My brother loves to start projects, but rarely finishes them

My brother has always been known to start different projects and never really finish them.

He always says he’s going to get that old 68 mustang restored, but it’s just been sitting in his garage for over a decade mostly just collecting dust.

Last year he became really excited about installing a new ductless mini split in his home. His central HVAC still works, but it’s very old. He figured he would save a fortune installing a ductless mini split on his own without getting a professional installation. Well, he got most of it installed which to me was surprising enough, but I was not surprised when he just quit. He said that the electrical part of the installation was confusing to him and he was nervous about hooking up the wiring. I told him he should just call up an electrician and they would be able to handle that part, but he never did. I tell you, everytime I go there to visit and see those indoor ductless mini split units just sitting there doing nothing, it bothers me. I finally was able to talk to a buddy of mine who is an electrician and I asked if he would help my brother for a reasonable price. My brother tried to refuse the help even though my friend offered a very reasonable rate to take care of the electric hookups. I finally talked some sense into my brother even though he insisted he could do it on his own. My buddy made the work look easy and not before long, the ductless mini split was working beautifully. My brother says he could have done it. Maybe he could have managed it, but it would have taken years to get around to it.

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