I’m so thankful for modern HVAC solutions

I just found out there is so much more to owning a residence than I had previously imagined.

After over a decade of renting, I thought owning a residence would just be the next natural step.

Only that the Heating & A/C machine would be so much better in our own residence. And I would be creating equity in something instead of only covering the cost of rent. Those two ideas were genuinely true. It’s just all the other stuff that I am attempting to figure out. The only way I could get into a residence was to buy a starter home that was a real project. That’s easily what I got. My fiance & I were committed from the very beginning to doing much of the task on our residence together. While there were things such as the Heating & A/C & the countertops that the two of us had to get done professionally, the two of us did a good amount of the other stuff. Namely, the two of us did all our own demo, painting & the stuff that the two of us could do. It has been a pretty challenging project & a single one that was far more intense than I expected it would be. However, the two of us just cleared a pretty serious hurdle not too long ago. Both of us were faced with a sizable problem when it came to the Heating & A/C machine. The outdated central air unit wasn’t any good. But the two of us didn’t want to have to replace the system of ductwork. So our Heating & A/C business suggested the two of us go a different route & use ductless Heating & A/C. This was genuinely the most amazing solution for our situation & the Heating & A/C is the best the two of us have ever experienced in all our days.



Zone controlled HVAC

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