Why I installed a dehumidifier

They are generally the more affordable option, however they are not effective for dehumidifying your whole house… Dehumidifiers can also be easily installed with your Heating plus A/C system, removing the humidity from the air in your condo or cabin as it is circulated through your air conditioner

When I moved down south, to warmer temperatures, 1 of the first things I noticed was the crazy humidity down here. Too much humidity in your cabin can make it difficult to breathe, as well as making it easier for germs and viruses to spread in your living area! Excess humidity in your Heating plus A/C system means that it is easier for black mold plus mildew to develop within your system, further contaminating the air that is inside your house. Sleeping in a room with too much humidity can be harmful to your skin as well. Having too much humidity can leave your skin oily plus dirty overnight, making you wake up with nasty pink blemishes or acne in the afternoon. Excess humidity in an apartment can also be damaging for your apartment itself. When wood plus other materials in your cabin become too damp and humid, they are likely to warp plus bend, potentially causing lots of destruction to the actual structure of your home. There are two official types of dehumidifiers for your home. The first kind are the portable, standalone dehumidifiers. These job wonderful to unattach the humidity out of a single room. They are generally the more affordable option, however they are not effective for dehumidifying your whole house… Dehumidifiers can also be easily installed with your Heating plus A/C system, removing the humidity from the air in your condo or cabin as it is circulated through your air conditioner. Since I installed a dehumidifier in our central Heating plus A/C system, I have been breathing better, our dust sensitivities have lessened, plus I have confidence that humidity is not wreaking havoc on the wood in our home. Talk to a Heating plus A/C provider this month to see what kind of dehumidifier is right for your homestead.

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I installed smart climate controls in our refurbished home.

When our wifey Helen plus I bought our cabin so many years ago, all of us knew that all of us would be making many renovations in order to make it be as energy efficient as possible.

Helen installed heavy pane insulated windows, LED lighting, ceiling fans, plus also all of us installed a smart control machine with zone controls.

A smart climate control machine is attached to wireless plus can be controlled through a special app on your PC, MAC, phone, or tablet. A smart climate control machine is programmable so that you can set your air conditioner to run when you need it, plus leave it turned off when you don’t. The ability to control the Heating plus A/C system remotely is pretty wonderful because you will no longer leave the air conditioner running when you leave the home, plus if your schedule is consistent, you can have your air conditioner switch on or off automatically according to your plus your family’s needs, but zone control functionality brings with it the ability to program your air conditioner to only operate in the room or rooms of your choosing at any given time. The valves in the ductwork open plus close according to the setting, meaning that your Heating plus A/C system doesn’t need to job to heat the whole apartment if it’s not needed, saving your system from undoubtedly working overly hard plus therefore it saves you hundreds on your energy bills. A smart control machine with zone control is a wonderful upgrade to any house. Also they can usually be installed with minimal change to the existing Heating plus A/C system, making it a wise and wonderful investment to any home, new or old, especially when you want to increase the efficiency of your heating plus air conditioner.

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Why is our air conditioner blowing muggy warm air?

One of the most frustrating things in life is when you go to turn on your central air conditioner during a sizzling afternoon in the warmest season, only to be greeted by warm, stale air coming from your air conditioner vents.

Having muggy warm air coming out of your air conditioner system can become quite uncomfortable, even preventing some people from being able to sleep at night.

One reason your air conditioner could be blowing warm muggy air is your air filter being clogged. Air conditioner air filters can become plugged over time with dust plus debris, plus if the block becomes too severe, it can prevent your air conditioner from officially circulating plus cooling off the air in your home. Many Heating plus A/C professionals request changing your air filter every 10 to 20 weeks, especially if you have pets. Another reason your air conditioner could be blowing warm muggy air is because of a freeze. If your air conditioner has frozen up, then the coolant cannot circulate well enough throughout the system officially, resulting in your machine blowing warm air into your home… Give your air conditioner some time to fully defrost and let the coolant be able to redistribute the heat from your cabin in order to cool the air inside your homestead. Another reason your air conditioner is blowing warm air could be because you are running low or be totally out of coolant. If your Heating plus A/C system doesn’t have enough coolant, it will be almost impossible for your machine to cool the air inside your home. It is pressing that a certified Heating plus A/C worker is the 1 dealing with the coolant in your system, as Heating plus A/C coolants can pose a risk to the handler as well as the environment. Contact your local Heating plus A/C provider immediately if your air conditioner is blowing warm air plus have the concern fixed in time for warm muggy season.


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Some advantages of preventative A/C maintenance

Keeping your air conditioner running the best possible condition is pressing to the longevity plus efficacy of your Heating plus A/C system.

One thing which you can do right now is to check and change your air filter more frequently, your air filter is pressing to pulling dust, debris, plus other pollutants out of the air that are so harmful to inhale plus can cause many different respiratory illnesses.

