My son had to come home early from the HVAC company

My son was supposed to be working a double shift at the HVAC company the other day, but he ended up coming home early because he was sick.

There are all kinds of bugs and viruses going around here where we live.

It seems like everyone has something or another going through their family! up until this point, we had been lucky and dodged everything. We had not been sick for a while, but then the other day my son called and said that he was coming home early. He said that he had a fever and that he just did not want to stay at work any longer because he didn’t want to infect anyone. Of course, I could not blame him for that, but I didn’t really want him at home either because I didn’t wanna get it! I know that sounds terrible, but that’s what I was thinking. Anyway, by the time he got home, he was really burning up. He said that he had the heating system in his car on full blast the whole way home. He said that he thought since he was running a temperature, his body felt like he was having cold chills. I felt really bad for him because I knew how awful he was feeling. I made him some chicken soup, and I got him situated on the couch. Then I turned the thermostat up and let the heating system take over. He ended up with chills all night long, but at least our furnace was in good working order.

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