My child is debating becoming an HVAC tech

Ever since my kids were little, they have been always changing their minds on what they want to do with their lives. My daughters used to be interested in ballet plus dancing, however one of them is in nursing college plus the other is a project lead at an investment firm in our state’s capital. My child on the other hand is the youngest so he is still in high college plus hasn’t decided what he wants to do as a career just yet. For years he wanted to be a scientist, however his struggles with math in high college have started to curtail those original plans. I believe for him because I struggled with math as well when I was his age. It’s harder for him though because his oldest sibling was a math genius plus that led her down the path she took in the financial sector. I told my child to be patient with himself plus to not get too strenuous on his limitations because he will eventually find a career path that seems right to him. While he also enjoys music, he realizes that it requires a nice deal of skill or talent to make it in that world, unless he’s cheerful with forced poverty prefer so several independent artists these afternoons. My sibling works in HVAC plus has told my child that he should consider going to trade college plus taking up this career. Since he enjoys working with his hands, my child is starting to consider it. You can make nice currency working in residential plus commercial HVAC, because the need for heating plus cooling in this post-industrialized world is near universal. HVAC workers have fantastic job security as well compared to more volatile industries.

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