My wife doesn’t think we need a smart thermostat

My wife doesn’t think that we need a smart thermostat at this point, but I think that in the long run, it will help us to pay the bills.

Our heating and cooling bills always seem to be creeping up on us and a smart thermostat is something that has been proven over and over again in the HVAC industry to be helpful in keeping all of those costs down.

I’ve been reading up on the newer smart thermostat units that are out on the market these days and they are nothing short of amazing when it comes down to it. These new smart thermostats can be adjusted literally from anywhere in the world, as long as you have wifi on your smartphone and the app that comes along with your new smart thermostat installed on your phone. I think that this type of access to your home’s heating and cooling system would be really convenient. This would be especially true for our family, since we are always traveling here and there across the country to different places for work and to visit family. I can’t tell you how many times we have left only to wonder if we remembered to turn the air conditioning system off or the heating system up so that the pipes won’t freeze while we are away from home. Having an app on our phones to check that sort of thing or even to turn the thermostat up or down would be amazing. My wife doesn’t think that we need one, but I’m going to change her mind!


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My husband went on a trip, taking the A/C control with him

Last week, my husband had to go on a business trip and without realizing it, he left me and the kids for a week of misery with no way to access our air conditioning system.

Whenever we got our new smart thermostat system put into the house a few months ago, my husband was the only one of us who downloaded the accompanying heating and cooling app onto his smartphone. I mean, I never really thought about any of the rest of us needing the HVAC app, because he’s the only one who ever really adjusts the thermostat settings at our house. I guess he doesn’t travel all that much, really, even though I do complain to him about it when he does have to. I probably shouldn’t do that, though. It’s not that often that he has to go out of town for work. Anyway, it was too late by the time we realized that he was the one with the heating and cooling controls programmed into his phone. He was already on a plane, heading across the country for a week and a half. We knew that we were going to be in for a long, hot week and a half, since the only way to turn the A/C up and down was literally on a plane and a thousand miles away from home. Thank goodness we have a smart thermostat and he was able to adjust it from out there for us. Of course, he got sick of me texting him to tell him to turn the A/C up and down.


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If you’re having trouble with your HVAC system check your thermostat

It was still really hot outside and I just couldn’t seem to get cooled off

Take it from me, If you are having trouble with your HVAC system, then you need to check your thermostat first. This isn’t something that I ever really think about, though. I mean, to me, my thermostat is just this little box on the wall in my hallway. It’s not really a big part of my life, honestly. I will sometimes go over to it and adjust the temperature if I’m feeling a little bit too hot in the summer or a little bit too cold in the summer, but other than that, I ignore it. I know that a lot of people have those new fangled smart thermostats that they can control from apps on their smartphones, but I’ve just never been that invested in my thermostat. I guess maybe I should take a lesson from that sort of person, though, judging from my experience that I had recently with my own regular programmable thermostat system. See, I noticed that there seemed to be some sort of an issue with my air conditioning system in my house a few weeks ago. It was still really hot outside and I just couldn’t seem to get cooled off. It was really uncomfortable in the house and I was getting annoyed by the fact that I couldn’t get cooled off enough to go to sleep at night. Anyway, I thought that my central air conditioning system was torn up so I called the HVAC company for a service call. When the HVAC technician got to my house and checked it out, he just laughed at me because the only thing wrong was that my thermostat needed new batteries!



Back when I was in high school, there was no A/C

Back in the days when I was going to high school, there was no A/C in any of the classrooms and it was terrible.

  • I remember living through my teen years at school just wishing that there was air conditioning in the classrooms because I was one of those guys who was sweaty literally all the time when I was a teenager.

It was so bad that I got a nickname about my sweaty armpits, but there was honestly nothing that I could do about it. Sometimes I would go through an entire bottle of deodorant in a single day and that still didn’t help. I was one of the lucky people who actually had central air conditioning in my home back then. Not many people did because it was a long time ago and things were very different back then. You kids these days don’t really realize just how good you have it with all of your fancy heating and cooling systems and the great indoor air quality in all of your homes, schools, and businesses. Back thirty or forty years ago, things were just not that way at all! I can still remember coming from the nice cool temperature inside of my house and then going into the stuffy, hot school building in the mornings, especially when school first started back after the summer. The lack of air conditioning in the classrooms made my life miserable, both because I was too hot and also because all of the sweat made me a target for my classmates to make fun of!


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You wouldn’t believe the heat in the great room

You wouldn’t believe how hot it gets in our great room in the afternoons! We have a really big high ceilinged great room and the whole back wall is nothing but tall windows.

Well, whenever the windows get hit with the afternoon sun during the summer, the room starts heating up like crazy.

The heating and cooling system in the house is one of those newer high efficiency HVAC systems that’s supposed to be really great. And honestly, we haven’t had any trouble with the air conditioning or the heating in the rest of the house. Even during the summer, the rest of the house is nice and cool even when the temperatures outside are really hot. So I have not really had any problems with the cooling system except for the stuff that’s going on in the great room every afternoon. The rest of the house is perfectly fine, but if you happen to venture into the great room any time in the afternoon or the evening, then you’re going to have trouble with the indoor air quality in there. The huge windows and the high ceilings take care of that! The temperature in that room gets to be overwhelming and I don’t know why in the world it gets to be that way. You would think that with the high ceilings, the air would be able to circulate in that room. However, that doesn’t ever seem to be the case! I don’t want to have to run extra ductwork in that room, but at this point, no one in our family ever even goes in there during the late spring, summer, or early fall. No one can stand the temperature in that room.

