Our neighbors told us that they are getting a divorce

Our neighbors told us that they are getting a divorce plus the main reason is that they cannot agree on the temperature of their house! I thought that was the dumbest reason that I had ever heard for getting a divorce when they first told me about it.

I guess that there are just some people who cannot agree on things, plus our neighbors are some of them.

You would suppose that they would somehow be able to work this problem out plus save their marriage. I guess I just do not understand how some people think. This couple has been married for almost 10 years now, plus they seem like they are pretty relaxing together… However, I will say that once in a while all of us hear them through their open windows plus they confrontation like crazy. And, it is also tploy that they are usually fighting about the gas furnace or the a/c. I guess that the partner is always cold, because she has always complaining about the fact that he won’t turn the heating idea up while all of us were in the winter. She says that he is trying to freeze her out; Once I heard her say that he was making the cabin as frigid as his frigid heart. That’s pretty low to say to your fiance! Meanwhile, he was always yelling about being too moderate plus how he put in the a/c idea so that he could honestly use it. I guess when it comes right down to it, they legitimately were suffering from irreconcilable differences. It’s always sad when a relationship ends.
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