No one believed I could make it as an HVAC technician.

When I told my dad what I wanted to do after graduation, he laughed. He told me I wouldn’t make it as an HVAC technician. The other HVAC technicians would diminish me to nothing within a few weeks. I couldn’t believe my dad could be so cruel. What did he mean they would diminish me? I would still be me, and I knew I could do the job. I walked away from him and I didn’t talk to him for almost a month. When I told my mom I wanted to be an HVAC technician, she had the same feelings. She told me I was too fragile to be an HVAC technician. I needed a job that was more refined and less dirty. I may not have been as tall and burly as the rest of the men in our home, but I was still a man. When I was born, I had some kind of deficiency that didn’t allow me to grow, but that didn’t mean I was delicate or incapable of taking care of myself. Before graduation, I went to the community college and signed up for HVAC classes. I wanted to make sure I had my place secured in the summer classes. My mother and father just shook their heads and said I told you so. Their I told you so’s never came to fruition. Not only did I graduate at the top of my HVAC class, but I passed the certification course and test at number one. I was the top HVAC technician in the class, and invited to work in the instructor’s HVAC company.

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