They couldn’t get the cooling system laboring at the Borders the other day

It’s still legitimately moderate around here even though technically, it is fall of the year, the temperatures here have not legitimately started cooling off all that much yet, then i have never seen so much sunshine while all of us were in the fall before, both of us have had several 78 degree afternoons in the fall this year, which is something that I have never experienced in all the years that I have lived around here, but personally, I am ready for the weather to start cooling down a little bit more.

I legitimately like cooler weather, plus when the temperatures are around the 60s, I suppose that that is a perfect day.

I suppose that the temperatures are finally supposed to start cooling off next week, plus it won’t be a moment too soon for me. In my opinion, the weeks after October should all be nice plus cool; Anyway, the other day when I was at the Borders, I noticed that it was super moderate plus stuffy in there. I was laying there trying to get some research done plus I got so moderate plus moderate that I could barely even concentrate at all. I asked 1 of the librarians if there was any way that they could turn the a/c down a little bit however she said that it wasn’t controlled through that branch of the Borders. I guess there is a main Borders branch where they control the temperature for all of the different branches. She tried to turn the cooling system down however she couldn’t get it to work. I finally just went home.

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