Could it be an HVAC system maintenance issue?

I could no longer rest the stench in my house.

The fact that I had cleaned it thoroughly the past week and nothing changed angry me more.

I shared my frustrations with my brother Naomi and he commanded hiring professional cleaners. My mom overheard our conversation and was curious about the source of the smell. She asked me to trace it before I could take action. While the foul smell was all over the house, it was strongest near the indoor HVAC equipment. I told mom my findings, and she suggested I call a professional first before I could hire extravagant cleaners! Reluctantly, I dialed the listing on my fridge. The contractor sent a team of three. Nothing could have prepared me for what they’d tell me. It turns out that the HVAC component had multiple complications that were causing the bad smells. First, there was a lot of mold forming in the blocked drain pan. Every time I turned the air conditioning off, the moldy smell would travel into the house. Besides that, there was the issue of that rotten-egg smell. The HVAC professionals suspected a leaking gas that was finding its ways into the air conditioner. They were pleased I had noticed it in good time, as this could entirely be disastrous. They cleared the drain pan. They also cleaned and disinfected the area to prevent continued mold growth. I was advised to switch off all the gas sources in the home and contact the gas contractor immediately. Once they traced and fixed the leak, then everything would go back to normal. They promised to come back for further Heating, Ventilation, and A/C maintenance and cleaning once the gas leak was sorted out.



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A dead rodent in my HVAC system

I had been away on a work trip for three weeks.

The trip was sudden so I wasn’t able to make any prior arrangements.

Fortunately, I had no pets, and the HVAC system in my home could be operated smartly, so I wasn’t anxious. I packed my bag and set off on my trip. It had been two days since I came back, and I couldn’t help but notice strange noises coming from the indoor HVAC unit. It seemed as though something was stuck in there and the squealing was proof of this. However, the noises subsided, and three days later, I didn’t hear them again. However, then came a strong foul stench at the same location. I thought of calling an HVAC technician, in case it was serious. However, I decided to check it out first. That is when I discovered a dead rodent in there! I contemplated on getting it out myself however decided to call the HVAC company that services my unit first. After all, maintenance was due in a few days. I asked if they could send someone sooner since I had a situation that needed urgent attention. Fortunately, the contractor agreed, and was at my doorstep in three hours. He hastily got down to work and pulled out the rotting rat! After cleaning the vents, he went on to disinfect and get rid of any potential bugs that could be stuck in there. I learned that it was a matter of time, and my indoor air quality would be compromised. This could lead to diseases. I was pleased I had followed my instincts, and reacted promptly.

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Solar heating and cooling units – are they worth it?

Nelly had a bushel of good things to say about the solar heating and cooling unit he recently installed in his house.

  • She had tested it five months and could brag about the money she had saved without compromising the comfort of her home.

The rest of us had been skeptical about a new HVAC system, especially since it was solar powered. The team promoting the units had approached us for a free trial period, but we all had declined the offer, except for Nelly. It turns out that We had missed out on the largest opportunity to save and enjoy optimal comfort. It turns out that the solar component was more reliable than We had imagined. According to Nelly, he had not encountered any hurdles both in heating and air conditioner. She said that this was the system with the least maintenance needs. His largest win was that he no longer paid exorbitant electric bills as the solar system updated for all the heating and cooling he needed. In fact, the particular unit he got has the latest technology in the HVAC industry meaning that it is highly efficient. The only thing Nelly thought was important for anyone interested in getting the unit was the space needed. It occupies a sizable amount of space and this should be factored in. Since our section was largely sunny and hot, weather variation would not be a major challenge. At this point, most of us were exploring the possibilities of shifting to the solar system. It would especially be wonderful for me and my family since we were thinking of living off the grid; this sounded like the perfect solution for us.

