We had to make some important changes

Ever since the virus started causing problems all over the country, my business has been in the toilet.

It’s not as if business was booming before covid happened, but at least we were able to manage and stay afloat.

Things were going downhill quickly last may, and my wife suggested it was time to call a company to help us advertise online. I was determined to stay away from online advertising. It’s not what my father did and it’s not how my grandfather did things either. I didn’t want someone to think of my company and get on the computer. My wife insisted it was our only option if we were going to continue to keep the heating and AC repair business alive. I didn’t want to have any part in the process at all. My wife was the person who looked for a digital marketing company to help with the business. When she found a marketing company, I still wasn’t thrilled with the idea. Fortunately, the owners of the digital marketing company made me feel much more at ease. They seemed to be people just like me and my wife. They didn’t make me feel stupid about the website and all of the online advertising. That owner of the digital marketing company even knew a thing or two about the heating and AC repair business. Having someone that actually knew about my business helped the advertising campaign be even more successful. We have had more success in the company since hiring the digital media company than we have in the past 50 years.

Marketing company

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