At least I have my HVAC system to keep me company

If you ask me about the most challenging experiences, there is nothing worse than being sick for a long while… It’s poor enough when you easily feel under the weather and can’t will yourself back to complete health…

but it’s torture when your physical misery is carried out for a number of weeks.

For me, it can be harmful to my mental health if I find myself stuck with a mysterious sickness that I cannot seem to shake… That’s how I’ve been living for a number of months now, and I am starting to lose my mind. I’ve been stuck inside my property for what seems like forever. I haven’t seen my pals or family in many weeks. I suppose the only company I have left is my current central heating and cooling equipment. Isn’t that pathetic? The only thing I can rely on is the consistency of my cooling equipment clicking on and off, hour after hour, throughout the afternoon. I first notice a rush of cool air, followed by the gentle whooshing sound created as the air moves straight through my vents. Soon, I can easily depend on the feeling of frosty air gently settling over my entire bed and falling to the floor. I commonly settle down and try to easily warm up the sheets as the cool air makes its way over my body. After several hours of this, I can typically count on the striking silence when my cooling appliance finally stops humming. There’s no more cool air rushing through the HVAC vents, and a more stagnant air settles into the room. I need to get better to be honest, I am starting to agonize about how much I look forward to the cooling equipment punctuating my time each afternoon.


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