The website was offline all day for repairs

She was attempting to schedule an online appointment, but the system wasn’t working at all

Next week we are going to completely change the online website for our HVAC repair company. My husband and I have been talking about the changes for a while. The old website was dated and it did not have our new logo. I found a marketing company online to help make some changes to the website. I liked all of the mock drawings that they made and I was really impressed with the new logo. The marketing company set us up with keywords on the front page, a link exchange page, and the ability to do paper click advertising. Pay per click advertising was important to me, because I wanted to be able to advertise some of our more unknown services like ductless AC installations, radiant heated flooring repairs, and industrial air filtration machine installation. These are services that someone would look for on line, but companies might not specifically advertise the services. By using PPC advertising, I can zone in on the needs of a few specific customers instead of a large group of people. The website was offline all day today because we are already starting to make some of the changes. A customer called me this morning, because she was trying to schedule an appointment using the online system. The air conditioner was putting out warm air and the customer wanted a repair technician to come to her home. She was attempting to schedule an online appointment, but the system wasn’t working at all. I took down her information and apologized for the trouble. I told the customer that we were busy making changes that are going to look really great.


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