It's smart to get your air conditioner cleaned regularly

I used to be terrible about clutter and dust around my living space.

When I had a dorm to myself during my last two years of college, it looked like a wreck half of the time.

I would get back from class, drink, work, and then head to sleep before starting again the next day. It was embarrassing whenever I had friends over because it would often look like a bomb had been lit off in the center of the room, eschewing books, papers, empty bottles, used clothing, and cracker crumbs. No doubt an ideal residence for insects as well. After I started dating, I took my room cleanliness more seriously so the embarrassment wouldn’t extend further. But once I had a studio apartment after finishing graduate school, I started to get untidy yet again. It was never simply clutter around my living space, I didn’t maintain my air conditioner either. I would wait for months before I changed the filter in the air conditioner. I wouldn’t call my HVAC company to service the HVAC system, leaving the air conditioner dirty inside with an annual cleaning like they recommend. But nowadays, I’m much more responsible with my air conditioning system. I don’t want to replace my HVAC system earlier than necessary, even if it has a 10-year warranty. What am I going to do if the HVAC system dies after 11 years when it could have lasted for 20? That’s a scenario that plays in my mind on repeat almost every single week. It’s daunting and all encompassing at the same time. It’s much smarter to be responsible with HVAC care and cleaning all of the time to stop these situations from happening.


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