There was a shortage for awhile

I didn’t originally intend on building a brand new house, but there was a shortage for a while on homes of all kinds.

It didn’t matter if you wanted a condominium or a tiny house, everything in my neighborhood has been snatched up in the last various years.

As soon as new property hits the market, it’s instantaneously sold. On one hand lots of realtors were making obscene amounts of currency on sales, but you can’t exactly make any money if there are not any available homes left to be sold. You have to realize that a lot of the properties that get listed already have realtors acquaintanced with them. So any realtor who lacks existing contacts and clients is working at a loss until they can make a miracle happen. I was lucky to find a lot at all, especially one with a water and electric hookup in place to begin with. I got multiple quotes from home builders and then decided to choose one particular company because of their reviews. But the landscaping company that I chose at first wanted to charge too much money, so I decided to hire another landscaping company when I found out that they always build and install fences as well. They offered to lay turf to make full grass, plant hedges, and construct a chain fence around the entire lot. I took them up on their offer, even though I insisted on a white vinyl fence instead of a metal chain connect fence. I’m easily ecstatic with my new house and the gorgeous yard outside my home. Hopefully someday I can have a family here with kids running around outside and having fun with their friends from down the street.


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