I really had to learn some energy saving tips fast

When I first bought a house, I was disappointed with how costly my energy bills were. It started with having to crank the cooling system all the time. I was so disappointed about how expensive the electric bill was that I decided not to use the A/C system as much. Of course, I had to use it a little bit so that I was not dying from heat exhaustion in my own home, but I relied more on the fans and I was able to get by without feeling too awful. There were days when I had to crank the A/C a little more than normal, but nobody ever felt comfortable in my home. Eventually, a friend asked me why I put myself through the torture and I told him how I didn’t want to have to pay for such expensive cooling bills. He then told me that I should look into different energy saving tips, because he was certain that I could save a lot of money. When I asked him for an example of an energy saving tip, he said that for starters I could seal up my home a little better. He said that my home was probably lacking insulation, so I should look into improving that and I could put plastic on my windows or even invest in more energy efficient windows. This was all a lot to think about and I worried about dipping into my savings, but I realized that it would be a good investment for my home to get new windows. I ended up having new windows and I tightened up the house better and improved the insulation. Everything was expensive, but my energy bills went down significantly and I was able to set the A/C system at a more comfortable setting!



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