The Air Needed Cleaned

My house was built in the late 70’s, and while the previous owner took decent care of it, the natural wear and tear that age brings was evident. A lot of the changes I had planned to make to the house were purely cosmetic, which was considered easy. However, one of the things that really bothered me about this old house was the smell. It carried an old, musty odor that no candle or air freshener could eliminate. Eventually, I realized that the only way to get rid of the musty smell was by having my ductwork cleaned. I asked my local HVAC company about their ductwork procedure and they gave me all the helpful information. According to the HVAC professional, it was recommended to have ductwork cleaned at least every 5 years because it was essential to air health. A lot of dust and debri could be trapped within the air ducts, causing the air in a home to feel musty and old. This is exactly why I needed to have my air ducts cleaned! The HVAC professional also told me that by cleaning the ductwork, you could see if there were any holes that helped the air escape. A lot of homes lost air through holes in ductwork but they never noticed because they’d never had their ductwork cleaned. The cleaning took an entire day and was extremely messy, but by the time the HVAC professional left, my air was smelling so much fresher and cleaner! I can’t believe I waited that long.

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A Bet Between HVAC Systems

We decided to make a bet on who’s HVAC system would last longer since we’re always bickering about what’s considered “proper care” for HVAC systems.

My sister and I live very different lives in terms of homeownership. I believe that in order to keep everything working properly, I have to have things serviced and cared for. Sometimes, this requires me to spend money on something that isn’t actually broken, with the hopes that it will extend life and increase efficiency. My sister is the complete opposite. She doesn’t believe in paying for anything if it isn’t broken. In her mind, appliances will break when they want to and you can’t avoid it by having them serviced by a professional. For example, I always hire an HVAC professional to service my HVAC system twice per year. I like having the peace of mind knowing that both my furnace and air conditioner are running smoothly and that there are no issues to be concerned about. My sister hasn’t ever had her HVAC system serviced because nothing has ever gone wrong with her furnace or air conditioner. We decided to make a bet on who’s HVAC system would last longer since we’re always bickering about what’s considered “proper care” for HVAC systems. After a few grueling winter months, I thought we were both going to have HVAC systems without any issues, but right before the warmer weather arrived, my sister’s furnace stopped working and she was forced to stay in my house until it was repaired. It feels glorious to have won the bet, and I’m so glad that it wasn’t my HVAC system that lost. Now, my sister has no choice but to agree that my way of taking care of the HVAC system is the best.


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I’d Rather Pay More For a Good HVAC Company

There is nothing worse than being delivered bad news by someone who doesn’t care.

  • In my experience as a homeowner, I have had horrible experiences working with professionals who just don’t care about me or my home.

While these experiences are devastating, they taught me that I have to be more careful about who I hire to do work around my house. I no longer look for a company that has the best prices, I look for companies with great customer service and reviews. I would rather pay more money for a professional that is responsible, honest, trustworthy, and reliable than for a late, insensitive, rude professional just because the price is lower. Thankfully, I think I found the perfect HVAC company in my area to hire for all my heat and air needs. When my AC system went out at 6pm, I couldn’t find anyone who was open. I finally stumbled upon a website for an HVAC company that had a chat feature and I was able to hire an HVAC professional to service my AC system after hours. The HVAC professional that showed up was kind and told me that I needed to have my air filter replaced more often. I didn’t know the first thing about replacing air filters, so he patiently showed me where it was located, how to take the old one out, and how to put the new filter in. Even though the price to have this HVAC company service my AC system was high, I appreciated the value I got from it.


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The HVAC System Was as Old as The House

Upon moving into my house, I realized that the HVAC system was as old as the house itself.

I discovered this when I decided to hire a local HVAC company to come service the HVAC system after I was done moving in.

I thought it would be a good idea to have the HVAC system tuned by an HVAC professional, regardless of the age because I didn’t know the level of care the previous owners had taken. I guess I should have looked over the inspection report more closely, because I was stunned when the HVAC professional told me the age of the HVAC system. Despite the age though, he said both the furnace and air conditioner were in working order. He wasn’t sure to what capacity they would run, but by his account, they were indeed running and he didn’t notice any major issues. His biggest concern was that the HVAC system wouldn’t run efficiently for me. I understood, so I agreed to run the HVAC system for several months to see what I was working with. Like the HVAC professional said, the HVAC system didn’t run efficiently, but it wasn’t as horrible as I was expecting. My monthly utility bill could have been a lot lower, but I didn’t want to invest in a brand new HVAC system so soon after purchasing my house. I plan on having my HVAC system serviced at least twice per year and closely monitoring it to make sure that everything remains running smoothly. Hopefully, I’ll be able to purchase a new HVAC system next year.


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I Researched All The Local HVAC Companies

They had affordable prices and did good work.

I felt like I was in a novel when my AC unit stopped working during one of the hottest weeks of summer. Despite having my AC unit serviced before the summer, it was old and barely hanging on to life. I knew it was going to go out at some point, I was just hoping it would hold off just another year. Unfortunately, that was not the case and I was forced to purchase a brand new AC unit for my home. Before I hired my usual HVAC company to come replace the AC unit, I scoured the internet for reviews of other HVAC companies to compare my options. I knew my usual HVAC company did a great job servicing my HVAC system, but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t an equally great HVAC company with a lower price to do the work. After spending an entire day stalking HVAC company websites, I realized that the HVAC company I was using all along was the best option. They had affordable prices and did good work. There was no sense in trying to find a new HVAC company to do a job that my current HVAC company was more than capable of doing. Overall, I’m glad I did the research and spent the time looking at my options, because now I feel really confident in my decision to have my AC unit replaced with the same HVAC company. Now, I can enjoy a new AC unit that isn’t running inefficiently.


