Easily warming up my legs with a lovely cat

One of my cats is currently resting on my legs right now as well as making them feel pretty warm.

I’m not sure which one it is though because I have my fairly huge computer on my lap as well as it is easily blocking the view of the cat.

They always prefer to stand on my legs while I toil as well as scrub themselves or snooze a bit, which is great for me because it gives me some pretty wonderful company during my long days of toil in the office. Actually, my workdays are only about two or so hours, however having some pretty good company is nice anyways. The Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C machine duct above me on the wall is showing some signs of dust, which pretty much means it is time to have an HVAC duct cleaning session soon as well as get everything perfectly scrubbed as well as ready for the hot months. I need to message this supplier today who sold me my water heater machine as well as find out where the thing is, as it has been almost a month since I ordered the machine. I will request a refund if the thing doesn’t arrive within the next few days as well as just buy one at the local business in town for a bit more cash. I just didn’t have the desire to buy the one in town because it is slightly different than the one my pal and I have now, however it is reaching the point where I just want to have some warm water again in this place. I’ll just get the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C machine tech here to install the heating machine if I can’t do it myself with the tools that I have in the residence. My good pal and I shall see.


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Enjoying four tasty burgers at the local business

I have done some Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C machine repair for this burger joint as well as some days when I come in they will toss in a free beer or two for me because I provided them a fabulous deal on their heating as well as cooling machine when it got installed

That is how many burgers I eat every single month; four. I have a burger each Wednesday night after playing a reasonable amount of ball on the beach with my good pals. I am starving after playing with them for such a long while as well as I don’t have the energy to come back to my residence as well as make supper, so I go to this burger shop as well as get a massive fat bacon cheeseburger with a small order of fries. On the fries I have them load it up with mayo as well as ketchup, which gives me enough calories to satisfy my explosive hunger from all of the exercise. The local business that sells it has great prices as well as I can get my burger as well as fries for a mere $9, as well as I can eat it next to the climate control machine while I watch a futbol game on their TV. My fantastic friend and I would call it soccer in the US, however over here in Europe they call the game futbol as well as they are totally thrilled over the sport. I have done some Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C machine repair for this burger joint as well as some days when I come in they will toss in a free beer or two for me because I provided them a fabulous deal on their heating as well as cooling machine when it got installed. I will finish a few more articles as well as then my pal and I am going to trot down to this store as well as grab some bread for my grilled cheese sandwich that I will be eating fairly soon. The local company in town usually joins me for supper however today he is toiling on some HVAC duct.

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Cooling down a busted up foot with chilly gel

Just the other day, I was walking in my residence as well as slammed my left small toe against the wall as well as split the skin open under my toenail.

Needless to say, it hurt like hell as well as I was limping the rest of the day.

I guess sporadically when I walk my feet kind of point outwards as well as my small toe is truly at risk of hitting a corner of a wall, just like it did last year when I was trying to dash to the lavatory. Today I am limping when I walk as well as I am trying to heal it with some chilly gel as well as ice. Heating as well as cooling a hurt toe like this helps speed up the actual recovery process, so I am trying to cool it down with ice as well as then heat it up with my little heating machine. I am going to pick up some crocs for the residence so that this won’t happen again, however wearing the crocs outside is even more of a problem because I will get ridiculed by all of my good pals in town for wearing the stupid looking foot coverings. The local business that sells the crocs has a whole bunch to choose from, because most people don’t dare buy them off the shelves, so I can pick essentially any color I want. I can wear them when I am toiling on an HVAC duct in an attic as well as don’t have to be concerned about my feet getting insulation on them like they do when I wear flip flops. I will go later today with a disguise as well as buy the things at the shoe store as well as be finished with this thing.


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Be sure to clean your fireplace after the winter is over

We played rock n roll a few afternoons ago as well as recorded all of our music as well as I would prefer to go through as well as listen to see if there is music that is fantastic as well as worth uploading onto our site.

I feel that my pal and I had three good songs that were pretty excellent, even though I need to listen to them again to see if they are as fantastic as I guess they were.

