Tough times at a poor college, and HVAC

I was so nervous during that time so I picked up extra bartending shifts as I didn’t want to put the cost of the repair on my credit card

When they say the times are tough in college they aren’t kidding. My parents used to tell me all the time but I need to be super careful with my money in college because they were going to be providing me with any extra spending cash. I’m very lucky that my parents decided they would pay for my college but they would not be giving me any extra money. I guess that’s a good thing because I learn how to save, but looking back times are very tough. I remember a point in my college career when my HVAC system at my house stopped working. Normally when your HVAC system stops working the landlord will handle it, but that was not the case for me. Landlord that if he lowered my rent I would handle the HVAC repair cost. I kind of banged on the fact that I would not have to pay for any HVAC repairs during the year lease, but now that my HVAC system has stopped working I’m going to have to come up with the cash. I was so nervous during that time so I picked up extra bartending shifts as I didn’t want to put the cost of the repair on my credit card. Thankfully I was able to pay for the HVAC repair with the money for my extra shifts, for me it was tough having to work all those hours during that time. I was going to school and working and it was really



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A freezing climate and an old oil furnace

I live in an extremely cold part of the country and we get very cold weather almost all year round. I actually think I might hate the cold weather, but I’ve lived here my whole life so it’s really the only thing I’ve ever known. I used to ask my parents when I was younger if we could move to a place that doesn’t have such cold weather but they never liked that idea. My brothers and sisters and I would beg and plead with him, but they said we couldn’t move that far away from our entire family. So I spent my whole life living here and I agree with him now that I’m older that I don’t want to live away from my family. However, I think it’s time that I get a new furnace for my house because my old oil furnace Has gotten really old and is quite outdated. I wish that I was able to keep my old oil furnace for a little while longer but I think with the impending winter weather that’s not a good idea. My dad told me that if I wait any longer to have my furnace fixed that I’m going to run into issues and have to pay more money as the winter season approaches. I know he is right and I’m going to call the local HVAC company tomorrow and get a quote to have my oil furnace fixed.


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A smart thermostat just makes life better and easier

I’ve been traveling a lot for work lately and I can’t seem to keep up with things around my house. When I come back from a long work trip I notice I have piles of laundry, tons of dishes and my house is always warm. I know there is nothing wrong with having a warm house, but when I come home from a long trip I want to be nice and crisp so that I feel clean once I get out of the shower. I don’t know a good way to keep my house cooler while I’m out of town because I don’t want to waste money or energy. So I decided I would call a local heating cooling company and see if they could give me suggestions on what I could do about this issue. The HVAC tech that I spoke with told me that a smart thermostat might be just what I am looking for. I could use a smart thermostat to control the temperature of my home from my smartphone. That means I would be able to change the temperature of my house while I’m on a flight and by the time I got home it would be nice and cool. I love the feeling of getting home from a long trip, getting in the shower and having my house nice and cool. Thankfully it didn’t take long for the heating and cooling technician to install the smart thermostat in my home. I can’t wait to use my net smart I was at the next time I go on a long trip for work

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Thermostat solving relationship problems

My partner and I have been fighting a lot more than I used to.

  • I guess that happens once you’ve been married for a while, we never used to fight like this.

Now we have seven kids and I know that seems like a lot, because it is. However, we just can’t seem to stop fighting. It’s the little things that we keep fighting about. Last week we got into an argument about our heating and cooling system. I asked my partner if he could go change the air filter in our heating and cooling system and he got so upset with me and told me that I knew how to change the filter. I told my partner I had never changed the filter in our heating and cooling system before So I wasn’t comfortable doing it. The last thing I want to do is mess up our heating and cooling system because I didn’t install a filter properly. Could you imagine the fight that would have caused? So I asked my partner to please change the filter and Thankfully he finally agreed. I’m sick and tired of arguing about things and I definitely don’t want to be arguing about the filter in our heating and cooling system. I think we might actually need to go to couples counseling because it’s starting to get absolutely ridiculous. I am hoping that once we talk about our issues with the counselor that we will be able to work through them and stop fighting about silly things like the heating and cooling system.

