HVAC parts from a new distributor

I ordered heating and A/C parts from a brand new distributor.

  • The business sent me a representative weeks ago and she convinced me to use them for a future order.

I have been thinking about using the distributor for a couple of weeks. They have enjoyable prices and excellent customer service. I have used another business for all of my heating as well as A/C-related parts. They also have great prices and excellent customer service. I had many jobs stressed for the weekend and I ordered parts for all numerous jobs from the new parts business. The parts were supposed to be delivered the next day, unfortunately, the parts did not arrive by the time they were promised, all of the parts were supposed to arrive by noon, we had patrons waiting for repairs, because we were waiting on the parts. I did not know what to say to the patrons. I contacted the distribution center and I spoke with a manager regarding the problems with the order. I told the lady that it was my first order. I told the lady that I was disappointed with the repair I received! She gave me a discount on all of the items that I bought. She also added a future discount to my account for the next order. I really don’t know if I will order any parts from this place again after the delays I had this time, but at least I have a coupon if I want to try them out again. The parts finally arrived and we got the jobs completed, but not without a whole lot of hassle and delays.


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