Being more present helped me save on HVAC repair

For the past decade or so, I honestly feel as though I catch myself coming and going.

And that’s not a good thing. There is just so much to do when it comes to my career and raising our kids. I want to be all things to all parties but it wears me out. The hours I spend inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office seems to not be enough sometimes to my bosses. And then, if I do put in the extra effort at work, my family wonders why they don’t see me enough. It’s almost a can’t win proposition. Interestingly enough, the pandemic really helped me reshape the way I went about my day to day life. Of course, we were all sent home to work inside our own air conditioning when the pandemic started. And for almost a year, all that extra stuff in my life that kept me running just fell away. Believe me, I noticed and I took advantage of the lesson. While we were all stuck inside the HVAC security of home, I started diving into living in a way that I was more present. Instead of feeling as though I’m constantly responsible to someone else, I started living in the moment and living each day for what it brought. It’s changed my perspective in such an important way. I was even so aware around the house that I noticed a problem with the air conditioning before it became a big problem. The HVAC professionals told me I saved myself a big sum of money simply because I was present and aware of the HVAC equipment.


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It was just time for some real residential HVAC

There is absolutely no doubt that I benefited from the way I was raised.

Having parents who were deeply into sustainability had a real impact on me.

We lived simply and with nature not against it. Sure, the house we grew up in wasn’t fancy. It didn’t even have central air conditioning and there was a wood stove for heating. But that also taught me a lot. I learned not take things like quality heating and air for granted. The act of gathering wood, splitting it and stacking it was real. There was a connection to the heating that we had in that house and that sort of thing stuck with me and my sister. My sister is an ecologist these days and I work helping developing nations with sustainability. So I’m not in the country all that much. When I came home the last time, I saw what my sister and written me about. Since losing dad several years ago, mom has a tougher and tougher time living in that place. She’s getting to the point where just heating the house is hit and miss. There were times when my sister visited and all my mother could do was sit in front of a space heater for warmth. So when I saw it for myself, I knew it was time that we had a tough conversation with mom. It went better than I thought and she agreed to some daily help as well as allowing the HVAC company to come in and install three ductless heat pumps. Just knowing my mother has some assistance and some good quality heating and air makes a big difference in my heart.

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The air quality was temporarily bad when my wife was cleaning the closet

This morning my wife decided to clean out the closet and it was completely in disarray and there was tons of dust.

I couldn’t believe all the dust that was in the air and when I checked the air purifier, it was showing terrible air quality readings.

I don’t usually freak out or anything when I see the air purifier is reading poor air quality because that air purifier works well to remove all the contaminants that are floating around in the air. Just the other day there was smoke coming from the kitchen and the air quality showed the poorest reading, but when the cooking was done and we aired out the kitchen and house, the air quality improved back to good levels in a matter of 15 minutes or so, so it was nothing to be concerned about. With the closet though, I was coughing and sneezing like crazy because I don’t do well when inhaling dust particles. I actually had to go outside while she was cleaning out that closet so I could get some fresh air. I felt pretty good outside even though it was pretty hot, but the air quality certainly was fantastic out there. When I eventually went back inside the house, I was happy to see that my wife had everything organized in the closet. She said she could have used my help, but I honestly didn’t know what I could have done. She’s great at organizing things and I’m not so great at anything like that. I was happy to see the cleaned closet though, she dusted and vacuumed and the air quality was much better.


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I’m really thankful that I don’t get cold sores anymore

Something that used to be a huge issue for me was getting cold sores.

Whenever I would get an outbreak on my lips, I would feel extremely self-conscious and I wouldn’t want to do anything.

