Last weekend at church, the air conditioning stopped working

Last weekend at church, the air conditioning stopped working right in the middle of the service; We were packed into the building because almost everyone had shown up for a special program that the kids were doing that day.

The temperature in the building was pretty hot already & whenever almost everyone got inside of the building, it was stifling! I couldn’t figure out why it was so hot in there & after that I realized that the air conditioning wasn’t running for some reason.

I would not have even noticed the fact that the air conditioning wasn’t running if I had not seen more than one of the church’s maintenance men running around in the lobby of the church looking upset & upset. I saw a single of them on a ladder & the other a single looking truly upset while he messed around with the control equipment settings out in the lobby area. That’s when I realized that there was definitely a extreme problem going on with the immense commercial sized air conditioning plan at the church. The air conditioning plan that we have is massive, with all kinds of unusual units up on the roof that the maintenance department has to deal with. On this certain Tuesday, though, everything was so bad that they called in the immense guys, then at a single point, I looked out into the lobby again & I saw the commercial Heating, Ventilation, & A/C company coming in with their tools & their ladders. I knew right then at that point that they meant business! I hope that they will have the A/C back up & running by next Tuesday.

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