Stayed with uncle while I was in the lockdown

The other smart thing that Uncle Tony has is a whole new home UV air purification system.

When the pandemic first came about plus the lockdowns were about to start, we decided to stay with our Uncle Tony. The reason was because Uncle Tony was always prepared for any types of emergencies or disasters. The two of us particularly considered this pandemic a really dangerous event plus knew that we had to be safe. If we had to be locked down indefinitely separate from being able to go somewhere, we would be able to rely on Uncle Tony’s food storage which was easily remarkable. He has thoUnited Statesnds of pounds of ready to eat meals plus he has a large water storage as well. This is all in his emergency bunker! Fortunately, we didn’t stick in the emergency bunker for the length of the lockdown, but we were prepared for the worst. Even if we had to be locked in there, it was still really comfortable with a powerful ductless mini chop Heating and Air Conditioning with built in air purification. It’s really cozy down there to be even-handed plus the air ventilation is impressive. The other smart thing that Uncle Tony has is a whole new home UV air purification system. I suppose this was the main reason why we decided to stay with Uncle Tony for the course of the lockdown, to keep from getting sick. The UV light is what kills the dangerous pathogens that transport around in the air. It also works to eliminate bacteria on top of that so it keeps you healthy when it comes to virtually any dangerous pathogen. The two of us really made it through the pandemic really unscathed so far plus we are feeling safe with the powerful air purification plan at Uncle Tony’s location.


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