The start of our air conditioning business

I have worked in an air conditioning company for a long time and have always liked my job.

Life was easy and sound since I did not have many responsibilities as a bachelor.

When I got married, I realized that having a family comes with many responsibilities, especially when we started having children. I needed to earn more money to give my family a comfortable life. I always wanted to achieve more and more to be able to give my children a promising future. With the experience, I had gained in the company as an air conditioning professional. I decided to put up my own air conditioning business. We would sell new air conditioning equipment manufactured and supplied by the company. My wife agreed to manage the industry since I wanted to keep working in the company. We employed an a/c repairman with a lot of experience and knowledge to help her with the work. The air conditioner brand we sold is of good quality, and they give good air quality. We sell air conditioning filters, digital thermostats, central air conditioners, and other equipment for better climate control. As the business grew, we bought a vehicle for delivery and added more workers to help our clients with air conditioning install and a/c setup. We also started to offer a/c services such as a/c repair and maintenance. We give our clients the best services, and to achieve that, we ensure they have good a/c care that way, they last longer. With time our business has grown into a big business, and soon enough, we will open another branch. I also stopped working in the company and decided to focus on our business. I can give my family the life I want them to have. And with our business improving, our children will have a promising future.


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