The new job is interesting and neat

I have a new job that is very interesting.

I finished my four-year degree in May and I started looking for jobs in my field of study.

At first I tried to find a job working for a big advertising company. None of them wanted to give me a chance because I really didn’t have any experience. I couldn’t afford to start a job that was not a paid internship. I got offered a job with a digital marketing company. The digital marketing company wanted me to work in their search engine optimization area. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the job, but it was a job and I felt like I couldn’t say no. The monetary compensation was pretty good and the digital marketing company wasn’t too far from my apartment. Commuting in the morning and the afternoon would be an absolute breeze. My first project at the digital marketing company was to help a customer set up their HVAC repair business with a website, new logo, pay per click advertising, and keywords. I felt like I got dropped into the deep end without any life vest at all. It was a pretty big job to do out of the gate. I tried to correspond as much as possible with the HVAC business owner. I wanted to make sure that we got everything perfect. I wanted to impress the client, but I also wanted to make a really good impression on my boss since it was my first job and the first time they were really getting to see my work.


The new job is interesting and neat

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