Inheriting my family’s heating company

My father builds his heating business from nothing, now worth millions of dollars.

Growing up, we barely saw him during the weekdays as he was working.

He started with one heating dealer and gradually grew to about two hundred HVAC professionals. As a teenager, I decided to become a heating technician and did due diligence in school. The heating company was a good platform for learning more about heating and gaining experience. I went through their internship program, where I did jobs including heat pump installations and heater maintenance. My dad would work at the company for a few years after I officially joined. At his retirement party, his employees cried and thanked him for his outstanding leadership. He had helped his employees and the community around him. The business also earned several awards in the heating industry. Before retiring, my dad handed the company over to me, and I knew I had big shoes to fill. Dad’s counterparts promised to support and guide me through growing the business further. The community benefited from the company from new heating in the form of heat pumps and smart thermostats. The first order of business was to provide help with indoor comfort to the less fortunate. It was tough the first few years, but with dad’s advice and the board of directors, I could carry the business forward. Now the company is worth more than it was when dad ran it, and it just went live in the stock market. To crown the year, it received an award for consistently providing affordable whole-home heating for over 25 years. My brother, who works in finance, also joined the company last year, and it has been a joy working alongside him.

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