I have only been living in our new condo for a couple months and I am already overwhelmed. There are so many things that I want to do in this home. However, I want to renovate our kitchen to get more space. I want both bathrooms to have a current tub as well as fixtures. I also want to change all the light fixtures and add more lights in the kitchen. Those are legitimately substantial projects though and honestly they won't happen for a while. Right now I have to be content with doing little things, but small touches like painting, adding new door handles as well as switch plates have legitimately made a difference! New section rugs can bring out colors as well as make a room so much more fun. I have painted pots and put cute things in them. I also have added a ton of pictures to the walls. I recently did a small, but greater replacement as well. I wanted to change the basic, dial temperature control in the hallway. My whole hallway is newly redone. I got a friend of mine to add recessed lighting as well as a better smoke detector. I painted all the doors, the ceiling, and the walls. Everything is white, grey or silver. The beige temperature control stood out like a sore thumb. I immediately went online and found a silver smart temperature control. I purchased it and then started to panic when it came in, and wondered if I even installed a temperature control. I found that I do have those skills. I had to watch some online videos as well as make a few mistakes, but now I have a new thermostat.

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