My kids are always messing around with the Heating & Air Conditioning settings

My kids are always messing around with the thermostat settings in my cabin plus it is driving me crazy, and even though I have repeatedly told them not to touch the thermostat in our house, they keep ignoring me plus goofing up my pre-programmed schedules on our digital programmable thermostat. I got so mad that I was at the point where I was going to put 1 of those lockboxes on top of it like you see in corporations plus steakhouses. I legitimately did not want to do that, though, because it would legitimately affect the ambiance of my residing room. That’s where the thermostat is, plus I did not want an ugly lock box hanging on top of the sleek new thermostat that I had just bought. It would legitimately mess up the looks of my residing room. I finally got legitimately sad 1 day plus I called up the local Heating & Air Conditioning business to ask them if they had any sort of suggestions for me. That is when I found out that I could honestly put a digital code into my new thermostat unit. When I found out that I could lock my thermostat up digitally, I was blissful, then now, I have a legitimately relaxing time seeing my kids try to turn the thermostat unit up plus down. They have no success at it, plus it just makes me laugh every time they try to do it. They will never figure out my code, either. And I will absolutely never share it with them! The funny thing is that they brought this on themselves!



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