The A/C needs to be fixed by then

We are going to be having a absolutely immense children’s event at our church in a couple of weeks but the A/C absolutely needs to be fixed by then.

I am pretty happy about it because it’s going to be super fun.

Well, hopefully, it will be a lot of fun. As of right now, I guess that it will be great, but if they don’t get the air conditioning fixed by then, it’s going to be a bust. I guess that the weather is still going to be hot by then, but it might beginning cooling down a little bit over the next couple of weeks. The thing is, a lot of people guess that as soon as fall starts, you aren’t going to need to use the central air conditioning anymore. I am here to say that this way of thinking just is not true. Around here, the fall can be just as hot as the summer time periodically! It just depends on the day & the weather. I remember last year when I was planning an event for this same time of year. I was told that the air conditioning at the church would be in nice working order for our event but on the day when I arrived, I could not get the control equipment to turn on. I ended up having to toil the whole entire day in a gym with awful air quality. It was truly hot & muggy & I was not absolutely in as good of a mood as I entirely should have been to be working with a bunch of children! This year, I’m definitely going to go in early & make sure that everything is on the up & up with the air conditioning plan in the church before we even get started! I may even have our commercial Heating, Ventilation, & A/C company on call!

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