When your filter gets clogged, it can make it difficult for your Heating plus A/C system to circulate the air in an effective way. Most Heating plus A/C professionals request changing your air conditioner filters every 10 to 20 weeks, especially if you have pets. Another benefit of preventative Heating plus A/C maintenance and upkeep is to have your ductwork cleaned respectfully. Your ductwork is a haven for mildew, dust, plus a haven for other air pollutants to hide, plus become disturbed plus distributed through your cabin when you run your air conditioner. Most Heating plus A/C workers request having your ductwork cleaned every 5 years. One last advantage of constant preventative Heating plus A/C maintenance is that having your Heating plus A/C device checked respectfully is helpful to the life of your system. Having an Heating plus A/C worker come over to check out your system respectfully will ensure that you are aware of the current state of your system. An Heating plus A/C worker coming to inspect your system respectfully will be able to catch most small problems before they become greater complications, which could end up being highly-priced repairs. Call your local Heating plus A/C supplier this month to make sure that you respectfully have the needed maintenance on your equipment, for the life of your equipment, as well as the enhanced quality of the air that you plus your family breathe.

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Why a high quality commercial air conditioner is so pressing for your restaurant

One small tip to running a successful restaurant of any kind is to maintain a high turnover rate for all your tables.

Whenever buyers wait a long time at a table, it means less tables for potential new buyers. If they keep chugging drinks, it isn’t as much of a problem, however when they stop buying products, you stop making constant sales, then keeping your air conditioner running efficiently is the best way to keep the flow of buyers moving. With a high quality commercial air conditioning unit, you can keep the temperature in your restaurant always low, so that after they finish their meal, they aren’t as likely to stick around talking plus wasting valuable table seating, stopping your restaurant from making more sales, plus making you miss out on money. Many studies have shown that keeping the air conditioner low in a restaurant keeps people from staying too long. Most polls command that most restaurant shoppers care about a restaurant that is too cold to a restaurant that feels too warm. When you upgrade the air conditioner in your restaurant with a higher quality, commercial air conditioner, you are making an investment for the longevity of your business. Many times, when someone buys a restaurant, the air conditioner is in disappointing condition, which means that your Heating plus A/C is undoubtedly working poorly plus inefficiently. What is also so pressing is to have respectfully busy maintenance with your commercial Heating plus A/C provider to be sure that your air conditioner is undoubtedly working as efficiently as possible, saving the most cash for your restaurant, then contact your local commercial Heating plus A/C provider immediately to see what upgrades are available for your business.



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Hotel air conditioner that let me sleep soundly

When I checked into a local hotel, 1 of the first things I asked the clerk was if the air conditioner was working double-time in our hotel room, plus she assured me that it was.

Last summer was a very warm season, and I had to attend a funeral for a dear acquaintance of mine. I moved away from our hometown many years ago, plus decided to stay with a fond acquaintance of mine over the weekend while I attended the funeral plus memorial service. The maintenance was quite elegant, an extra-special celebration of our friend’s life, however when I went to sit down in our old friend’s guest room for the night, I couldn’t sleep. I got up plus tried to turn the climate control machine down, however it was to no avail, plus I felt no relief plus could not bring myself to fall asleep in a strange situation while the air conditioner was blowing so warm. The following afternoon, I decided to get a hotel. I didn’t want to offend our friends, but I just couldn’t fall asleep in a room where the air conditioner wasn’t that powerful. When I checked into a local hotel, 1 of the first things I asked the clerk was if the air conditioner was working double-time in our hotel room, plus she assured me that it was. Much to our relief, this hotel room had the single best air conditioner I have ever experienced. I couldn’t guess how soothing the cool air felt to me, especially after staying at our friend’s apartment with such an inefficient air conditioner. I fell asleep 2 minutes of laying down, plus the air was deliciously circulated throughout the room all night long. I woke up feeling rested plus was able to be present at the memorial with our friends plus family, as I had not been awake all night the night before.

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A broken air conditioner almost ruined our anniversary afternoon

When our future husband plus I planned for our huge wedding afternoon, all of us were positive that all of us had thought of every possibility. The decorations, the food, the lighting, all of us had it all typed out into nice documents that all of us would follow to a T, to make sure that everything happened exactly the way all of us wanted it to, not just for ourselves, however also for our valued guests as well. One of the things all of us never anticipated was the Air conditioning in the site having problems. When I got with our bridesmaids to start setting up I right away realized that the site felt so sizzling plus damp and muggy. I started to panic, I told our future husband plus he agreed, so all of us told the site coordinator right away. She told us that there was a concern with the air conditioner, plus that the Heating plus A/C expert was being sent out right away. With only a few hours until the anniversary, I was on the verge of freaking out, when our maid of honor convinced me to keep getting ready, plus to not worry. What I didn’t learn until later was that the air conditioner filters were plugged, plus the Heating plus A/C machines in the site had been unable to officially circulate plus cool the air in the site. I didn’t think anything had been done about fixing it either until I was walking down the aisle, plus I right away noticed how much cooler and more pleasant the air was inside the site! Luckily, the Heating plus A/C worker had changed the air filters at the site just in time for the ceremony to start, plus everything was perfect for our huge afternoon.

