The dog likes air vents!

I was a little unsure when I asked my father to watch our lazy basset hound, when my husband and I went on a getaway.

She’s not much work but dad isn’t the child-rearing type.

When I was a kid, he spent his days on the road as a trucker. Mom raised us, but she’s dead. Dad loves Bailey, so I gave him a try. I was already concerned when we got to the airport. I texted dad; he responded with pictures of Bailey over his air vent! Our air vents are on the wall, but dad’s are on the floor. Apparently, Bailey really liked vents because for the whole trip, I received pictures of our pooch on vents – in the kitchen in the dining room and the hall. Dad took good care of Bailey. She had a nice time on top of his vents! My hubby and I are planning a trip this winter. Bailey will stay with my dad again. I wonder if she’ll savor the heat vents as much as the air!

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