I chose career path in HVAC work instead of roofing

My dad was a roofer.

He worked for twenty years under the hot sun, putting up support beams and laying down shingles.

One day the owner of his company died on the worksite, and my Dad took over the company from there. Dad always wanted me to follow in his footsteps and be a skilled tradesman. As much as I wanted to make my Dad happy, I also had serious reservations about being a roofer. Those guys spend all day, every day under the hot sun sweating and slaving away. This seemed both dangerous and exhausting to me, which is why I pivoted and got into the HVAC industry instead. Most of what I do is install new HVAC systems into residences and businesses, usually on a large scale. For example if a developer is building a pre planned community they may need 30 or 40 HVAC systems installed in a few weeks. In cases like this they hire me, and several other HVAC contractors to handle that much work. Just like the roofers, I have to toil away in worksites that have no air conditioning. When the A/C is working, that means it’s time for me to leave. Unlike the roofers, however, HVAC techs have to spend very little time in the sun. It is the rare job when I ever have to get on a roof, and in those cases it’s an industrial HVAC system, like at the shopping mall. My dad eventually got over his disappointment, because he found out that HVAC techs can make a lot more money than roofers.


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