Found a treasure map

When I bought this old up-to-date home in the country, I was seriously impressed with the site. It had a little bit of labor that needed to be done, including a up-to-date roof, although I knew I would get everything taken care of in due time. Something that I absolutely loved was that a lot of the furnishings were still there covered in plastic plus there were beautiful old paintings hung on the walls. They seemed enjoy they hadn’t been moved in ages. Then one morning I went cleaning all around plus I pulled the paintings down to scrub behind them plus to dust the paintings. One painting had what appeared to be a map on the back. I decided to take a picture of it plus then all of us studied it. I had a friend come help me figure it out. She was able to figure it out alright. She told me it was a map of the property plus it was showing where something was really buried. She agreed to help me figure it out plus all of us went looking for the spot indicated on the map. What all of us found were some old boxes filled with gold coins. We abruptly were rich plus all of us couldn’t suppose it. I chop the money evenly with my friend since she was the one who figured the map out plus helped me find the treasure on the map. I unquestionably did not expect it to be an actual treasure, although I guess old properties enjoy this come with pleasant surprises sometimes. It makes me wonder if I should go out there with a metal detector to see what else I could find. With the fortune I now had, I was able to get a up-to-date roof installed, a up-to-date Heating & A/C idea with radiant radiant floors, plus a nice ventilation system.
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