Dehumidifier full of course

Oh a moderate summer time afternoon, I noticed some dark spots on the wall of my closet.

I did not want to suppose the worst, however I knew it wasn’t good! I could tell that it was either mold or mildew, however I didn’t want to find out for myself.

I called my landlord plus she showed up almost instantly Good news was that it was only mildew plus not dangerous to my health. I was not sure how to treat this kind of thing, but my landlord told me that she would handle it. I was instructed to take everything out of my closet plus leave the apartment for the day. I did as I was told plus when I returned, there was a brand new dehumidifier in my room! The dehumidifier is used to remove moisture from the air plus prevents the growth of mold plus mildew, but living in such an old apartment near the ocean, this was bound to happen plus some point. I knew that the apartment was old plus that the moisture levels were high due to the location, but not until the dehumidifier did I realize how much moisture. After one day, my dehumidifier had gathered an entire gallon of water from the air! I thought that maybe there was just a lot of moisture in the air due to the recent rain plus moderate weather, but it turns out that my dehumidifier collects that much water each day. It is so crazy to suppose that without the dehumidifer, the moisture just sits in the air, or is absorbed by our clothes plus furniture.

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