At first I didn't think my cabin needed heating and cooling

Going on trips to my grandfather’s primitive cabin was a lot of fun as a child, especially when I got to go trout fishing with my father.

  • During one of my earliest attempts at fishing on my own, I managed to catch a fish that we ate for dinner later that night.

I remember being extremely proud of myself for the accomplishment, particularly since my father couldn’t even catch a trout during that trip. Oddly enough, I caught the fish while I was alone and casting off the bridge over the creek. I got my lure right underneath a floating log in the water, and within seconds a fish bit the line. I was amazed when I hooked the fish and got it out of the water. Ever since then, I’ve been somewhat adept at fishing. Living next to the ocean for years was fun because I could go saltwater fishing off the local fishing pier. But I never forgot that old primitive cabin and had lusted after owning a cabin for myself during the years since. It wasn’t until recently that I could finally afford my own cabin in the woods. However, it is taking me some time to get everything set up at my new cabin. At first I figured I could get away with not having any electronic heating and cooling inside. It came with a wood stove for the winter and I figured that was enough. Unfortunately, I quickly learned that going without any humidity control in the summer was just asking for trouble. It would make much more sense for me to purchase an HVAC system for my cabin instead.


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