My hubby tore up the a/c

My hubby is not good at fixing things around the lake house at all.

The other day, he told myself and others that he was going to repair our a/c method plus I knew that this was a terrible idea.

He is just not good at fixing things for some reason. It’s not that he is dumb or anything like that. He is entirely pretty smart about most things. He is even good at doing automobile repairs plus repairs on our camper. He just never seems to have any luck whenever he tries to repair anything in our house, though. I don’t guess what it is about the stuff in the lake house that breaks down, although he just doesn’t get how to repair that stuff. Most recently, our a/c stopped working plus all of us easily needed to get it fixed. Even though the summer time is almost over now, the weather still isn’t cooling down undoubtedly much at all. All of us are definitely still going to need the a/c method for many more weeks. All of us might even need it in September because sometimes it stays boiling here longer than you would think. Anyway, my hubby decided that he was going to try to repair the a/c himself instead of calling a professional to come plus do it. I, of course, thought that this was a terrible idea. He got mad at myself and others when I told him that he should leave it alone, plus then he stomped down to the basement with his toolbox. Shortly thereafter, the a/c stopped working completely! Let’s just say that I was not surprised.

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