Mum offered us help with indoor comfort in our first apartment

When I met my boyfriend, we were both starting our careers.

He is in finance while I work in the heating industry.

I had just joined a startup heating company and was not getting good pay, but I was enjoying my job. When we decided to move in after a few months of dating, it was a struggle for both of us. I remember days we did not have enough food for our two dogs and us. However, we survived. Our family members tried to help as much as they could. Mum bought us our first heat pump during our first Christmas living together. It was a surprise that we had been using space heaters, but the more the days went by, the colder it became, and the space heaters were no help. Mum organized with her HVAC professional, who got the new heating at a discount from the local heating dealer. She also bought us a smart thermostat. The new devices were to last us at least 11 years. Mum took us out for lunch, and a walk at the beach as the heating technicians handled the heat pump installation. The process took about four hours. We had the whole-home heating when we got home and cried joyfully. The help with indoor comfort was such a thoughtful gift. Since I was learning more about heating in the heating business, I learned how to operate the system and schedule the crucial heater maintenance for its longevity and optimal function. Our holidays were filled with gratitude and joy from having past an essential milestone in our life together. We were eternally grateful to mum for providing us with quality comfort, a basic need.

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