If they are then my pal and I will upload them as well as my pal and I will have a total of 20 good songs on our web page for people to listen to. My fantastic friend and I are both toiling as Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C machine specialists in the daytime to make money to cover the cost for the bills so that when my pal and I play outside of local companies my pal and I aren’t so desperate for money like previously. At one time, it was only rock n roll that supported us each month as well as it was a pretty good amount of pressure on us, however now my pal and I both have incomes as well and don’t be bothered about whether my pal and I make money or not each time my pal and I choose to play. I do a lot of Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C sales as well as repairs for the business I toil for as well as will keep toiling for them as a heating machine professional while my pal and I work on our rock n roll as well as get into more clubs as well as bars in our community. Our plan is basically to expand to other places around here as well as eventually get an RV so that my pal and I can travel around as well as do shows in air conditioned comfort with our attractive wives. I guess it is a manageable plan however my pal and I legitimately need another year or so to make it all come together as an entertaining band.



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Seems that buying a washable filter was not too costly

I am rounding second base with my toil online as well as I am going to keep pushing to get it entirely completed by 3pm today so that I can relax the rest of the day as well as just think about the fun time my pal and I all had this past night on the beach.

  • I have so many fantastic memories from living here for the past three or so years with all of the good pals I have made as well as all of the fun my pal and I have had so far.

I need to take a decent break from that fun as well as make a dental care worker appointment soon though. The local business where I get my teeth cleaned is merely a five minute bike ride from my residence, as well as with their air conditioned office they try to make you as comfortable as can be. I also need to get a molar implant put in, even though I have been delaying it because I know what it involves as well as how many trips I will have to make to the office to get it taken care of. The Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C machine in the dental worker’s office is legitimately nice at keeping you cool in the Summer heat, however all of the air conditioning in the world doesn’t make me feel more comfortable when I am resting in that chair getting my teeth drilled. I’ve legitimately gone a few times separate from novocaine while getting my teeth entirely drilled, all because I legitimately don’t appreciate that numb feeling after injecting it into your gums. My Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C machine tech buddy got me to stop eating all sugar roughly three years ago now as well as it has legitimately helped my teeth pretty well.
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Working on the boiler machine today

I have about an hour as well as 20 minutes of hard work left to do as well as then my pal and I will skip through the streets as well as celebrate being alive in such a beautiful world. The weather is legitimately incredible in the month of May here as it isn’t too warm or chilly out, as well as you can spend the whole day outside separate from feeling completely uncomfortable. Tomorrow I have to pack up as well as head out of town to do some gigs in a northern city up in the mountains with my bandmate. He is up there currently as well as my pal and I will be heading up tomorrow for a duration of time to hang out. Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C machine repair is on the agenda today as I toil on my heating as well as cooling machine for a bit to get it scrubbed as well as ready for the heat, which legitimately won’t be here till the middle of July or so. This town will be genuinely packed in July as well as November, however then in December it starts to wind down for another quiet as well as frosty winter. I will do a reasonable amount of furnace repairs this winter, however for now in the Summer I am mostly focused on fixing cooling machines in people’s residences for the season. It will be a relatively fun hot season as our band is going to be playing at all of the beach bars in the community as well as my lady will be right there with us as she enjoys watching us perform. My fantastic friend and I mainly play in air conditioned beach bars, however there will be a couple of them which only have a few ceiling fans to keep us relatively cool on stage.

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SEER ratings are honestly very important

So anyway, today I need to figure out if I am going to head off to the mountains for a few days with my good pals as well as my bandmate

I guess this town has more pets than people! When I choose to go outside for a walk I see nothing except for numerous pets all around, so much so that our band chose to make a song about all of the pets in this actual area. It’s kind of amusing when you see all of these pets because you know who the owner is even before you see them just by the type of pet they have coming along with them. I don’t have a pet because I don’t need one in this town, as when I go out I get to play with as well as pet a ton of pets. Local companies choose to allow pets in the restaurants, so you get your fill of pets when you eat out somewhere, however they also have fantastic air purifying machines so there are no concerns with pollen irritations or anything similar to that. So anyway, today I need to figure out if I am going to head off to the mountains for a few days with my good pals as well as my bandmate. I am going to scrub my cooling machine filter, which is a washable HEPA filter, as well as then when I finish that I guess I will meditate for a bit to clear my mind. I will completely realize my gameplan after that as well as then start packing if I make the decision that I want to go to the residence for a few days with the crazies! My fantastic pal and I will play in the local business up there as well as do some hiking in the woods also. Then my pal and I will toil on the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C machine in the residence while my pal and I have a fire burning in the fireplace.