I didn’t want to go to work, I didn’t want to hang out with friends, I didn’t want to do much of anything until the cold sore finally was treated and gone. Typically, I would use special cold sore medicine to make the healing process faster. I would just sit in my room, watch television shows and adjust the temperature control settings on my HVAC equipment. Usually I would turn the central cooling system off and I would just use the window AC unit in my bedroom to provide the perfect amount of cooling while I was sulking in my bedroom. I would have people come to the door or call the phone, but I typically wouldn’t answer because I didn’t want anybody to try to get me to go anywhere. I just wanted to hide in my room with the AC system blasting and I would check the status of my cold sore throughout the days until I was all better. Well, fortunately, that became an issue of the past when I learned about the power of oregano oil. Some people might not believe it, but it seems when you keep applying the oregano oil, it totally destroys the herpes virus. I can’t say for sure, but I haven’t had an outbreak in years and I’m really happy about that. My buddies even make fun of me sometimes when they reminisce about when I wouldn’t talk to anybody, just because I had a cold sore on my lip, but these days I feel happy and confident and nothing gets me down.

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The new HVAC system installation made me happy

I was very excited when I finally had enough money to go for a nice HVAC system.

  • I remember talking to the HVAC professionals about getting a nice HVAC upgrade a couple of years back.

I told them I was looking to start saving for a nice HVAC and they told me about all the different options available on the market. I learned about ductless mini splits, boiler systems, radiant heated floors, geothermal HVACs and more. Back then, all I could do was take steps to keep the air quality decent in my home. The HVAC professionals told me that I should use HEPA filters, but I couldn’t afford anything like that. I did get a couple of portable air purifiers though and used reasonable air filters that did pretty well at providing good air quality. Now, I wanted to get an HVAC upgrade that has built-in air purification. When I spoke to the HVAC experts again, they told me about the ductless multi-split systems that have the built-in air purification. I couldn’t believe they also had a sale going on for these types of installations, so I was able to save 20% off the installation price. This was a wonderful thing because the installation costs were a little more expensive than I guessed, but I was able to afford my new HVAC install because of the discount I was able to receive. Now I have one of the nicest HVAC systems around, and I have the best air quality also in my home. I also love the fact that I have HVAC zone control with customized temperature control settings in the different areas of my house.


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It was a nice trip to the local amusement park that we didn’t know about

Recently, my wife discovered that we had a small amusement park that wasn’t too far from our home.

  • I was surprised because I had no clue that we had a place like that where the little ones would have a great time.

So we went to this place with the AC system cranked up because it was especially hot outside. I remember how I was wishing that the amusement park had good air conditioning on the inside of the building. The kids wanted to play in the arcade for the most part, but it was brutally hot inside the building and I’m not sure that they had working AC in there at all. I mean, they had huge industrial-like fans blowing the air around. I found that it was better when we went to the gift shop/eatery where the temperature control settings weren’t so bad. I thought the arcade at this amusement park was a lot of fun, but I was starting to sweat before we finally left that area. We took the children on some of the rides and then we bought tickets to ride the go karts. The go-kart racing definitely was fun, but honestly I was becoming dizzy from driving around in circles. The children kept saying that we should go for some more laps, but I told them that I couldn’t do it at all. We finally got some ice-cream which helped us to cool down and then we cranked the AC system again on the way back home. Overall, I like the amusement park, even though it’s small and they should do better with the air conditioning in the arcade area.

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My wife reminded me of the heating inserts she got for my jacket

I didn’t feel cold at all while I was at the park and the kids were fine because they were running around and getting their blood pumping, so they weren’t cold

It was very chilly outside when the youngsters said they wanted to go to the park. I thought it would be nice for them to go and have a good time, but I felt like I would have to put on my winter jacket since it was so chilly out there. It’s not that it was too chilly for the youngsters, it’s just that I always feel chilly and I suspect it has something to do with poor blood circulation. When I asked my wife where my winter jacket was, she seemed surprised. She said it was 60 degrees outside and I should be fine with a regular jacket. I told her it was just too nippy for me though and then she reminded me about the heating inserts she got me for my jacket the one year. She explained that they should be charged and I simply just had to adjust the temperature control settings to my preferences and then I would get all the heating I needed while relaxing at the park. The heating inserts actually worked great. I had never used them before and I don’t really know why. They certainly would have come in handy back when it was much colder in the winter season. I didn’t feel cold at all while I was at the park and the kids were fine because they were running around and getting their blood pumping, so they weren’t cold. They were all wearing jackets, but they had a blast at the park. I was happy when we got back home and I even got a fire going in the fireplace because I thought it was cold enough, even though my wife rolled her eyes at me.

