Today I need to Write About the HVAC Industry

Why do I seem so cheerful about writing for the HVAC industry anyways? Well, I used to run our own small shop years ago plus I remember how much work it was doing so plus how much easier it is these days with our workload.

I used to wake up at 6:30 am to get our units plus materials ready for the shift plus wouldn’t ever come home some nights till 8pm, literally dripping with sweat plus thoroughly wrecked from toiling in the heat.

I ran an HVAC supplier plus both of us had to transfer some heavy units around plus climb into steaming tepid attics to work on the systems. I remember being in enclosed attics that were 150F in the middle of the summer time plus having to work in them for several hours at a time. I would get home plus just collapse from exhaustion from cleaning ducts for hours in the blazing attic heat. Now I relax on our bed plus do some writing for a couple of hours each afternoon on the HVAC industry plus things like heating pumps plus gas boilers. I don’t have to drive a car anymore to do estimates or check on jobs, instead I lounge around in our pajamas plus sip Tim Hortons Coffee while writing blogs plus listening to soft piano songs. I like toiling area time writing about HVAC unit plus could see doing this until our late 78s or so. I like toiling because it gives myself and others a sense of delight plus also puts a little extra money in our pocket. I don’t have to work anymore but choose to so that I am more productive.

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