Buying a Heating Pump for the Winter

That is our 1 giant purchase for the whole year, a ductless heat pump.

We have no heat in our flat plus didn’t have enough cash to buy a central HVAC system so both of us are opting for a cheap ductless unit so at least our family room is warm.

We can keep the door open to our home office so that it can heat up when both of us are sleeping. Our flat is small plus should be easy enough to warm it up with the smaller HVAC unit plus maybe it won’t cost so much to keep us feeling moderate in the Winter compared to a giant central HVAC system. I’m not honestly sure which 1 is more efficient but it seems like a ductless unit is smaller plus would use a whole lot less electricity than the central heating systems. All I guess is it is cheaper plus it will provide us some extra warmth so that is what I am going by. The winters can get honestly chilly here plus last December both of us were both sick for almost the whole Winter because it was so chilly in our flat. I bet that the temperature outside was below freezing for a couple weeks straight. I believe both of us will need to pay a bit more for our electric bills but not getting sick is worth the extra money that both of us spend. I will just work more at the HVAC company plus try to make a little more money. My lady works at the local AC company plus said that they told her they will be able to provide her more hours every month as well.


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