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Ductless mini-chop helps with converting our shed into a man cave

When our wifey May plus I were searching for a new house, it was 1 of the most stressful points in our marriage.

We wanted to have more room for the baby, however we also had to stay within our very modest budget.

One thing I, in particular, wanted in a new apartment was to build a “man cave” of sorts, a place where our friends plus I could watch films, smoke cigars, to hang out without bothering our wifey, or our future baby. We found the perfect house, in the perfect location, however it was missing enough of an area for a proper man cave. It did, but, have a more than nine by twelve foot shed in the backyard that could be perfect for the area I wanted. In order to convert it to a liveable area it of course had to have an air conditioner plus a heating unit. Rather than go through the hassle of installing ductwork, or using an ugly, high-priced window AC unit, I decided to use a ductless mini-chop for our mancave Heating plus A/C system. A ductless mini-chop is a more affordable, self-explanatory to install appliance that can be used to heat plus cool down a room, without the need for Heating plus A/C ducts, plus since there are no ducts, I only had to drill a little hole for all of the necessary components attaching the inside machine to the outside. My ductless mini-chop has been a truly wonderful addition to our space, plus it has ensured our comfort plus the comfort level of our guests no matter the temperature outside, the temperature inside has always been comfy. Since the ductless mini-chop is so much more efficient than a window unit, I have saved a ton of money every week, especially since it’s a room that I spend so much time inside of.


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My favorite restaurant is now our go-to spot for meeting with buyers

My task needs me to travel out of the office plus meet with buyers, but sometimes all of us will meet at a public supplier space, but I find that it’s more personable to bring buyers to a bar or restaurant.

I appreciate our buyers and would like them to be comfortable when making decisions with me, so I appreciate making sure that they always have a bite to eat, plus maybe a beverage or two if they’re so inclined.

My boss had a certain restaurant in mind for 1 unique client, a diner, so when I met the client there, I was surprised with how sizzling it was inside. The food was alright, plus the drinks were decent, but I couldn’t get past how muggy plus steamy the air felt. I asked the director if he could turn the air conditioner colder, plus they told me that it was as low as it could go. The client was visibly hot, as all of us were both becoming sizzling when it was time for us to talk business, frustrated, so I asked him if he wanted to try the tavern next door, plus he agreed. Immediately upon walking through the door, I was refreshed by the power of the officially undoubtedly working air conditioner. The rest of the evening went very well so I now have a strong supplier relationship with the client. I will never bring new buyers to the steak place again, not until they update their entire Heating plus A/C system plus are able to have it at a nicer temperature. I joked with the bartender about the air conditioner at the steak place plus he told me that when the owners bought the building, 1 of the first things they did was overhaul the massive Heating plus A/C system, since the existing air conditioner plus oil furnace were over forty years old, plus that the steakapartment likely was using inefficient, aged Heating plus A/C equipment. The tavern became our company’s new go-to spot for meeting with buyers.


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Upgrading the old Heating plus A/C system to increase equity in our home

My wifey Sarah plus myself have lived in our cabin for the last numerousyears, it has served us so well, plus while we’re not ready to transport out of here just yet.

Sarah and I have been thinking about the future for us, plus getting ready to sell our house, but many of the decisions we’ve made are all with the final goal of enhancing the value of our apartment before all of us put it on the market; We have upgraded the kitchen appliances, installed LED lighting throughout the house, overhauled all of the landscapes, plus most recently, all of us have decided to upgrade our Heating plus A/C system, and our worn and aged furnace was incredibly ancient, plus while it had been officially tested, it was taking up much of the area in a room that all of us wanted to convert to a livable space, plus since all of us lived in a genuinely mild climate, we didn’t need to use the furnace, however a heat pump can be placed outside, plus uses a condenser plus an evaporator to heat your cabin in the Wintertime, plus cool it in the warm season! The replacement service was genuinely quick, especially since our existing ductwork was in wonderful condition from the respectfully busy maintenance from our local Heating plus A/C dealer.

Our new heat pump was such a wonderful investment to our home, it is much more energy efficient than our traditional gas furnace, and greatly lowered our energy bills each week. Our main concern when it came to the heat pump replacement was our air quality, however our Heating plus A/C provider ensures us that the air quality would be exactly the same, if not better than before, as long as all of us respectfully change the air filter, however installing a heat pump was a wonderful way to add value of our home, in perfect time for us to bring it to market.



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