Christman donation: Providing help with indoor comfort to the women's shelter

Since starting my heating business, I have given back to my community at any chance. We tend to do it every Christmas. This year, my board of directors and I decided to provide help with indoor comfort to several women’s shelters. We chose these institutions because of the rise in gender-based violence in the country, which is very sad. Though the police have dealt with the perpetrators, cases are still rising. With the winter already here, we decided, as part of the heating industry, to help where we could. We singled out institutions that had old units. In some shelters, we only had our HVAC professionals do the heater maintenance to repair worn-out parts. In other shelters, the heating units were in such a bad state that the best solution would be to replace them with new systems from the heating dealer. We were donating heat pumps and smart thermostats for this exercise. We chose to donate only the best that these women have been through so many atrocities and need to feel loved and accepted. The heat pump installation in the shelters took place in phases, and within three weeks, our heating technicians fitted about 30 units. Some shelters got two systems because of their size. Knowing more about heating, we guided the shelter’s maintenance team on operating the systems and scheduling any repairs. One shelter which received new heating had about 150 women and 20 children. They were delighted and celebrated our heating company with songs and dances. It was such a hearty response. We got many letters from the shelter women, and we knew they would enjoy the holidays through the cold. The new systems provided whole-home heating.



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