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They Substituted The AC Unit

With each passing day, my mother is aging rapidly.

  • She has some pretty serious health issues going on and she is constantly uncomfortable.

When she called to tell me that she thought her AC unit had stopped working, I rushed over to find out. I was hoping that she’d made a mistake, or at least the issue was minor. However, after having an HVAC specialist come look at her AC unit, we were delivered with bad news. The AC unit was over a decade old and it needed to be replaced. Thankfully, my mother had the money saved up for a new one and she was able to order one that afternoon. The bad news was that the AC unit she wanted and needed was backordered and it was estimated to be delivered a month later. That was a really long time to go without AC and there was no room at my house for her to stay. The HVAC company saw our distress and went out of their way to provide us with a new (to her) AC unit that would substitute her old one until the new one was delivered. The HVAC specialist told me that they did this kind of thing all the time, but it still felt like a miracle to us. I’m so thankful that we were able to keep my mother cool during the summer while she was waiting for her new AC unit to arrive. It’s little acts of kindness like that that are life changing.

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There Are Rules About The HVAC System

I recently accepted a new teaching job at a fantastic school.

I’d been working within the public school system for quite some time, so I was thrilled to land a position within a private school.

I’ve always wanted to teach at a private school because the classes are smaller, the kids are generally more well behaved, and the hours are better. During my new teacher orientation, I was given a bunch of documents that told me everything I needed to know. One of the papers listed everything I couldn’t do and I was surprised by how many things are HVAC related. The list included things like: do not cover the air vents with furniture, fabric, or paper. Do not leave the door open with the AC running. Do not drop the temperature below 68 degrees. Do not ignore symptoms of bigger issues such as leaks, cracks, or lack of airflow. I thought it was crazy how many items on the list were about the HVAC system, and when I made a comment about it to someone else, they explained everything. According to her, someone was constantly doing all these things, which was why the list needed to be written in the first place. The school had sent an email last year about the HVAC usage and how they were trying to cut down on their heat and air issues by enforcing these things. Normally, I wouldn’t have an issue following the rules, but there are so many rules regarding the HVAC system that I fear I’m going to forget!



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The AC Went Out Unexpectedly

When the HVAC technician told me that I’d need to rip out the old air conditioner and replace it with a new one, I began to sweat a little.

My air conditioner breaking down on me in the middle of summer was not expected.

If I would have had a little glimpse into the future about the lack of AC, then I could have saved some money to purchase a new one. Had my air conditioner required maintenance a few months earlier, I could have predicted something like this happening and saved it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I had the money to buy a new air conditioner, but it would drain my savings and I didn’t feel comfortable with that. On the other hand though, the summers were humid and hot, and I couldn’t imagine living without cool air. The HVAC technician understood my concern and he told me about their company finance plan. Once approved, I could purchase a new air conditioner and have it installed while making gradual payments on it. This was the perfect solution! Once I was approved, I began talking to the HVAC technician about my AC options. He told me all about the most efficient and reliable air conditioners on the market and I was happy to listen. Since I was financing the AC unit, I wanted to make sure that I bought the best of the best. In doing so, I hoped to have little to no AC issues in the future.

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Picking the New HVAC System

My wife and I are in the midst of building our dream home.

We found the perfect plot of land and we’ve been drawing up the blueprints with our contractor for 5 months now.

It’s been tedious, but we want to be very intentional about all the design decisions we’re making. This is a daunting task, which is why my wife has taken over certain aspects and I have my own. For example, my wife is in charge of picking the flooring, the paint colors, and the kitchen counters. While these things are important to me, I don’t really care about what gets picked. There are too many choices to choose from and my wife has an awesome sense of design, so I know whatever she picks will be incredible. I, on the other hand, am in charge of the HVAC system, electrical outlets, and plumbing concerns. Currently, I’ve been trying to decide on an HVAC system. I want something that is super efficient and will last us at least 10 years, but it has to be the right price. I had considered a gas furnace, but the HVAC technician told me it wouldn’t be super useful in the area where we live and I was on the fence about the gas. I didn’t love the idea of having to install carbon monoxide detectors in order to run our furnace. I have it narrowed down to a few central HVAC systems, but I’m going to think about it just a little bit longer before I commit.


Picking the New HVAC System

Radiant Heated Floors Are Luxurious

If I wanted it done right, I needed a professional.

I had been dreaming about completing a massive bathroom renovation on our master bath. When we moved into this house, the bathroom was super outdated. The house was built in the 70’s and it showed. There was wallpaper on every inch of the walls, the trim was a dark brown, and the toilette was a shade of pink. The bathroom was the top renovation we needed to complete, but it was also the longest. If we were simply making cosmetic changes, the work wouldn’t have taken so long. However, I wanted to do a little bit more by adding radiant heated floors. Radiant heated floors were perfect for a bathroom, because nobody liked to be cold as they were stepping out of the shower. The radiant flooring was pricey, because I had to rip out the old floor entirely, add the new heated coils, reinstall the new floors, and pay someone to do it for me. I could have possibly ripped out the old flooring and reinstalled new ones by myself, but I definitely couldn’t add the heated coils. If I wanted it done right, I needed a professional. It took some time to find the right HVAC professional to install the radiant flooring, but he did an excellent job and it was worth the wait. All of the cosmetic changes made the bathroom look esthetically pleasing, but the new radiant heated floors made the master bathroom feel luxurious. I’m so glad that I took the extra time and spent the extra money on heated floors.

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