Modular offices for a previous online business

I took over an SEO business that had everyone working from home. It was making a good profit however the accountability for the workers were at an all time low. It was apparent that the workers needed to report in person. It was difficult coordinating projects, checking due dates and making sure everything was being completed. A lot of time was wasted on phone calls and sending emails. I wasn’t sure I wanted to purchase or rent a building to have the office setting in. I also had just bought a business, I really didn’t want to sink more money into it just yet. That is how I found modular offices. You use shipping containers and make them into an office set up. Each worker technically has their own shipping container. They have a window, door and outlets to hook up their computer. There is a bigger container that serves as a meeting room. I also got portable restroom solutions as well. So there is a breakroom, restroom and a meeting space. I also decided to put this modular office set up right in my yard. I have a huge plot of land and it just made things easier. I mowed a portion of my law for parking and nwo everyone reports to work there. So far things are going really well. Shipping container offices aren’t pretty but they are functional. Someday I might own a real building, but for now the modular offices serve the exact purpose they need to.


Shipping Container Homes

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