Adding a wint film to my french door

I still get the sunlight and the clear look that I was going for.

I updated my bedroom recently. I changed the windows from tiny, fogged up painted ones to giant double hung windows. I also got a big french door put in so I can access my room from the backyard. I love having the added light in my bedroom and how pretty the glass looks. However, the issue is that I am very much on display. Adding curtains to the front windows wasn’t a problem at all. The french door was another issue. I didn’t want any of my neighbors seeing me change when they walk their dogs or go out to their porches for coffee. I then found online that a lot of people do a window tint or decorative film installation. I looked at the tints and for my french doors, I thought that would look odd. I also really liked the clear glass look. I then searched residential window film services and found all sorts of options. I could get a decorative window film that looks like frosted glass, running water, flowers or even geometric shapes. I did a lot of shopping around and looked at images in other peoples homes. I went with a simple frosted glass look. I still get the sunlight and the clear look that I was going for. Now I feel totally safe and secure. I am not on display and I am not inviting robbers to take a peek in my bedroom to see my laptop, furniture and my wardrobe. The window film installation didn’t cost that much and it was installed fairly quickly too. It was money well spent.


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