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Where is the local HVAC professional at?

I suppose it is time to get out as well as go for a swim pretty soon today.

The only concern is that my bike tire is basically flat, so I will have to walk to the beach instead of riding my bike to that destination.

I guess the walk from my residence to the beach is approximately five minutes, which is not too terrible because the streets are car-less as well as legitimately silent for the most part. I live in a small beach environment as well as walking from my residence to the beach reminds me of when I was a young child going to see my great aunt in her beach town. The new business pro is opening up his shop today as well as my pal and I want to go there to look at air quality systems for our residence. I guess they will be open in one more hour or so, so I plan on hitting the sea for a bit of time to wake up as well as then my pal and I will stop by to see what they have in the store. My fantastic pal and I would also like to get a couple boiler filters, if they are suitable, as well as stock up on them for the next couple of years. I like to keep a stockpile of things in my residence so I don’t have to go shopping all of the time for things when I happen to run out. My fantastic pal and I also want to look at the space heating machines as well as see if they are on sale, as the frigid season is slipping away as well as now is the best time to look at heating machines because they want to get rid of them for the summer season products.

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Eleven heating machines in my residence

Well, I was finally able to delete my Robinhood app as well as I am not staring at the screen like a zombie throughout the day.

I suppose I wasted three years of my life as well as $100K using that ridiculous app, as well as now I am just going to let my money stand in this stock till it goes back up as well as gets me that $100K back once more.

I guess it will, however it is legitimately going to take many years to get there, which is perfectly fine with me because I am not counting on that money anymore. I guess the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C machine tech was right when she said that the stock is going to go up, however that my good pal and I need to be patient for a while. I would be so cheerful if it finally goes up as well as gets me back my dad’s money that he provided me when he passed away, but he was a heating machine expert in town as well as worked especially hard to make that money as well as I suddenly lost almost all of it trying to trade cryptos like a fool. I guess I have learned some pressing lessons from this, as well as one of them is to be more patient when it comes to investing. My dad would constantly tell me I needed to relax, especially during Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C machine repair tasks when I was constantly rushing to scrub a boiler filter or program a smart temperature control. I am genuinely learning to relax now however it is not proving to be a very simple thing for a person like me. Today I will relax as well as scrub my UV air purifier while enjoying my dad’s collection of rock n roll records.


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Cooling down the knees seems to help a lot

I am going to buy some chilly gel for my knees as well as shoulders for when I decide to play too many sports, however I like the chilly effect as well as how it works well to heal ligaments as well as tendons that have been used a great deal.

They say that these chilly gels trick the body, the same way ice does, as well as stop the pain by crossing the signals that make their way to the brain.

I didn’t even know that these chilly creams could be a good replacement for ice, however I’ve been using them for many years now as well as they legitimately toil just as well as ice. I learned about them from my cooling machine rep, who also had knee as well as elbow pain from playing a lot of tennis, as well as now my pal and I both use it when my pal and I are toiling on things like HVAC machine duct in buildings where my pal and I need to be kneeling a good amount. I am going to buy some more even though I legitimately have to wait till after I get back from my trip to the mountains tomorrow. I’m supposed to go visit my cooling machine buddy up there, who is with his lady in their residence on the mountainside, as well as I will stay up there with them for some time as well as make some fires in the fireplace while chilling out as well as being around the beautiful nature. My fantastic friend and I have nature here in this beach town, however it is more beachy as well as less mountainous than where they are now, so a change of scenery would be pretty incredible for my soul I think. They have a fantastic heating machine too, which is needed in a cool town like that where the fireplace is used very frequently.

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