I never put too much thought into indoor air quality before

I never really thought much about the tiny particles floating around in my breathing air until my brother started talking about how important indoor air quality is.

He asked me if I was okay when we could actually see dust particles floating around.

He said it wasn’t just dust I had to worry about, it was dust mites, mold spores, viruses, and all kinds of other nasty things I didn’t really want to think too much about. I was able to get the point right away, I had to improve the air quality in my house so I asked what I should do. He said first of all, I had to reach out to the HVAC company to discuss the options. He said the least I could do is have a powerful air purification system installed along with a good ductwork cleaning every so often. When I spoke with the HVAC professionals at the HVAC company, they were basically telling me the same stuff. They said their modern UV air purification systems were a big hit, especially for dealing with pandemics. We went over ductwork cleaning and we spoke about the type of air filters that should be used in the HVAC. The HVAC professionals managed to talk me into going for HEPA filters because they remove 99.9% of contaminants. After speaking with my brother earlier, I knew I wanted to get all that extra crap out of my air; I wanted good air quality. So I went for the UV air purification installation, a ductwork cleaning, and we have been using HEPA filters. The air quality is so good now, arguably better than my brother’s and I think he’s a little jealous about that.


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