I was understanding at first, but I’m tired of the excuses from the HVAC professional

I never really had any issues with an HVAC professional until recently.

I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t like to give all the business to just one place, I like to give all the places a chance. Recently, I saw an advertisement for a new HVAC company in town and I thought I would give these guys a chance. When I booked my appointment with this HVAC company, the operator on the phone warned me that they were pretty busy as they gained a lot of business in a short time frame. I said I didn’t mind, and they set the date for me. I actually cleared my schedule for that day thinking that at the worst, the HVAC professional would arrive towards the end of the day. Well, the day went by and I never heard a word from the HVAC company. The HVAC professional ended up calling me the next day and apologized because he was stuck at another customer’s home. He said he definitely would make it that day if that was fine with me, and I said that would be okay. Of course, the whole day went by again, and I couldn’t believe I took two days off straight for nothing! The HVAC professional called me up again and said he was sorry again for some other excuse he provided, and said he would arrive in the morning. I thought about it for a second and told him he better be there on time. I was planning on going into work after he took care of the HVAC maintenance, but he still never showed. I’m done with this HVAC company and I don’t care if the HVAC professional calls back, I’m scheduling with a different company who won’t waste my time and I plan on writing a bad review for this HVAC company.


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