Just One More Blog plus Then a Grilled Club Sandwich

I could eat grilled club sandwiches seven nights a week.

They taste so much better if you eat them with a hot bowl of dreamy tomato soup, which I am going to buy at the local company as soon as the words for this article are finished.

I honestly like the combo of the tomato soup plus the club sandwich, the contrast of the sweet plus salty is making our mouth water just thinking about it. The guys at the HVAC supply shop here are still talking about the time I made it for them. The tomato soup is pretty fancy though because they import it from out of the country as the main grocery stores here don’t sell tomato soup for some odd reason. I may buy a few cans of the tomato soup though plus treat the HVAC techs to another supper this coming week. I like to use fresh bread as it is lighter plus healthier than normal white bread. I want to ask the HVAC rep, who is also a trained chef, how she makes homemade tomato soup because it tastes amazing the way she makes it. I believe that she uses a can of tomato puree plus then adds things to it to make it creamy plus sweet. I will have to ask to get the recipe from him next time I go to work at the HVAC business. I’m sure I could find it on Google too even though I would rather just ask him because she makes the best creamy tomato soup from scratch. I just don’t like all the chemicals in the normal canned soups but it’s a lot easier to prepare.

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