fantastic! I can’t tell you how comfortable the dinner was and our waiter even asked us if we wanted to have the temperature control settings adjusted. It was almost like we were the only ones in the restaurant who mattered, and we had a great meal that was totally relaxing. I tipped the waiter well for providing such great service. When we came back home though, there were cops at our front door. We immediately went to talk to them to see what was going on. They told us that they received a complaint from a few of our neighbors saying that it was terribly noisy. It turned out, our youngsters wanted to watch a movie in the basement movie theater. I have a projection screen down there with comfortable seating and a killer sound system that can almost cause an earthquake. Well, apparently they turned on the movie and the kids turned up the volume and the babysitter said she couldn’t figure out how to turn it down. They just sat there and watched the whole movie with it being far too loud and of course the neighbors weren’t happy about this. We apologized to the police and said we would make sure this never happens again. I suppose we’ll have to soundproof the basement. I guess I was just thinking so much about the HVAC installation and having the proper temperature control settings, I didn’t consider the sound system being too loud.

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It was great when I finally got my home theater all set up

Fortunately, I was able to soundproof the basement and now we can crank the sound system as much as we want while watching movies and we haven’t had any complaints

I was quite satisfied when I finally had my home theater set up. I had plenty of space in my basement that I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with for a little while. It’s such a large basement, but it looked fantastic when I had it finished and carpeted. For awhile, I had some of the exercise equipment in that area, but then I set up a nice projector and got some additional furniture for enjoying watching movies. Eventually, I made the home theater look even better with official curtains and better lighting that could be dimed via remote control. I also upgraded the sound system with earth shattering bass! I remember the one time we were watching an action movie, the bass was so strong that we got complaints from the neighbors. I thought it would have been nice if they came over to make their complaint, but no, they just had to call the police because we were being so loud. Fortunately, I was able to soundproof the basement and now we can crank the sound system as much as we want while watching movies and we haven’t had any complaints. I’ve even asked the neighbors one time if we are ever being too loud, and they said they never hear anything anymore, and they thanked us for being quiet during the night hours. The final thing I eventually did was add a new ductless mini split for better cooling. It was always feeling a little humid down there, but the ductless mini split takes care of that issue and provides the ideal amount of cooling while enjoying movies or just relaxing.

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My beloved cat came from out of nowhere

There was a time when this cat came from out of nowhere.

I had never seen this cat before and he didn’t have a collar or anything.

I was feeding the cat and he would always come to my door. The crazy thing is, I never really cared for cats much, but I took a liking to this cat. There was something about him, he had a pretty cool personality. I thought eventually he would stay with his owners, but then the winter came around and he was still outside. He was meowing at my door and I ended up letting him inside the house. He was happy when he found an HVAC vent that was blowing perfectly toasty air and he chose to sleep right there. I ended up taking his picture and I posted ‘Found Cat’ signs around the area hoping that his owners would find him. I guess he doesn’t have any owners or somebody abandoned him because nobody called me to come get him. It’s been a few years now and he enjoys going outdoors in the warm season, but always during the winter he loves being next to the HVAC vents to warm up. I didn’t want to name the cat at first, but after awhile, I started calling him ‘Sammy.’ I don’t even know why I called him that, it just seemed like an appropriate name for him. I always feed him at certain times throughout the day on a schedule, portioned food so he doesn’t get fat. Every time he finishes eating though, he always sleeps next to his favorite HVAC vent, and that’s why I put a cat bed and scratching post there for his convenience.

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I found an online vendor that sells my air filters for cheap

I was disappointed when I went to the hardware store and I couldn’t find the air filters that I usually get for our HVAC system. Then I got online and looked for local HVAC suppliers. I ended up finding a website where they sold and shipped their air filters at wholesale prices. I found this hard to believe, but I saw you had to buy air filters in bulk in order to get good deals. I was happy when I was able to find the same air filters I usually get. I also was surprised at how much money I would be saving buying them in bulk from this online HVAC supplier. I honestly wished I had found this place a long time ago because I would have saved a small fortune. One of the best things is that you get free shipping to your house, and so I made my purchase and about 4 days later, my air filters were delivered. They were the right ones and I was so happy to be able to change my air filter finally because the air filter change was a little bit late. Also, now that I have these air filters in bulk, I won’t have to purchase them again for a little while, and I really appreciate that. Of course when I buy my air filters again, I’m definitely going through the online HVAC supplier. Also, I have been telling friends and family about this place. My parents asked me if I thought it was risky to purchase things online, having your credit card information stored in someone’s database. Well, I didn’t store my information with them, but my father said they store everything without your permission. I think he’s just being too paranoid, but I’m still happy about the savings I’m getting from buying my air filters online.

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