Time to buy a new car

It’s been 17 years since I’ve had my baby. This was my first car when I turned 16. We have had lots of ups and downs. I went on long road trips around the United States, college, dates and just going to the beach. I’ve had it for 17 crazy years! I have done tons of work to it but its lifespan has unfortunately come to an end. There is tons of rust and the engine just went on it. I might still keep it and put it in the barn. Who knows, maybe I’ll attempt to restore it some day. As I walk in the auto dealer shop I can feel the air conditioning. It’s great because I think I was going to melt due to the heat outside. I looked at so many options of vehicles. I’m not quite sure which vehicle I want to get because I had the same one for so long. There are so many features and it’s a little overwhelming. After a few hours I went home because I really wanted to make the right choice. The heat outside is disgusting. My dad came with me to help but he knows I just don’t want to buy any vehicle. As we arrive at my parents house I see a heating and cooling van in the driveway. I forgot that my parents A/C unit broke and now they have a HVAC specialist in our house. I know I’ll continue to sweat in that house and really don’t want to go in. Hesitantly I go in, turn on the fan and sit on the couch. I pull out my phone to look at more vehicles to see if there is anything that stands out. I hope to find something!

Heating and cooling provider

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