The band is coming back together

The guys and I haven’t practiced or played music in quite some time.

I am the drummer for the band and just bought some new cymbals.

I’m very excited to jam with my buddies and see what kind of music we come up with. We all love rock and heavy metal so I know we are all on the same page for that. I set up my drums in the garage where we will practice and they will bring their instruments over when they get here. It smells a bit in there, air quality is bad and it is uncomfortably warm. I checked the air filter in here last week and had to clean it. I know we are all going to sweat so eventually I’ll have to turn the air conditioning on. I pulled out my drumsticks and drummed a bit and already I’m feeling the sweat. I can’t wait till we start to play, I have to turn on the A/C right now. They might be cold when they get in here but it’s better than us all sweating and our clothes become disgusting. This is the perfect place for us. It’s slightly sound proof but I know my one neighbor will complain if we go too late. I just want to jam with my friends and not think about it too much. I told my neighbor what we are doing so he doesn’t get angry and we should be done around 9pm. We don’t need any noise ordinance going on. My first buddy just pulled up and the evening is about to start. Hope to be playing at a local venue soon!


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