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Installing radiant heating in my mom’s house

One step at a time is how my siblings and I had been talking about upgrading mom’s home. Knowing how stubborn our mom was, there was no way We would be consulting her; She often thought of everyone else’s comfort but her own. Since she passed away, mom was overwhelmed and he hardly paid attention to his home like he used to. It was clear that he lacked the motivation to do the things he would have done to make Mom comfortable. My brothers and sisters were happy at the prospect of working on the HVAC system. This has been a major problem since our last visit a few months ago. We all noticed how mom’s home was colder than normal. When I brought it up, he hastily dismissed it as a momentary hitch that would be sorted the next week by her HVAC serviceman. A few weeks passed and my brother reported that the situation had not changed during his recent visit. She had called in a professional to assess the situation when mom was away running errands. Things were worse than mom was telling us. The old system was chopping down regularly even with constant heart repairs. Getting a new HVAC system installed as the one currently running had outdone its lifespan, she was told. No amount of repairs would make it more efficient. Since winter was around the corner, my siblings and I decided to surprise mom with a current furnace. We convinced his to visit our elder brother Sarah for two weeks as we got the contractor and his team in to install a current radiant furnace. The idea of having radiant heated floors was exciting for us, and we knew mom would care about it more.

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Choosing the right heat pump for my home

After considerable research, I knew that my newly constructed home needed a heat pump for all my heating needs. I was genuinely particular about the type of HVAC system I wanted in my house. My building contractor had provided a few other alternatives however I needed to make this choice separate from coercion. After a week of extensive research, I settled on a heat pump as this works best in our area. A heat pump offered the best energy rating, A+++, so I wouldn’t have to worry about energy costs in future. I also knew that at some point I would want to change a few things around the home which would call for a renovation project. Of all the heating solutions I explored, heat pumps seem to be the most versatile solutions even when such variations come up.I visited an HVAC contractor on my own to get expert opinion on the particular heat pumps available in the market. The owners and employees were genuinely resourceful. They advised me on getting exact measurements of the home before purchasing any heat pump, and on the odd types of heat pumps and which ones worked best for our location. Armed with solid information, I went back to the building contractor and chose the right heat pump. I insisted on working with a contractor of my choice. The project went on smoothly! Even though I have yet to move into my new home, I am glad that the heating is working out. My family and I will be moving in three months, when everything else is done.


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Dehumidifier full so often!

Oh a warm summer time afternoon, I noticed some dark spots on the wall of my closet.

I did not want to think the worst, however I knew it wasn’t good! I could tell that it was either mold or mildew, however I didn’t want to find out for myself.

I called my landlord as well as she showed up almost right away Good news was that it was only mildew as well as not dangerous to my health. I was not sure how to treat this kind of thing, however my landlord told me that she would handle it. I was instructed to take everything out of my closet as well as leave the household for the afternoon. I did as I was told as well as when I returned, there was a brand current dehumidifier in my room! The dehumidifier is used to remove moisture from the air as well as prevents the growth of mold as well as mildew; Living in such an ancient household near the ocean, this was bound to happen as well as some point. I knew that the household was ancient as well as that the moisture levels were high due to the location, however not until the dehumidifier did I realize how much moisture. After one afternoon, my dehumidifier had gathered an entire gallon of water from the air! I thought that maybe there was just a lot of moisture in the air due to the recent rain as well as warm weather, however it turns out that my dehumidifier collects that much water each afternoon. It is so silly to think that separate from the dehumidifer, the moisture just sits in the air, or is absorbed by our clothes as well as furniture.

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Hooded ductwork disaster

So much has gone wrong for me this week.

I won’t point I literally thought that i had some bad omen on where i was living in a dream.