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We almost voided our air conditioning warranty

When we bought our air conditioning system last year, we bought the extended warranty to go along with it.

We are the kinds of people who always think that we should play it safe rather than be sorry.

We are the ones who will always buy the extra insurance and the extended warranty, and things like that. We want to always make sure that our investments are covered, and that’s especially true when it comes to larger purchases like cars, homes, large appliances, and heating and cooling systems. Whenever we happen to make a purchase like that, we always want to make sure that we are covered and that our monetary investment is protected. Anyway, this past summer we started to notice that there was something going on with our central air conditioning system. It was running even more than usual, but there wasn’t any cold air coming out of the A/C vents at all. The air that was coming out of the air vents ended up coming out lukewarm at best. We didn’t feel like we had time to wait around for an HVAC technician to come to the house to fix the A/C that particular day, and so my husband went down to the basement to see if there was anything that he could figure out. Of course, he’s not exactly a trained heating and cooling professional and he didn’t really know what he was doing. He ended up messing something up and he was just about ready to dig into the air conditioning components with his screwdriver when he remembered that we weren’t supposed to mess around with the HVAC system ourselves because it would void the A/C warranty.

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This month when our air conditioning tore up I finally found the right company

This month, our air conditioning system tore up and at first, I was at a loss over what to do. See, the HVAC company that we have been using for years and years had just gone out of business. It was a family owned business and I guess the guy just decided that he was done with it. He told me that he wanted to retire and move to the beach. I don’t really blame him for that, but it did leave me high and dry when it comes to having someone to fix my heating and cooling system. I didn’t know who to call and I didn’t really want to just pull someone out of the phonebook, so to speak. I ended up asking a friend if she had anyone that she would recommend and she actually did. She had her own air conditioning troubles early on in the summer and so she had done her own research about finding the right HVAC company for the job. I was lucky because I was able to use all of the work and research that she did in order to find my own new HVAC contractor because the guys that she used turned out to be the perfect HVAC company for me too! I never even dreamed that I would find a heating and cooling professional that I would like even more than the one that I used to have. It turns out, though, that the company that she recommended is very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Not only that, but the HVAC technicians help you try to save money on your HVAC repairs. I was very impressed with them.
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We are going to have to get a new heating system soon

I think that we are finally going to have to break down and get a new heating system for our house soon.

We are going to have to do it before winter comes, anyway.

The weather is already cooling down, and we always have really rough winters around here where we live. I hate the cold weather and I don’t really like living up here where we do all that much. However, my husband’s job is here and so we are kind of stuck here for the time being. Anyway, when our furnace broke down last year, we just stalled and decided that we were going to wait and buy a new one this year during the summer. I guess we thought that we might be able to get a better deal on a heating system during the summer when not many people are purchasing them. However, during the summer, the last thing that we were thinking about was our broken heating system. We actually forgot all about it until just the last week or so when the weather started cooling down just a little bit. The sudden shift in temperatures outside made me think about changing the house over to fall decor and it also reminded me that we don’t have a working heating system at the moment! I guess we should have purchased a new furnace in the middle of summer like we had originally planned, because now the price is only going to be going up through the end of the year. It doesn’t matter, though. We are going to have to get one anyway.


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The only room that the A/C works is the bathroom

For some reason, the only room in my house where the A/C seems to be working right now is the bathroom! I do not have any idea what is going on with my heating and cooling system.

It’s been really hot around here for the past couple of weeks and even though the weather is cooling down just a little bit, it still feels mostly like summer in this part of the country.

Anyway, it’s been so hot that I haven’t been able to turn the air conditioning system off for the year yet. Usually, by this point in the year, I’m all done with using the air conditioning system and I’ve already started to use the heating once in a while or at least the fireplace. However, this year, I have had other things to worry about. The fact that it has been so hot has meant that I’ve been having to pay for my cooling system for a whole month longer than I usually do. That’s really cutting into my budget and it’s making me mad. On top of that, though, there’s another problem going on. I’m still running the A/C because it’s been so hot, but the cooling system doesn’t really seem to be working anywhere at all except for the master bathroom that’s just off the master bedroom downstairs. So, in other words, I’m paying a fortune for cooling my house, but I’m only really getting a freezing cold bathroom out of it. It’s really strange. I think that I have some blocked ductwork or something like that going on. I guess I’m going to have to break down and call an HVAC company to come and check it out.

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My brother’s house is way too cold

My brother’s house is always way too cold for my liking.

I keep on telling him that nobody in their right mind wants to have their living space as cold as his always is.

However, he just always seems to think that I am joking and he just laughs it off. The funny thing is, though, that I am not joking at all! My brother’s house always has the air conditioning running on full blast and it’s a really good air conditioning system! l keep telling him that coming inside of his house after being outside on a warm day when the temperature is anywhere about seventy degrees or so is just a complete shock to the system. I think that it feels like a meat locker inside of his house. I don’t know how his kids even live there. I feel bad for them because in the summer when he has the A/C cranked up even more than usual, his kids are all wearing zip up pajamas and hats and jackets all the time when they are doing their homework or watching TV. You can tell that they are super cold, and he just doesn’t seem to notice it. I feel so bad for them but there’s really nothing that I can do about it, I guess. I think maybe I will just buy them a little space heater for their bedroom at this point! My brother is just crazy. I think he has a really high body temperature! I don’t have that same problem at all, that’s for sure.

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