Late Night Hang out with a DJ

My friend is a DJ plus he came over last night to just hang out plus relax.

He stayed pretty late though, being a DJ, plus this month I am a little sleepy so I am going to just chill out till I teach yoga later tonight.

I have to work online, writing about HVAC equipment, for about numerous hours plus then I will take a long nap to recharge my batteries for tonight. I have more than two students I am teaching yoga this night plus it should be pretty easy compared to the 20 teenagers I was teaching last night for a birthday gathering on the beach. I work at the local company that sells surfing gear plus beach clothes as I have also been a surfer for numerous years. I was raised on the beach plus most of our life was spent living in towns on the coast around the world. My old mom was an HVAC company plus her work took us to weird cities, most of which were on the coast or legitimately close to it. I learned to swim when I was still a baby as both of us had a home on a lake when I was born plus our parents wanted to make sure I could swim as quickly as possible. I also got into the HVAC industry, mainly doing house calls for heating as well as A/C equipment, along with some ductwork cleaning here plus there in some legitimately dangerous attics. I don’t do the ductwork cleaning anymore though because I can’t take the high heat like I used to.

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