I only did my car completely break down and was totaled because someone hit me but there was almost a fire in my home because of an exhaust duct work that is above my kitchen stove. There was so much kicked in the ductwork that if the fire wasn’t caught quickly it could have burned my entire house down. Now I know how important it is to not only get your ductwork cleaned for your heating and cooling system but it also needs to be cleaned for hood ductwork that is located above the oven as well. When I first purchased this house I mean sure that the heating and cooling ductwork was cleaned because I didn’t want the previous homeowners dander in my home. Plus I truthfully didn’t want to be breathing in someone else’s potential germs and viruses either. Having your ductwork cleaned by a heating and cooling specialist doesn’t cost as much money as people think it is. If you set aside $100 or so every other month, that money can give you at least two ductwork cleanings a year. I like to get my ductwork cleaned in the winter and in the spring. The ductwork cleaning gets my heating and cooling unit prepped and ready to go to take on the most extreme temperatures. I highly recommend that people get their ductwork cleaned especially ductwork that are located above an oven. You definitely will want to avoid any fires like I had experienced!
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Spring wedding entirely outside called for portable heating units

Our good friend just got married this weekend. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. The bride looked amazing, the decorations were gorgeous and the overall atmosphere of the wedding was extraordinary. The bride projected that with her wedding being in the month of May, the weather would be more warmer. However her wedding day was more on the chillier side and it was raining as well. The entire wedding was outside so while they were saying their vows they were getting rained on. I felt so bad! The reception was held under a very large tent. The reception was nice but I could tell that my boyfriend and a lot of other people wanted to leave the reception early because of the weather and how cold it was getting outside. There were some portable outdoor heating units that were brought in from the tent rental company. About five portable heating units were installed on the sides of the tent but the five heating units were just not enough to cover the massive size of the tent and keeping all of the guests warm. There should have been more heating units provided by the tent company. When the time comes for me to get married I am going to make it a top priority that my reception is in a temperature controlled area. I want to make sure that there’s ample amount of heat and air conditioning and that the thermostat is accessible at all times. I don’t want my guests feeling so cold where all they want to do is sit and not break a move on the dance floor!

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Working outside and getting to enjoy A/C

When I was younger I used to work on a farm.

  • Farms are a lot of work but they teach good work ethic.

There were certain days that we would work in weather that was very hot and humid. I always liked working outside because to me it’s a stress reliever and it’s easier to talk to your coworkers. The best thing about working outside is after a long day you can go inside and experience the temperature change. There is at least a 20 to 30 degree temperature change when you come from outside to inside. Going inside is always nice because the hvac system at work is always on full blast. The air conditioning system is nice and cold and it is a huge relief. There was this one day where my coworkers and I came outside and went inside and there was no temperature change. Supposively the pump on the air conditioning system broke and an hvac technician had to be called. The repair of the air conditioning system took forever. Every time my co-workers and I would go inside after a long day outside we would cross our fingers and hope that there would be some sort of relief. Because it was so hot in the building, they temporarily installed window air conditioners for those people that worked in an office. But us outside workers didn’t get that luxury. After a week of the a/c system not letting out any cold air, the system was finally fixed. We were so happy that we took a longer break than normal inside just to enjoy the air conditioning system.



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HVAC system making weird noises

If there is one thing that I despise the most, it’s being alone.

I’ve always been the type of person who has to hang out with someone.

When I’m alone my mind wanders, and I always think that there’s someone in the house trying to break in! For example, the other night my boyfriend left to go to work and I was watching TV when all of a sudden I heard a strange noise like something fell. I inspected the upstairs and the basement but nothing was there. I looked into our furnace room because the noise became louder and louder as I approached it. Once I approached it I saw that there was definitely something wrong. I decided to go to the thermostat and shut my oil furnace off. I didn’t want my furnace running any longer with that noise that it was making. I was nervous but happy that the noise was not an intruder in my home. I called my local HVAC technician to see if there was any way he could come to my house and do a service appointment. Dispatcher told me that 3 days the earliest appointment they had was from now. I told him that was fine said the reason for that was due to a lot of appointments wanting their hvac system cleaned for the winter season. 3 days past and my hvac technician showed up to my home. He did a cleaning and found out there was one part that was faulty. Munchpak technician change the part out and we started the hvac system. the system sounded normal and he was on his way.