The dog on the air vents

I was a little concerned when I asked my dad to watch our basset hound for us, when my husband and I went on a trip.

Our dog is lazy; she’s not much work, but dad was never the child-rearing type.

When I was young, he was on the road as a trucker; mom raised us by herself, but she’s passed on. But, dad likes Bailey, so I decided to give this a try. I was already concerned when we got to the airport. I texted dad, and he replied with pictures of the dog on an air vent! However. The vents at our house are on the walls, but dad’s are on the floor, so while we were gone he sent us pictures of the dog on the vents – in the living room, in the dining room and the hallway! Dad took good care of Bailey. She had a good time on his vents! My husband and I are planning another trip, this winter! I am going to leave Bailey with dad again. I wonder if she’ll love the heating vents as much as the air!

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