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Scuba Diving in Mexico: How to Beat the Humidity

I’ve been a cave diver for over twenty years, and my favorite caves to explore are in Mexico.

Summer is an ideal time to explore Mexican cave systems, since the water levels are most favorable during the rainy season. But, between the constantly hot climate and the eternal dampness of being a cave diver, the humidity can overtake divers quickly! Humidity makes it twice as hard to do the prep work associated with diving. Sure, you can get dressed in all of your diving gear in an air conditioned hotel room, but what about the mile-long hike to the cave entry point? You’re going to wish you had A/C when you’re halfway to the dive site walking with your flippers on dry ground. Battery-powered personal fans have been a life-saver for my diving team; since we don’t have the luxury of a cooling system in the great outdoors, we use fans to cool ourselves off, to dispel the humidity clouding our bodies, and to keep us comfortable when we don’t have the luxury of modern air conditioning technology. And, when dives are over, we spend as much time in our hotel rooms as we can. We crank our thermostats as low as they can go, and we let the vents blast our faces with cool air while we reminisce on the day’s dives. While people have been diving in Mexico’s caves for decades, there haven’t always been well-appointed hotels close to the dive site; I have no idea how the divers of the past survived without A/C! After a hot, sweaty, and humid day in the great outdoors, divers deserve the blessing of a high-quality air conditioner. While we dive because we love it, the perk of air conditioning access makes the drawbacks of the sport much more manageable!

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How I Stay Cool While Bartending

Bartending in a climate that’s hot and humid year-round has its challenges.

People underestimate the sweat that you can work up while shaking cocktail mixing bottles, squeezing limes, changing kegs, and pouring heavy bottles of liquor.

It’s not an easy job, nor is it one that makes it easy to keep cool! Bartenders get limited breaks, so when I’m on my break during a shift, I use it wisely: I soak up all of the air conditioning that I can. There’s a perfectly positioned air vent in the men’s bathroom. It’s in the second stall from the right, and I can stick my face over it while I lean against the stall door. To feel the rush of cool, dry wind across my face, combating the sweat worked up behind the bar, is almost a spiritual experience. I don’t know what I would do if the air conditioning went out during my shift; I knew I would be useless if I didn’t have a dependable cooling system to depend upon. We have an oscillating fan in the break room, which is where the thermostat hangs behind a locked box, but having to be reminded that I have no control over the thermostat just grinds my gears. I prefer to take my breaks over the vent in the men’s bathroom, where I’m guaranteed to soak up the splendor of the air conditioning. One of my regular customers is an HVAC technician, and I asked her for advice on how to keep cool. She suggested that the bar should install misting fans on the porch outside; the light moisture from the fans, combined with the cool moving air, provided a chilling effect. Although my bathroom stall vent was a great first line of defense against pit stains, the mister fans were definitely coming up in our next staff meeting!

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My Date with an HVAC Trade Instructor

I’m a recent divorcee, and I recently decided to re-enter the dating world. I felt so out of practice; the dating apps were a maze, and there was so much lingo that I had to learn before I could (virtually) approach someone. After a few weeks on the dating apps, I thought I was a lost cause. But, I matched with someone named Leslie, and she and I were excited to go on our first date. I took her to my favorite bar, where I ordered my favorite cocktail, and she followed suit. I asked her what she did for a living, and she said, “I’m an instructor for the HVAC program at the local trade school.” I was so surprised! I asked her what she liked about it, and she told me that, although she had spent copious time in the field helping clients assess and solve their heating and cooling issues, that she found great satisfaction in training the next generation of HVAC technicians. “It’s more than just teaching them about the ins and outs of the average A/C system, or how to take apart a gas furnace and put it back together again,” Leslie said. “It’s about showing the students how they can change lives in the HVAC trade.” I was impressed by her dedication, but I was a bit skeptical. “Doesn’t it get boring, to review ducts, vents, air handlers, and coolant lines ad nauseum?” I asked. “Sure, it can get a little tedious describing all of the moving parts of an HVAC system, but students walk away with so much technical knowledge and the potential for a lifelong career.” Leslie really impressed me! I never expected to be so taken with an HVAC professional, but her passion for the trade was inspiring and admirable. Needless to say, I asked her on a second date!

