The benefits of learning a trade

If anyone needs a change in career, I highly recommend learning a trade.

For me it was HVAC repair, but there are dozens of great skills you can master that will get you a decent job.

My older brother became a plumber right out of high school, and I remember that I used to be jealous of the money he made. If you can fix a toilet, you can get paid good money for it! When it was my turn to graduate and figure out a career I decided that HVAC was a better path to follow. Mostly because I had no desire to spend my life mucking about in other people’s toilets. It turns out that HVAC work is only slightly more complicated than plumbing, but it rarely gets as messy. Some of our newer projects actually combine HVAC and plumbing, as with the radiant heated floors. Radiant heating in your floors comes from hot water pipes put underneath, to provide a constant gentle warmth from the ground up. Radiant heated flooring is very expensive, but nice if you can afford it. I have yet to actually install one of those heating systems, most of my daily tasks involve furnaces and air conditioners. The dirtiest task I have to perform is the ductwork cleaning service. Most people go for years on end without considering the state of affairs inside their air ducts. Whenever I do get a request for a ductwork cleaning I always wear a face mask, visor, and full body suit, because I never know what kind of mold or mildew may be in there.



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