The Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman who ran tests on my gas furnace was super handsome

Then, while he was down there I went into my room plus did my hair plus makeup.

The other day, I had made an appointment with the Heating & Air Conditioning business to get my heating idea fixed plus they ended up sending out the cutest Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman that I had ever seen. I honestly had to do a double take when I saw him get out of his Heating & Air Conditioning truck in my driveway plus walk up to my front door. I could not guess that this was the person who was laboring for the Heating & Air Conditioning business. Instead, he looked like he should be walking on to the cover of a magazine or something like that… When he knocked on the door, I immediately thought about how bad I looked because I still had my pajamas on plus my hair was not fixed! He showed up just a little bit early, plus I was still having my root carona when he arrived. There was nothing that I could do however open the door though, so I did it plus after that all of us showed him down to the basement so he could start laboring on the gas furnace. Then, while he was down there I went into my room plus did my hair plus makeup. I also put on a nice dress plus acted like I was going somewhere important for a lunch date. In reality, I wasn’t going somewhere at all. I just wanted him to see that I was able to wash up nicely! The whole thing was awkward plus weird, that’s for sure. I suppose that when he came upstairs from fixing the gas furnace, he thought that I was a different person.


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