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HVAC Company Christmas Party

I’ve been an HVAC contractor for over twenty years now.

Anyone in the construction industry can tell you that the annual company Christmas party will provide everyone with enough gossip and drunken antics to sustain them until next year’s party. Last Christmas was no exception! My HVAC company chooses a different venue for our annual party each year. This year, we had rented a swanky ballroom, complete with a hired bar staff. It was luxurious! Although you may think that the average Christmas party for a group of HVAC technicians would entail a bunch of people standing around talking about tonnage, ducts, air handlers, and furnaces, we’re a multi-dimensional bunch. Enrique, our resident expert on gas furnace issues, is a master juggler. After a few glasses of champagne, he’ll pick up six plates and toss them over his head effortlessly. Alicia, the dispatcher for our 24/7 HVAC emergency line, is full of filthy one-liners that she would never say while on the clock. And Harry, our most seasoned HVAC professional (he trains all of the new graduates from the local HVAC program at the community college), gives the annual toast. While his toast is always full of heating and cooling puns, it’s also always a riot. He’s quiet on the job, and just wanted to solve clients’ heating and cooling woes, but when he’s off the clock, he’s got the comedy chops of a seasoned improviser. The Christmas party for my HVAC company is one of my favorite days of the year; while the heating and cooling technicians that I work with are all outstanding in their field, it’s fun to watch them let loose!


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When to replace your canal boat's HVAC system

You may check the amps your HVAC system is pulling using a good multimeter.

HVAC systems tend to break down when you need them the most. Your canal boat’s HVAC system can last 15 to 20 years, depending on the brand, maintenance routine, and how it is used. However, as your HVAC system continues to work, it ages internally in irreversible ways, and soon it will give in to aging, regardless of your maintenance program. If your HVAC system attains the age of 15 years, you may start considering a replacement for it. Besides age, a few other factors may determine when to replace your canal boat’s HVAC system. When your system is hard to start, it might be a sign that it is ready for a replacement. This mainly occurs when the compressor is dragging and having a difficult time firing up. This may cause your circuit breaker to trip since it’s drawing way more amps to start. This is usually an early warning sign that your unit requires repairs or replacement. When your system is running at high-amp draws, start scouting for a new one. Consuming more power while running indicates that your system can die at any time. You may check the amps your HVAC system is pulling using a good multimeter. A crumbling condenser coil is also not a good sign. Check your condenser coil for pitting or oxidation. If touching the coil makes it flake, that’s a sign that your refrigerant line may soon rupture. Lack of adequate cooling or heating in your canal boat also indicates that your system has become ineffective and requires a replacement.

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How to install an HVAC system in your canal boat

HVAC systems for canal boats have come a long way in recent years.

There were large condenser and compressor units in one section of the canal boat in previous years.

Typically the engine room housed the evaporator while the cabinetry inside the living spaces housed the air handler. The refrigerant was transferred to the evaporator through the copper tubing covered with the insulation. This type of HVAC system is still used, albeit in larger yachts. However, developing technology has made self-contained units that are small enough to install in a cabinet of your canal boat’s living space available. Multiple benefits come with self-contained units, including that they are easier and more convenient to install, either as a do-it-yourself project or by a professional HVAC technician. Before you purchase your unit, you’ll need to know the cubic feet that you want to heat or cool, measuring it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Your unit’s placement is critical. You will need a cabinet or other space to contain your HVAC system. Your location for installation should be dry, easy to access, and properly ventilated, not in the engine room, bilge, or near combustible vapor source. All fittings must be double hose clamped using quality clamps, and your thru-hull valve must be certified for marine use and installed adequately based on ABYC standards, which ought to be followed throughout. The condensate hose should run in a manner that allows no kinks and easy cleaning. The cool air discharge ducts should be made as short as possible. On some installations, the air discharge is self-contained at your HVAC system to avoid the necessity of ducts.

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