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Hoping things will turn around for us at the HVAC business

Lately in order to keep our HVAC shop in business, the boss has been having us try our best to sell crucial heat and AC products.

  • He especially wants us to push for UV air purification sales and HEPA filters.

Usually, it’s not difficult to sell UV air purifiers because they aren’t overpriced and they genuinely work to improve your air quality. Not to mention, the UV light works to kill dangerous pathogens which comes in handy during a pandemic. The sales have been kind of slowing down lately though. A lot of people are struggling hard because of high gas prices and the cost of groceries shooting up. Sometimes people give me a hard time for even trying to sell them something other than the home services they are asking for. I try to be real with people though, we need to stay in business if we hope to continue to serve the community. Some people get it and are polite, while others just want us to stop. If people obviously don’t want to buy anything, I definitely don’t try to push it on anybody. It’s just that our boss is requiring us to do this to stay in business and I can’t blame him. He is the one who is giving us all our paychecks and if our business goes under, we will all have to find new work. I honestly wouldn’t want to work for any other HVAC company because I have worked here for about 2 decades and the boss has always been a great guy. These recent times are just desperate, that’s all. I’m hoping things will turn around for us soon.

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I hope my wife can be comfortable while I’m on all these business trips

I have been traveling a lot on business trips.

My wife has always been annoyed every time I announce the next business trip, but I told her that was what my career was all about was traveling to different meetings and meeting with our clients.

Sometimes I would be gone for months at a time and I would always try to keep in touch with my wife everyday to make sure she was feeling alright and we would talk about what was going on. Well, there was something that I should have been asking and that’s if she was changing the air filters. The last time I got back home, the air quality in the house was terrible. I asked my wife then if she changed the air filters and she said she was not sure. I probably should have made it clear and showed her how to change the air filters, because the last time they were changed was before I left on my last business trip. Fortunately, there weren’t any serious issues and I had an HVAC technician come out to clean the ductwork and install a UV air purification system. I thought that would make it so my wife was more comfortable at home with cleaner air free from dangerous pathogens. My wife said she wished I had a job that didn’t involve so much travel. She’s right, but it’s what I have to do for now. I might try to find something that keeps me more rooted in the future, but I’m not sure if I can find a cushy office job that pays more than I’m earning currently.


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My wife and daughter were asleep in the bed with the AC system cranked up

I was up late the other night working on a project.

I was so tired by the time I was completed and I just wanted to hop in the shower and then go to bed soon after.

After taking my shower and getting dressed, I went to our bedroom and I was surprised to see that my wife and daughter were asleep in the bed watching some show about the most deadliest animals in the world. They also had the HVAC unit in the room cranked on cooling mode, so it was pretty freezing inside of there. They were bundled up in the blankets though so I figured they weren’t really freezing with the AC system blasting. Anyway, I stood there for awhile watching this show and I started becoming freaked out somewhat seeing some of these deadly animals. They were talking about this deadly poisonous snake and how the venom made all your muscles restrict to the point the air is pushed out of your lungs and you suffocate. You are unable to move, talk, or do anything until you die. If you are not rushed to the hospital within minutes, you are likely to die from this deadly venom from this snake. It’s crazy to think about running into a dangerous snake or other animal that can easily kill you. I ended up covering myself up in a blanket and sat in the chair to watch some of this show before kicking my daughter out of the room and then going to bed. She does that sometimes, falls asleep in our bed while watching some movie or television show.


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